Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Politics for Idiots

I've seen a lot of Glenn Beck shows, but last night's beats them all!

He's installed a direct telephone hotline for Anita Dunn c.s. to call should they wish to set the record straight on any mistake or mispresentation. Needless to say that that is not what is intended; what is, is attack, isolate and destroy.

Beck has also done some easy visuals to show how the kabuki theater of smoke and mirrors is being built. It's politics for idiots or evaders like Ms Behar, who just "can't accept".

All you ever wanted to know about postmodern political ploys - so cynical, given that it's done in the name of the "poor and disenfranchized" who - in the end - will be the hardest hit.

Watch, how a nation is being deconstructed. Segment 1 is at the bottom of the column. We'll not upload any new videos for a day or two to keep present collection in tact.

Link to first segment - stay on our VodPod to catch segments 2-7 as well:  they are just one click away

By the way, Glenn said on his radio program today he now has two Deep Throats feeding him information (it's getting curiouser and curiouser). I'm still looking for a link to the segment in question.

Oh, and is Chris Mathews still employed by MSNBC? The vitriol these guys on the Leftist media are spouting is truly breathtaking ... taking incitement broadcasting to entire new levels ... classic projection of course.


Here's a lone John Doe who finds himself smack in the middle of the Rush Limbaugh Quotes controversy: Smash Mouth Politics - well done! Citizen journalism at its best!


James Higham said...

They're obviously enjoying themselves.

Ron Russell said...

I'm a big Beck fan. He is very funny while highlighting in great detail what he sees as the threats to this country. Simply put, the man makes sense---no wonder he is becoming so popular and seen as such a threat by many on the left.

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