Saturday, October 31, 2009

Movie Theater: "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"

In the movie theater on The Lighthouse, in honor of Doug Hoffman and individual patriots like him, tonight Frank Capra's 1939 film "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington", starring James Stewart

The story is shockingly relevant! Have fun, be inspired!

Of Eurocratic Musical Chairs, a Nasty Rumor and Rather Good Spoof

While a thriller of a race is on in New York's 23rd District as well as in a few other constituencies in the US, Europe is showing the world how real statists operate. Obama c.s., while very promising in the field of collectivism and intrigue, they are as yet small-time tinkerers when it comes to constructing a solid edifice of total state.

Talk of the town of Brussels the last few days is Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, or JPB, as he is affectionately known to his Christian Democratic followers.

While Czech President Vaclav Klaus is dealing with ratifying the Treaty of Lisbon (the 'Constitution' that dares not speak its name) as best he can for his country, securing a few opt outs that less euroskeptic nations will have to forego, the Euro machinery has kicked in to appoint the new 'Government' as is required under the agreement.

- Caption: spoof of JPB as Harry Potter - 

While it goes without saying that no messy, direct democracy is involved here as in NY23, there is a power sharing mechanism in play by which the largest party in Parliament delivers the chairperson or 'President', the second largest the 'Foreign Minister', and so on, and so forth.

Another completely obscure and byzantine, post-democratic mechanism governs power sharing between various sub collectives: large versus small countries, North vs South, and new against old Europe (please don't ask!). Individualism is anathema in Europe, almost is much as patriotism.

The balance of power in the Europarliament is currently held by the Christian Democrats assembled in the European People's Party.  (The British Tories notably detached themselves recently from this body and became part of the Conservative and Reformist bloc. That Italian PM Berlusconi's party for example is still a member of the EPP goes to show that all is rather relative here!)

Although theories abound, this is the obvious reason why British Socialist Tony Blair has dropped out of the race for the 'Presidency'. One rumor has it that Blair is too much associated with the Bush era: with the fresh Obama across the pond we need fresh Europeans at home to go with it, or so the nasty reasoning goes.

The buzz around Europe today, is that UK Foreign Minister David Miliband (also of Labor extraction) is a contender for Europe's first real 'Foreign Minister' (unsure at their stage if these titles should be 'ironized' or not, given the awkward status of the 'Constitution'). Miliband has far left credentials and for some reason, triggers the same warning signals in me as Rahm Emanuel.

Should JPB be appointed Europe's first 'President' the Netherlands might well face a political crisis of sorts. Although there's no constitutional reason for new elections, this may well prove the way to go. Support for the sitting cabinet is dwindling; swathes of the electorate will not be at all sad to see the colorless JPB go after he's sat as PM to four consecutive, equally colorless Governments of variations in grey.

A much more exciting prospect is the buzz involving the candidacy of Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga, former President of Latvia. A Liberty loving woman for first President of Europe ... now that's a novel idea even a staunch euroskeptic like myself might warm to, but ... nah ... we can't have too many libertarian influences ruling Euroland.

EUX.TV: "EU Seeks Council President - Eurinfo Report"

The opposition puts it into perspective:

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Race is On! Throw the Bums Out!

Proudly introducing today the new Tax Day Tea Party and American Liberty Alliance project...


We shall be contributing to the blog once it is up.

Steven Fowler and Eric Odom are kicking off the project, closely reporting on the NY23 race on the site of the 73wire Campaign Trail. 73wire on Twitter.

You can also listen to the guys doing the introduction and talking about the NY23 race on Aftermatch Radio on BlogTalkRadio. They're breaking news here.

Official Doug Hoffman for Congress campaign site. Doug on Twitter, on Facebook.

Forget the corruption of professional party politics! Updating throughout on the New Politics, for and by individual people: the 912 Project!

It's the same history again and again. Perfectly good candidates are put to political pasture and before you know it, they're cocooned-in into the corrupt culture of wheeling and dealing. 

In the need for compromise, consensus and accomodation it's very hard to keep your integrity intact for a very long time. Glenn Reynolds interview with Senator Lamar Alexander on PJTV contains a few gems in that respect.

Under the constant pressure it's very hard not to lose perspective: it's alright to bargain on the trimmings, but never, ever on the principles!

The press and the party apparatus will picture this refreshing movement of back to basics as "anti intellectual", "populist" and rooted in base emotions: so be it. This is what voters throughout the world are yearning for!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Red-Green Radicalism Sprouted Wings!

With nefarious bankers and the evil capitalistic system being blamed for the economic melt down without taking into consideration the corrupting influence of governmental legislation (Community Reinvestment Act) that compelled financial private sector players to trade in social security services, Left and Right statists and progressive NGOs are crawling out of the woodwork to pounce upon the crypto Neo Commie windfall that holds the world in its grip.

