Monday, October 12, 2009

The Crumbling Presidential Stature

Breitbart comments:

"Fox News Lays Out Facts After White House Escalates War on Network"

Fox News: In recent weeks, the White House has begun using its government blog to directly attack what it called "Fox lies." David Gergen, who has worked for President Bill Clinton and three Republican presidents, questioned the propriety of the White House declaring war on a news organization.

"It's a very risky strategy. It's not one that I would advocate," Gergen said on CNN. "If you're going to get very personal against the media, you're going to find that the animosities are just going to deepen. And you're going to find that you sort of almost draw viewers and readers to the people you're attacking. You build them up in some ways, you give them stature."
Historically we need to go back to the epoch of Tricky Dick for a President to descend to such heights.

It's a war now ... the President of all Americans is treating the opposition as the enemy (what a surprise!) ...

More segments on the GlennBeckClips channel on YouTube.

Breitbart's The B-Cast are weighing in, parsing and debunking Dunn's claims one by one. 

Here's our view: it fits in perfectly with the Postmodern Left's mentality of their aim being so darned 'ethical' that it justifies any means, and that includes "war on the opposition" ... eh "enemy". This is why their rule always ends in tyranny.


Today October 15 Beck broke the news that in Ms Dunn we have ourselves yet another radical postmodernist in the White House. This specimen even manages to combine admiration of Mother Theresa with mass murderer, Chairman Mao! Surprised? You won't be after you know she said: "You don't let external definitions define how good you are internally. You have your own path" ...


Anonymous said...

Another terribly flawed personality, but at least Nixon had the interest of the country at heart... Obama sees himself as savior of the world (in his own words)...

p.s. I've discovered new technical difficulties with the Bloggregator just in these days... will get to it soon.

James Higham said...

Didn't take long in real time terms, did it?

Anonymous said...

Having the occasional jab at a network is one thing; it is to be expected on the part of the White House. Barry, however, has taken this to the next level. Unlike a typical liberal, he is of the hardest left breed. He is a narcissist and has no problems attacking anyone, or any channel, that disagrees with him. Hmm....this reminds me of a certain "president" of a banana republic in South America.

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