Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Race is On! Throw the Bums Out!

Proudly introducing today the new Tax Day Tea Party and American Liberty Alliance project...


We shall be contributing to the blog once it is up.

Steven Fowler and Eric Odom are kicking off the project, closely reporting on the NY23 race on the site of the 73wire Campaign Trail. 73wire on Twitter.

You can also listen to the guys doing the introduction and talking about the NY23 race on Aftermatch Radio on BlogTalkRadio. They're breaking news here.

Official Doug Hoffman for Congress campaign site. Doug on Twitter, on Facebook.

Forget the corruption of professional party politics! Updating throughout on the New Politics, for and by individual people: the 912 Project!

It's the same history again and again. Perfectly good candidates are put to political pasture and before you know it, they're cocooned-in into the corrupt culture of wheeling and dealing. 

In the need for compromise, consensus and accomodation it's very hard to keep your integrity intact for a very long time. Glenn Reynolds interview with Senator Lamar Alexander on PJTV contains a few gems in that respect.

Under the constant pressure it's very hard not to lose perspective: it's alright to bargain on the trimmings, but never, ever on the principles!

The press and the party apparatus will picture this refreshing movement of back to basics as "anti intellectual", "populist" and rooted in base emotions: so be it. This is what voters throughout the world are yearning for!

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Unknown said...

This race is huge. If he wins it will do one of two things:
A. Begin the reformation of the Republican party
B. Lay the foundation for conservative independents to run and win in 2010.

Either way it is good for America.

Kassandra Troy said...

I think it's a great model for the Netherlands too and possibly also for other countries with 'populist' tendencies. It's true of party politics: there's continuous friction between the interests of government and loyalty to representation. They should not be allowed more than two terms tops. After that, they have become party pets.

James Higham said...

All good stuff.

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