What have we got? The G7, G8, G20 ... whatever; the Obama Government in the US with its massive socialization operation; the UN and its never ending machinations to grab global governance, redistribute wealth on a world-wide scale while it foists existential carbon debt upon the West; the upcoming Treaty of Copenhagen that makes Kyoto look like the Bill of Rights by comparison. As if that was not enough, we are now haunted by the ghost of Christmas Past in the body of the Club of Rome.

This troglodyte from the prehistory of environmentalism is meeting this week in Amsterdam to see how they can exploit the fortunate constellation of circumstances to its fullest extent. This may well be their last chance for world Socialism! Lord Monckton has recently suggested that those who piled from the Berlin Wall, piled straight into the Green movement. This makes sense, also without Michael Gorbachev, former President of the Soviet Union, founder of the Green Cross International and co-founder of Earth Charter as the unsung hero of the convention.

The dialectic (economic version) was an early part of the Club's philosophy. After its founding in 1968 the historic annals report that: "In 1972 the campaigning of this growing group of like-minded individuals gained a new worldwide reputation with the first report to the Club of Rome: "The Limits to Growth", commissioned by the Club from a group of systems scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Report explored a number of scenarios and stressed the choices open to society to reconcile sustainable progress within environmental constraints."

To the Left everything is a zero sum game! In the end their predictions were proven wildly off the mark, but lo and behold, type "wrong" and Club of Rome" into the Google search engine and the result is 3.640.000 hits, all assuring us that "they were right after all", "rehabilitated", or its tea-leaf reading deemed "with hindsight, spot on". These are the wonders of the Postmodern narrative: absolute truth does not exist, so reality is whatever you want it to be!

More curious news hit the transnationalist front this week: the launch in the Netherlands of a new group that self-identifies as a "development aid organization" meaning, "we are from the developed world and we are here to help". Only this lot thinks the Western Left as embodied in the world's NGOism, has been far too lenient with the world's dictators.

One is inclined to agree with them on this one, until the realization hits you that this group is potentially more radical and revolutionary than can possibly be beneficial. Perhaps they'll clarify their position further shortly, but from what is currently up on the website this may well portent a resurge of the radicalism we have seen in the past. There are harbingers that trend may indeed be the case.

The site is available in Dutch only. Given that their plans are blatantly out of line with the moral standard the Left holds for Western countries, until they've sorted that one, the participants for the moment decline to identify themselves. The About page of the New Involvement Foundation yields this information:
The NIF (New Involvement Foundation) is a new aid organization based in the Netherlands. It is founded by former aid workers who are fed up with the weak approach of Western governments, organizations and NGOs. After decades of programs and billions of dollars wasted the situation in which the world's inhabitants find themselves has hardly improved. After having worked for years for several development organizations the NIF founders were required to answer the question whether to accept the sitation, or to go for a more radical approach. 

The NIF way is very simple and effective and consists in the elimination of government leaders and supporting the imposition of new governments. The ultimate form of intervention, you might say.
How shocking does that sound to you? 

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The "Brother Species" Just Hate Us

The story of the animal rights movement is the dialectic ... the biological version (9.0). Not wanting to distract you to the point of boredom, for an explanation please scroll down the dedicated page for the Introduction to the dossier.

While easily the most demonstrably ludicrous and irrational, the animal rights arm of Postmodernism is also perhaps the most dangerous in its nihilistic consequences. It goes directy to the species level.

This article by Dr Edwin Locke on the site of the Ayn Rand Institute explains the error well and concludes in no uncertain terms:

The granting of fictional rights to animals is not an innocent error. We do not have to speculate about the motive, because the animal "rights" advocates have revealed it quite openly. Again from PETA: "Mankind is the biggest blight on the face of the earth"; "I do not believe that a human being has a right to life"; "I would rather have medical experiments done on our children than on animals." These self-styled lovers of life do not love animals; rather, they hate men.

The animal "rights" terrorists are like the Unabomber and Oklahoma City bombers. They are not idealists seeking justice, but nihilists seeking destruction for the sake of destruction. They do not want to uplift mankind, to help him progress from the swamp to the stars. They want mankind's destruction; they want him not just to stay in the swamp but to disappear into its muck.
One area where the anti humanists are making great inroads is in the legal protection of species. As soon as the yellow striped gerbal is set loose on a plot of land and is accidentally spotted all construction work is halted, building activities stop and the local economy is put on hold. With some luck the legal process can be stretched to years on end.

Pim Fortuyn's political assassination which led to a crisis in the Netherlands was perpetrated by one of their ilk on behalf of Muslims which he also perceived to be endangered. Van der Graaff was regarded as a very successful litigator on behalf endangered species.

