Monday, October 19, 2009

Push Back Day 1: "Not Evil Just Wrong"

Almost as a second part to Lord Monckton debunking Al Gore's fabrications regarding glowball warming and the global coup and institutionalized heist for which it is the basis (transnational progressivism), here's last night's premiere of the anti environmentalism film "Not Evil Just Wrong".

- Caption: Gore satire by "The People's Cube" - 

I contend that the green religion in its anti humanism, is actually the essence of evil. People are literally dying because of it (no surprise that it shares roots with Communism and Nazism - see elsewhere in these pages posts on the Counter Enlightenment movement and Postmoderism. An alternative epithet would be, Rousseauism - Rousseau is the father of the ethics of "noble savage, evil civilization).

Commentators have pointed out that "global warming" has now incrementally morphed into "climate change". This subject is too important for semantics, but that subject in itself is caused by subjectivists' fallacious understanding of the nature of words and language.

Language and thought do not shape reality, but reality shapes language and words. Words do have meaning; the muddling of concepts is what enabled the Postmodern mess in the first place.

One given definition of climate is "the average pattern of weather variation at a certain location, throughout the year." "Climate change" is a tautology.

Then the media and their overreach. They are wrapping their articles and talks in gross hyperbole, because they believe that the public doesn't take notice if they keep the story within realistic proportions. At least, that is what they have been told by the lobby. A familiar pattern emerges: our delf-declared noble aim justifies any unethical means ... it is the story of their lives!
SFGate: "Reuters duped by Chamber of Commerce hoax press release" (CNBC: me too!)

The devil does not change overnight. Someone or some organization sent out a hoax press release "from the US Chamber of Commerce" stating that the chamber no longer opposed the Waxman-Markey bill [climate legislation]. As most hoaxes go, it needed a victim to fall for it. The venerable news agency Reuters fell for the hoax and published a story that went instantly into the Google News feed. (...) >>>
Dutch Greenism watchdog De Klimatosoof just posted today they're discerning a tipping point: apparently some media are fed up "playing the lackeys of the Climate Authorities". I wouldn't be surpised if there's a concerted effort to wriggle out of the narrative, given the state the glowball economy is in. Indeed, the World Socialism agenda is a total wreck!


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James Higham said...

I contend that the green religion in its anti humanism, is actually the essence of evil.

It's more than contention, Cassandra. I did a post which showed Strong's religion to indeed emanate from evil from their own words.

Cassandra Troy said...

I'd like to read it, James. Is it on nourishing obscurity?

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