Saturday, October 24, 2009

Interview with Lord Monckton on Treaty of Copenhagen

Yesterday Breitbart's The B-Cast had an interview with Lord Monckton on glowball warming, the climate racket, and the global coup and heist that is on the covert agenda of transnational progressivism and transnational corporatism.

Or in conspiracy terms, the new, postdemocratic world order of global socialism that is being built without anyone's consent, or us subjects even being informed about it, in the good tradition of the progressivism is being rammed down our throats one way or another.

About tranzism, the magic word here is "interconnectedness" and other code words for "mutual dependence". Europeans have heard it for decades without realizing the full extent of it. It's now gone global and the beast of super state, Leviathan is poised for the kill.

Believe it or not GreenPeace, party to this cabal, is actually submitting draft texts on behalf of the "NGO community": "A proposal for an amended Kyoto Protocol and a new Copenhagen Protocol by members of the NGO community" (PDF draft legal text version 1.0).

Lord Monckton is a Collegian of CFACT (Commission for a Constructive Tomorrow). CFACT on Twitter, on Facebook. Also sign the petition against the Cap and Trade cabal!

Don't forget to watch Glenn Beck next Friday Oct. 30 when he will be joined by Lord Monckton and that other beacon of sanity in a global madhouse run by the inmates, John Bolton.

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