The lengths this practice can go to is recently demonstrated in California where the Federal Government has seen fit to cut off the water supply in protection of the delta smelt under the Endangered Species Act. It is creating a wasteland.

Tell me in which way this injustice is any different from Robert Mugabe's willfully laying waste to Africa's bread basket, Zimbabwe?

Californians are not standing for it any longer: California Ag Network.

Sean Hannity recently made an appearance in the dust bowl in support of the farmers and people of California. Here's some footage.

Had it really to do with the love of our fellow creatures, this might be caring to the point of suicide. Do our brother species, the Alsacian hamster and the delta smelt really hate us? Of course not. Animals have no free will and therefore lack our sense of morality, and a good job it is. Imagine the emotional wrecks lions might become out of remorse of having killed so many wonderfully agile antilopes over the course of their existence?

Animals deserve our love and respect. It's humans with morally reprehensible ideas that hate their brothers. (Now am I allowed to say their ideology shares roots with Nazism?)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Interview with Lord Monckton on Treaty of Copenhagen

Yesterday Breitbart's The B-Cast had an interview with Lord Monckton on glowball warming, the climate racket, and the global coup and heist that is on the covert agenda of transnational progressivism and transnational corporatism.

Or in conspiracy terms, the new, postdemocratic world order of global socialism that is being built without anyone's consent, or us subjects even being informed about it, in the good tradition of the progressivism is being rammed down our throats one way or another.

About tranzism, the magic word here is "interconnectedness" and other code words for "mutual dependence". Europeans have heard it for decades without realizing the full extent of it. It's now gone global and the beast of super state, Leviathan is poised for the kill.

Believe it or not GreenPeace, party to this cabal, is actually submitting draft texts on behalf of the "NGO community": "A proposal for an amended Kyoto Protocol and a new Copenhagen Protocol by members of the NGO community" (PDF draft legal text version 1.0).

Lord Monckton is a Collegian of CFACT (Commission for a Constructive Tomorrow). CFACT on Twitter, on Facebook. Also sign the petition against the Cap and Trade cabal!

Don't forget to watch Glenn Beck next Friday Oct. 30 when he will be joined by Lord Monckton and that other beacon of sanity in a global madhouse run by the inmates, John Bolton.

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The O Team: Mental Babies With Razors (Updated)

Update: just saying [/gloat]

August 20, 2009

The brilliant opinionator and blogger Michelle Malkin yesterday started a collection point for cases of the O team saying to be sorry for having misspoken: read all about it in "The Team Obama “misspoke”-o-meter". People have started to notice the habit and are trying hard to discern a pattern.

This may be a new phenomenon to the White House, but the Dutch have seen it all happen before when the relativist Liberal Democrats (D66) were part of the governing coalition. Also Pragmatists, they share the same faux, subjectivist world view with the postmodern Obamites.

Their skewed philosophy rests on the error that universals are but a figment of man's imagination. From this fallacy follows that concepts and essences - being universals - also do not exist.

As a result, some arbitrary attribute may be attached to - for instance man - and mistakingly serve the purpose of an essence: what to think of systems that take decisions (no parenthesis, and taken quite literally)  or an angry mob. Can someone please explain what is 'an angry mob' in the order of things? (Dutch speakers may visualize the concept 'lurf' here: it is a non-existent body part. )

- Caption: pomo concept of 'a running nose' - 

It borders baby-talk uttered by grown men in charge of the black suitcase, the red telephone, the nuclear button - in other words, the world's highest office has become the playpen of human entities with the mental makeup of infants: in effect, babies with razors.

Concepts, essences and universals are replaced by fleeting thought and linguistic constructs: fact and reality swapped for personal opinion and meaningless rhetoric.

Words having become just that (bla bla) and thought having been reduced to mere synapses, these tend to seen as ends in themselves and used as labeling devizes: changing the label is then confused with altering the 'meaning' of the (conceptless) word. (The question aside why you would want to do that in the first place ... but that's a subject for "The Left's Default Position: Coercion".)

Hence it is possible for White House spokesman Robert Gibbs - a man who has gone in six months time from "unquestioned authority" to "perplexingly arrogant and thin-skinned" - to state that he had 'misspoken' in calling Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Iran’s 'elected leader'.

Mind you, he doesn't say that the statement was factually wrong or morally wanting. He means that he's sorry for having used a label which - to some people at least - was not in the best of tastes. Or perhaps he should have used another 'tone' - another favorite in the subjectivist tool kit, absent objective standards.

Whereas "elected leader" is the meaningless epithet attached to A/jad on Tuesday, on Wednesday it has become "the Iranian people who will decide". Ethics again aside, in the real world neither is factually true, but it sounds good, doesn't it?

