Thursday, October 22, 2009

Of an Enemies List, Styrofoam Props and a Tangled Web

The ongoing tea leaf analysis of the war on Fox and talk radio is coming together quite nicely. And not just that: "the coalition for fundamental change" - code for a velvet revolution by the All Comprehensive Vast Progressivist Coalition - is also being charted.

Today marks the FCC's start of the socialization of the Internet, so as to avert evil telecom corporations from making evil profits from, what will become in essence, a public utility. Do watch the first video on that post to hear how the FCC is put together.

It's now clear that this isn't an administration that governs, but one that controls - the nanny state has gone on steroids. But this nanny is not a benevolent Mary Poppins! It's conscience is shrouded in smoke and mirrors, and it has an enemies list.

Nowhere in recent history of liberal democracy has there been a more ideology ridden government. But enter the war on reality: we're all to pretend they're neutral and we - the unwashed - need them to dispense services and quota to us in order to keep the peace.

The Obama camp has been in the business of illegitimizing Republicans and conservatives since early in the Presidential campaign: from opposition, to opponents, to "the enemy"; from a rival world view, to socially suspect, to morally beyond the pale! If that sounds irrational, try Racism!

Here are some perspectives on the situation: from Brit Hume ...

From Joe Scarborough ...

From the sage Charles Krauthammer in reference to the media, but also touching on the assault on the Chamber of Commence ...

Glenn Beck has diagnosed it as a cup game: it's all about diversion. While your attention is concentrated elsewhere, the fox is ravaging the hen house.

Let's see: how's the "coalition" coming together: arts, sports, education, the financial sector, the unions, the green industry, media corporations, individual journalists and talking heads, the student loans and mortage industries, the automobile industry, health care, pharmaceuticals, and now ... tataaa ... "interfaith religion" (which happens to include an Islamic entity, never far off when there's something to sensor or suppress).

Breitbart TV/The B-Cast: "Is there an FCC Church?"

The program episode for the larger part is in reference to this article by Jeffrey Lord ...

The American Spectator: "FCC-Church Conspiracy to Silence Talk Radio and Fox?"

(...) The Riverside Church, once the pulpit of famed liberal activist William Sloane Coffin and the church of choice for PBS commentator Bill Moyers (on whose show Commissioner Copps has appeared), is affiliated with the United Church of Christ (liberal at the hierarchy level but with a mixed membership filled with conservatives).

Full disclosure, the UCC is my own denomination, and I serve as both the president of my own UCC church council in Pennsylvania as well as a member of the UCC's Penn Central Conference Board of Directors. In 2008 the UCC was much in the news because it is also the home denomination to Trinity UCC Church in Chicago, then the home church of President Obama, the pastor at the time the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright. (...) >>>

Read and watch it all - the tangled web includes funding of the Media Democratic Fund by George Soros' Open Society so as to "rebrand Fox and talk radio as hate speech" and as a result gain "media justice", i.e. state control, i.e. "neutrality".

It's all a matter of labels and perception really: the Classicist styrofoam pillars have been replaced by real stone columns, as for the rest, it's business as usual.


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