Another instance of Gibbs' subjectivism is provided on the blog of Patriot In Exile, in "Robert Gibbs is a freaking idiot":
"So, I was listening to my talk radio and heard an audio that I just could not believe. Robert Gibbs was asked about Obama’s campaign pledge about not raising taxes on those making less than $250k/yr. Remember him saying that?
Well, when Gibbs was asked about this pledge by a reporter, Gibbs told the reporter that he can’t comment on any “hypotheticals”. WHAT?!?!? Hypotheticals?"
... yes ... in the skewed world of the pomo toddlers everything is just that - arbitrary, fleeting, hypothetical, meaningless yada yada in the service of expediency - their expediency of course (hence the double standards). Those with a concept of objectivity have a word for it ... lying. As it happens, Postmodernists don't lie: they just have a skewed perspective on reality! Welcome to the pomo Presidency!|


As a general rule it works the other way around as well. If Conservatives or Reps call them half-baked fascists, they think they've just been called ugly names. The observation is in fact based on objective, philosophical extrapolation - but since they literally have no concept, what remains is arbitrary labeling.

Tell them an objective truth - for example that the O Team are traitors to their own election pledges - and you'll get a subjective mouthful of why you would say that, none of which repudiates the accusation ... you know the drill, a litany of psychological projection which comes in rather handy, because they'll inadvertently reveal what they're up to: racists!, swastika toting fascists!, "in the pay of lobbyists and special interests", astroturfers!, or "an angry mob". The ensuing cognitive dissonance keeps the entire process in a perpetuum mobile, causing a sigh that 'indeed, panta rei!'

- Files on Articles in "Postmodern Ravages"-

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Crosspost: Anita Dunn Unplugged

Cartoon by William Warren - Crossposted from Arra News Service

The 'Right' Not To Be Offended ...


Faultline USA: "The Chronically Offended. A Malady, Perhaps?", a Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

It makes no difference what you do or what you say, these days, you can bet that someone will be offended.

Oh, yeah, I know people were offended back in the day. Truly they were, but… there was one major difference. Back in the day, we understood that for an offended person to protest was a sign of weakness on the offended’s part. And frankly, they were too embarrassed to protest because they knew society would see them for what they were, weak.

Things changed. In the mid to late 20th century, and early 21st century, American society began to celebrate weakness in individuals. Whole organizations sprang up to serve the chronically offended. (And while they were doing that…. milk them of all their ready cash, as well!)

How could this have happened? (...) >>>

Of an Enemies List, Styrofoam Props and a Tangled Web

The ongoing tea leaf analysis of the war on Fox and talk radio is coming together quite nicely. And not just that: "the coalition for fundamental change" - code for a velvet revolution by the All Comprehensive Vast Progressivist Coalition - is also being charted.

Today marks the FCC's start of the socialization of the Internet, so as to avert evil telecom corporations from making evil profits from, what will become in essence, a public utility. Do watch the first video on that post to hear how the FCC is put together.

It's now clear that this isn't an administration that governs, but one that controls - the nanny state has gone on steroids. But this nanny is not a benevolent Mary Poppins! It's conscience is shrouded in smoke and mirrors, and it has an enemies list.

Nowhere in recent history of liberal democracy has there been a more ideology ridden government. But enter the war on reality: we're all to pretend they're neutral and we - the unwashed - need them to dispense services and quota to us in order to keep the peace.

The Obama camp has been in the business of illegitimizing Republicans and conservatives since early in the Presidential campaign: from opposition, to opponents, to "the enemy"; from a rival world view, to socially suspect, to morally beyond the pale! If that sounds irrational, try Racism!

Here are some perspectives on the situation: from Brit Hume ...

From Joe Scarborough ...

From the sage Charles Krauthammer in reference to the media, but also touching on the assault on the Chamber of Commence ...

Glenn Beck has diagnosed it as a cup game: it's all about diversion. While your attention is concentrated elsewhere, the fox is ravaging the hen house.

Let's see: how's the "coalition" coming together: arts, sports, education, the financial sector, the unions, the green industry, media corporations, individual journalists and talking heads, the student loans and mortage industries, the automobile industry, health care, pharmaceuticals, and now ... tataaa ... "interfaith religion" (which happens to include an Islamic entity, never far off when there's something to sensor or suppress).

Breitbart TV/The B-Cast: "Is there an FCC Church?"

The program episode for the larger part is in reference to this article by Jeffrey Lord ...

The American Spectator: "FCC-Church Conspiracy to Silence Talk Radio and Fox?"

(...) The Riverside Church, once the pulpit of famed liberal activist William Sloane Coffin and the church of choice for PBS commentator Bill Moyers (on whose show Commissioner Copps has appeared), is affiliated with the United Church of Christ (liberal at the hierarchy level but with a mixed membership filled with conservatives).

Full disclosure, the UCC is my own denomination, and I serve as both the president of my own UCC church council in Pennsylvania as well as a member of the UCC's Penn Central Conference Board of Directors. In 2008 the UCC was much in the news because it is also the home denomination to Trinity UCC Church in Chicago, then the home church of President Obama, the pastor at the time the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright. (...) >>>

Read and watch it all - the tangled web includes funding of the Media Democratic Fund by George Soros' Open Society so as to "rebrand Fox and talk radio as hate speech" and as a result gain "media justice", i.e. state control, i.e. "neutrality".

It's all a matter of labels and perception really: the Classicist styrofoam pillars have been replaced by real stone columns, as for the rest, it's business as usual.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Enjoy the Last Day of Free Internet

The Bullet/Socialist Project: "Media Capitalism, the State and 21st Century Media Democracy Struggles" - Hat Tip: Robot J. McCarthy on Twitter

Robert McChesney, eminent historian and political-economist of the media, founder of the Free Press, leading U.S. and international media activist, and author of The Political Economy of the Media: Enduring Issues, Emerging Dilemmas (Monthly Review Press, 2008) and Communication Revolution: Critical Junctures and the Future of the Media (The New Press, 2008), spoke with Tanner Mirrlees, of the Socialist Project, about contemporary media capitalism and 21st century media democracy struggles to understand and change it. (...) >>>

The view from an Objectivist perspective:

The Objective Standard: "Net Neutrality: Toward a Stupid Internet", by Raymond C. Niles (audio article read by Karl Kowalski)

Focuses on the principle of property rights as it applies to the Internet in the face of increasing calls for government controls of this, as yet, relatively free market. (...) >>>


- Dallas Morning News: "Net neutrality draft to be unveiled today"

Breaking News:

PC World: "FCC Votes for Net Neutrality, McCain Wants to Stop Them"

Sen. John McCain is leading an effort to prevent the FCC from proceeding with its plan to implement network neutrality. Well, net neutrality fans, your enemies list just got one person bigger. John McCain is the latest to come out against the FCC's work, and has even proposed legislation to stop the agency in its tracks.

On Thursday, the FCC approved a measure to begin the process of formalizing a set of net neutrality rules that would ban ISPs from selectively filtering or throttling content. Texas Rep. Barton tried to stop the FCC from voting on the measure in the first place by pleading with commissioners to stop the vote from occurring.

This was an exercise in futility: Chairman Julius Genachowski had already worked to seal the support of the two other Democratic commissioners, making approval all but certain before the vote occurred.

Enter McCain.  (...) >>>

Oct. 23, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Push Back Day 1: "Not Evil Just Wrong"

Almost as a second part to Lord Monckton debunking Al Gore's fabrications regarding glowball warming and the global coup and institutionalized heist for which it is the basis (transnational progressivism), here's last night's premiere of the anti environmentalism film "Not Evil Just Wrong".

- Caption: Gore satire by "The People's Cube" - 

I contend that the green religion in its anti humanism, is actually the essence of evil. People are literally dying because of it (no surprise that it shares roots with Communism and Nazism - see elsewhere in these pages posts on the Counter Enlightenment movement and Postmoderism. An alternative epithet would be, Rousseauism - Rousseau is the father of the ethics of "noble savage, evil civilization).

Commentators have pointed out that "global warming" has now incrementally morphed into "climate change". This subject is too important for semantics, but that subject in itself is caused by subjectivists' fallacious understanding of the nature of words and language.

Language and thought do not shape reality, but reality shapes language and words. Words do have meaning; the muddling of concepts is what enabled the Postmodern mess in the first place.

One given definition of climate is "the average pattern of weather variation at a certain location, throughout the year." "Climate change" is a tautology.

Then the media and their overreach. They are wrapping their articles and talks in gross hyperbole, because they believe that the public doesn't take notice if they keep the story within realistic proportions. At least, that is what they have been told by the lobby. A familiar pattern emerges: our delf-declared noble aim justifies any unethical means ... it is the story of their lives!
SFGate: "Reuters duped by Chamber of Commerce hoax press release" (CNBC: me too!)

The devil does not change overnight. Someone or some organization sent out a hoax press release "from the US Chamber of Commerce" stating that the chamber no longer opposed the Waxman-Markey bill [climate legislation]. As most hoaxes go, it needed a victim to fall for it. The venerable news agency Reuters fell for the hoax and published a story that went instantly into the Google News feed. (...) >>>
Dutch Greenism watchdog De Klimatosoof just posted today they're discerning a tipping point: apparently some media are fed up "playing the lackeys of the Climate Authorities". I wouldn't be surpised if there's a concerted effort to wriggle out of the narrative, given the state the glowball economy is in. Indeed, the World Socialism agenda is a total wreck!


- The Foundry: "Not Evil Just Wrong: The Film Al Gore Doesn’t Want You to See"
- "Not Evil Just Wrong" official website
- Not Evil Just Wrong on Twitter


- "Greenism" (file)
- "The Controversial Dossier" (glowball madness file)
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Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Transnational Progressivism Virus Goes on Steroids

As New World Order panic grips new media conspiracy theorists, the Green biz actually fears a dispute between the US and EU over national carbon reduction targets may avert the crypto World Socialism heist and power grab at the UN and in Copenhagen.

No idea what we're on about? On what planet have you been the last couple of years? While you weren't paying attention a massive, global, social leveling plan has been put into action. The idea is to shift Northwestern tax payer money to Southeastern recipients.

The vehicle: "environmental social justice" covered by the Treaty of Copenhagen to pay off your "climate debt". Lord Monckton, in the video below, explains the hottest hoax around.

RedState: "Obama Poised to Cede US Soverignty, Claims British Lord", by Walter Scott Hudson

The Minnesota Free Market Institute hosted an event at Bethel University in St. Paul on Wednesday evening. Keynote speaker Lord Christopher Monckton, former science adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, gave a scathing and lengthy presentation, complete with detailed charts, graphs, facts, and figures which culminated in the utter decimation of both the pop culture concept of global warming and the credible threat of any significant anthropomorphic climate change. (...)
At [the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in] Copenhagen, this December, weeks away, a treaty will be signed. Your president will sign it. Most of the third world countries will sign it, because they think they're going to get money out of it. Most of the left-wing regimes from the European Union will rubber stamp it. Virtually nobody won't sign it. I read that treaty. And what it says is this(...) >>>
Scroll to question section for links and further information.

Here's a better quality, full length version of the video of Lord Monckton's speech - recommended and entirely worth one and a half hour of your valuable time. He admirably explains that global warming/climate change is not a matter of belief, but of science. He debunks Al Gore's sensational Save the Climate Flick as an alarmist collection of lies and constructed non facts. Interestingly, he also makes the relation of environmentalism with the anti humanism.

GreenPeace: "A proposal for an amended Kyoto Protocol and a new Copenhagen Protocol
by members of the NGO community
" (I kid you NOT!) (PDF draft legal text version 1.0)

Google rearch: 1.180.000 hits - how much have you been told so far?

Some Americans it seems, have an answer.

My America Again


- "Transnational Progressivism"
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- "The Case for Neo Communism"
- "Economy File"
- "Socialist Utopia Redux"

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Cosmology of the Progressive Narrative (II)

Continued from Part I

Although the Brits are managing to keep the class system alive, even under the pressure of Islamization, in most countries the social cast society has given way to other divisions to keep "the struggle" going (for cosmology see Part I).

American progressives has taken the lead in this, creating unequal victim minorities based on race, culture, gender, or whatever other line of division may present itself: Divide and Conquer is the covert progressive motto ruling what is collectively refered to as "diversity". Affirmative action (or actually, reverse discrimination - which is still discrimination!) has replaced violent revolution and has become the vehicle by which power and rights are shifted from the white/male/Christian/heterosexual 'power structure' to minorities based on victimhood (any).

This post on NewsReal Blog deals with the replacement of social class division with gender identity division. The players may have changed, but the narrative is identical: the Kantian and Hegelian dialectics have been simply substituted for the Marxist and Postmodern dialectics.

That the processes by which progressivism operates is still badly understood comes to be fore in an interview that Scott Baker of Breitbart TV's the B-Cast recently had with Charles Winecoff, author of Big Hollywood article "In Defense of Obama’s Safe School Czar (Sort Of) – or I Was A Teenage ‘Lolito’".

- Caption: Harry Hay - 

Those interested (recommended watching for Americans) can acquaint themselves with the entire unsavoury controversy in Scott Baker's video "Harry Hay", but what it boils down to is this: the Obama "safe school czar" Kevin Jennings, founder of GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network)  has edited a textbook on the American gay movement in which a chapter is devoted to a gay activist hero, Harry Hay.

The "Harry Hay Incident" consisted in Hay being banned from the 1986 Gay Pride March in Los Angeles for expressing sympathy and support for pedophile lobby group NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association). Hay thought nothing of maligning the entire gay movement by associating it in the eyes of the world with pedosexuality.

In the interview Winecoff, who authored a book on actor Anthony Perkins, expresses his dismay why Hay would do such a thing! Then he explains that Hay saw his association with NAMBLA mainly as an opportunity to get into people's face. Hay was a cook and actually more of an incurable hippie with a life-long passion for anything that was against the status quo and the establishment, and that included a dislike for "selfrighteous", bourgeois gays with successful lives and an appreciation of capitalist society, i.e. the sell outs.

The wrath bestowed on "sell outs" - those having the audacity to break free from the bondage of their designated victim group - can be a terrible spectable to behold! Republican blacks know all about it! In the progressivist's book you stay in the ghetto ... or on the porch! See here the latest outrage! (Zo Rachel's comment: "The Liberal Slaveship").

What we have here is the postmodern version of the Marxist dialectic in action: Marx's classes substituted by minority groups. The movement may ostensibly advocate women's rights, civil rights or gay rights, but the covert, actual agenda is, that they are for anything that hurts the established order. The two may coincide for a while, but in the end minority advocacy is just a cover to conceal the broader, anti enlightenment agenda. 

We are keeping tab on instances in which this suddenly comes to the fore, with progressives making unexpected choices that may stun the world; like Nancy Pelosi here, and Barack Obama's growing laundry list here. The leading question is, which course of action hurts the white/male/Christian/heterosexual 'power structure' most?

Current investigations of the new media into Obama's radical connections reminded me of this comment in the Articles file on "The Case for Neo Communism: sabotage!" when the Netherlands were going through a massive process of radical socialization over three decades ago with Labor Prime Minister Den Uyl (1973-1977) - watching what's going on in the US today often reminds me that era and yes, we're still recovering from it:

ACORN's Cloward-Piven approach to "overloading the system" was pretty much copied all over the developed world. I know for a fact it was in the Netherlands. Some remember party activists roaming the streets with bullhorns urging people to claim their benefit as if they were vending potatoes. Generations of affected families were considered little more than fodder to the revolution. The Labor Party never admitted it or apologized for it, but it brought them perilously close to treason.

And it's an ongoing strategy in the world's inner cities: the marginalized are forever bound to revote into office those who abuse their plight - if there ever was a vicious circle, this is it. Successful people do not need Labor to look after their interests. This is why Labor always sees there's a new cohort of 'victims' to look after. 

Here's a theory how it's done in the US:

American Thinker: "Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis", by James Simpson

(...) Can a group of smart people, studying issue after issue for years on end, with virtually unlimited resources at their command, not come up with a single policy that works? Why are they chronically incapable? Why? One of two things must be true. Either the Democrats are unfathomable idiots, who ignorantly pursue ever more destructive policies despite decades of contrary evidence, or they understand the consequences of their actions and relentlessly carry on anyway because they somehow benefit. (...) >>>
Watch this segment of the Glenn Beck Show making the point that today's industry for illegal immigration is a latter day version of slavery! Ostensibly caring for the victims in question, while in actual fact promoting prolongation of their plight. In the Netherlands they keep asylum seekers in concentration camps for years on end unto the point of suicide or psychological collapse, which is then taken as an excuse to simply open the floodgates as an act of humanism.

At it for over a hundred years and still getting away with murder: such is the power of the cosmology of the progressive narrative.


- "The Dialectics"
- "Hegel's Legacy: Historical Events, not Democracy"
- "Transnational Progressivism"
- "The Dystopia of Paradise"
- "Socialist Causes Explained"


The latest on the "Safe School Czar" Kevin Jennings controversy (btw, would that be the ultimate Orwellian double speak?):

- Zomblog: "Memo to Media Matters: Kevin Jennings knew of Harry Hay’s NAMBLA connections"
- Washington Examiner: "53 House Republicans call on Obama to fire Kevin Jennings"

Friday, October 16, 2009

Wilders Descends on the UK: Muslims Keen to Prove His Point

Following a Court verdict earlier this week pronouncing Geert Wilders' ban from Britain by the Labour Government invalid, Wilders finally descended on the United Kingdom this afternoon.

He was admitted into the country without a hitch.

Some thirty Muslim radicals - in the BBC article herebelow lovingly refered to as "young Muslims" - picketed the venue where Wilders originally was to have a press conference in the presence of his host, UK Independence Party's Lord Pearson of Rannoch. The meeting was in fact held elsewhere.

The protestors must have endeared themselves at once to the nation, the living proof of Wilders' point: they carried placards demanding "Sharia in the UK", "Sharia in Holland", assuring that "Islam is Superior", "Wilders Go To Hell", and those more inclined to the victimhood strategy carrying the ad hominem "Wilders Coward".

The demo in the vicinity of the Houses of Parliament drew quite a bit of media attention. 

Wilders will discuss with his host when and where he will have an opportunity to show and debate his anti Islam film "Fitna". Wilders would show the short movie in February, but he was banned and was refused admittance to the country by the Labour Government.

Read all about it in this BBC article:

BBC: "Wilders' world of protest and publicity"

After successfully overturning a ban on his presence in the country, Geert Wilders was never going to slip quietly into the UK.

The controversial Dutch politician sent a text message to Associated Press as he cleared customs at Heathrow to ensure the world's media had got the message.

But even he cannot have anticipated the scenes waiting for him in Westminster, as he swept into a side street opposite the Houses of Parliament.

His plan to stage an open-air news conference around the corner on College Green had to be abandoned when about 40 protesters arrived on the scene chanting "Wilders go to hell" and waving placards saying "Sharia for the Netherlands" and "Islam will be superior". (...) >>>


- "Geert Wilders: Persona Non Grata in Britain"
- "Geert Wilders: Let Them Eat Grits! (update)"
- "Wilders Calls for World Wide First Amendment"
- "Banned From Britain"
- "In Defence of Liberty" (file)


Robert Spencer: "Enemies of free speech yet again: Muslim students at Temple University attempt to shut down Wilders event"

The Organization of the Islamic Conference is attempting to shut down free speech worldwide, as we have noted here many times. We've also noted many times that the thuggish Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations is likewise no friend of free speech, and rather than meet its opponents in free and open debate, attempts to silence and defame them. And now the Muslim Brotherhood entity known as the Muslim Students Association is doing the same thing, or trying to, to Geert Wilders at Temple University. (...)

The Temple Muslim Students Association is attempting to shut down the scheduled appearance of Geert Wilders on Oct. 20. As part of its Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, and its campaign to Stop the Campus War Against Israel and the Jews, the David Horowitz Freedom Center is sponsoring appearances by Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders at Temple and Columbia universities (Oct. 20 and 21). The Muslim Students Association has issued a statement condemning the event and calling on the Temple Administration to close it down. The David Horowitz Freedom Center statement follows (...) >>>

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Obama Mobilizes the Nation Towards a Common Goal

Breaking News on the culture blog, "The Lighthouse".

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Politics for Idiots

I've seen a lot of Glenn Beck shows, but last night's beats them all!

He's installed a direct telephone hotline for Anita Dunn c.s. to call should they wish to set the record straight on any mistake or mispresentation. Needless to say that that is not what is intended; what is, is attack, isolate and destroy.

Beck has also done some easy visuals to show how the kabuki theater of smoke and mirrors is being built. It's politics for idiots or evaders like Ms Behar, who just "can't accept".

All you ever wanted to know about postmodern political ploys - so cynical, given that it's done in the name of the "poor and disenfranchized" who - in the end - will be the hardest hit.

Watch, how a nation is being deconstructed. Segment 1 is at the bottom of the column. We'll not upload any new videos for a day or two to keep present collection in tact.

Link to first segment - stay on our VodPod to catch segments 2-7 as well:  they are just one click away

By the way, Glenn said on his radio program today he now has two Deep Throats feeding him information (it's getting curiouser and curiouser). I'm still looking for a link to the segment in question.

Oh, and is Chris Mathews still employed by MSNBC? The vitriol these guys on the Leftist media are spouting is truly breathtaking ... taking incitement broadcasting to entire new levels ... classic projection of course.


Here's a lone John Doe who finds himself smack in the middle of the Rush Limbaugh Quotes controversy: Smash Mouth Politics - well done! Citizen journalism at its best!

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Crumbling Presidential Stature

Breitbart comments:

"Fox News Lays Out Facts After White House Escalates War on Network"

Fox News: In recent weeks, the White House has begun using its government blog to directly attack what it called "Fox lies." David Gergen, who has worked for President Bill Clinton and three Republican presidents, questioned the propriety of the White House declaring war on a news organization.

"It's a very risky strategy. It's not one that I would advocate," Gergen said on CNN. "If you're going to get very personal against the media, you're going to find that the animosities are just going to deepen. And you're going to find that you sort of almost draw viewers and readers to the people you're attacking. You build them up in some ways, you give them stature."
Historically we need to go back to the epoch of Tricky Dick for a President to descend to such heights.

It's a war now ... the President of all Americans is treating the opposition as the enemy (what a surprise!) ...

More segments on the GlennBeckClips channel on YouTube.

Breitbart's The B-Cast are weighing in, parsing and debunking Dunn's claims one by one. 

Here's our view: it fits in perfectly with the Postmodern Left's mentality of their aim being so darned 'ethical' that it justifies any means, and that includes "war on the opposition" ... eh "enemy". This is why their rule always ends in tyranny.


Today October 15 Beck broke the news that in Ms Dunn we have ourselves yet another radical postmodernist in the White House. This specimen even manages to combine admiration of Mother Theresa with mass murderer, Chairman Mao! Surprised? You won't be after you know she said: "You don't let external definitions define how good you are internally. You have your own path" ...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Grown-Up on Foreign Policy

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