Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Is Anti Cap 'n Trade Funded by European Big Oil?

Whereas the capital poring into Democrat based front groups by George Soros and other Leftist maecenases don't seem to matter, Obama and the Dems have no problem scandalizing and demonizing Republican donors.

Western Journalism writes: "The Clinton White House, with Vice President Al Gore as the point person, sought illegal campaign contributions from individuals with ties to the communist Chinese and other Asian countries. Those investigations led to criminal charges and several Democrat fundraisers spending time behind bars for their illegal activities."

Leftists never fail to talk about such 'discoveries' in terms of cloak and dagger stories, as if they've uncovered a sinister plot, a conspiracy worthy of The Black Hand!

Such a conspiracy theorist told a Dutch radio program last night that he's 'discovered' that an evil cabal made up of European Big Oil, Big Chemistry and Big Energy has pored Big Money into US Senatorial races with the view of stalling environmental legislation. A major sin!

According to Mr De Wit, manager at a heavily taxpayer subsidized environmentalist organization called Natuur en Milieu (Nature and Environment), notwithstanding claims of 'sustainability' and 'corporate responsibility', European companies, to wit BP, E.ON, Electrabel, BASF, Solvay and Arcelor Mittel have been stuffing some 240,000 dollar into US Senate races.

The plot is all the more demonic, because the cabal is not just lining the pockets of Extreme Republicans and Extremist Tea Partiers, but also of 'a few Democratic moderates'. It's positively diabolical!

The logic behind the funding is, that if Cap 'n Trade can be delayed in the US, European environmental legislation  may be stalled, because Big America isn't on board.

Just so that you know!


WaPo: "Obama Underappreciation Syndrome", by Charles Krauthammer

Monday, October 25, 2010

Latest News in the Culture War: the People versus the Elites

While Europe's old guard is embracing the multicultural blessings of 'diversity' and 'otherness', at it's soft underbelly, the cradle of its civilization, Greece, is fighting a Sisyphus battle against the refuge of the Middle East:

The European Union has answered a call for help by Greece as it struggles to cope with a growing tide of illegal immigrants entering the country from Turkey. A rapid border intervention team is expected to be deployed.
A rapid intervention team from the EU border agency, Frontex, will be deployed for the first time to Greece to help shore up the country's porous border with Turkey, the European Commission has said in a statement. The move comes after Greece put out an emergency call for the border team, which is to act under Greek authority. (...) >>>
From our correspondent in Athens:
FRONTEX operates in the Greek islands since 2009 with limited success. There is a big problem and still the EU in Brussels does not really want to "rock the boat" with the autocratic and theocratic regimes in the Middle East that "export" their young and restless population into Europe. Along with those, you have the spread of radical Islam in the European cities.
So, the Middle Easterns and the Pakistanis achieve three aims at the same time:
- reduce unemployment and their domestic social-political unrest, 
- increase their incomes from remmitances to the home countries,
- and spreading their influence in Europe.
The question is ... what does Europe exactly achieve by allowing this situation? Postmodernism, Leftism, moral and political collapse perhaps as well as dynamic entrance of "Islamic capital" into Europe, seem to be some of the answers. (...)
Is this the raw reality Europe's politicians want to keep from their citizens? That the influx of illegals is a cynical, deliberate and calculated export of surplus populations? Perhaps that is the reason for their vehement denial and evasion of reality, the court cases and trials for "crimes of expression" against Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, and in Austria against Susanne Winter and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff to name but a few?

Oddly enough similar situations are going on the United States, where the southern border is under siege by illegal aliens wreaking havoc in border towns and hamlets. The Democrat Party and the President himself have to their eternal shame gone as far as to denounce the state of Arizona for passing an emergency bill to deal with the situation at the UN, as well as at the heart of the Republic, in Congress where Mexican Present Calderon was allowed to give a lecture on human rights!

The rise of 'populist' freedom parties all over Europe, and in America with the Tea Parties, is no coincidence. Postmodern progressives keep framing them as 'populist', because they aren't willing to let on yet that this is a genuine grassroots uprising against their numerous betrayals. So they pretend 'demagogues' and 'racists' like the Tea Partiers and Geert Wilders are fanning the flames and that illegal immigrants are merely the price of a colonial past and very little else.

They can rest assured, this 'populist' groundswell is not going to go away! Read also this excellent analysis of the ruling class versus the country party in The American Spectator: "America's Ruling Class -- And the Perils of Revolution", by Angelo M. Codevilla. The situation is not different from Europe's.

The trial of Wilders is just a measure of how far they are willing to go. Very Far! The Dutch Justice Dept. has turned out to be entirely corrupt. Let's hope the walls of Greece will hold for the time being. After all, they dealt with these kinds of problems before.

There's a culture war going on that must be won from the postmodernists before these problems get solved. N.B. After Germany's Angela Merkel, we may now have France's Nic Sarkozy on the retreat!

Remember: A ruling class that has lost its legitimate status, becomes an elite.


Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Hammarberg has made it known asylum seekers will not be returned by Greece as “asylum seekers, including persons transferred under the ‘Dublin Regulation’, face extremely harsh conditions in Greece”. "In his first-ever oral intervention as a third party before the European Court of Human Rights, Commissioner Hammarberg provided his observations on major issues concerning refugee protection in Greece, including asylum procedures and human rights safeguards, as well as asylum seekers’ reception and detention conditions."


- "Delete the Border"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is the US Government Going Rogue?

Why is this no surpise? Opponents being rudely nudged into compliance with the regime is one thing. New born babies taken hostage is quite another!

This is obviously a breaking and developing story; either it is an elaborate hoax, or the signs are very, very disturbing indeed.

Concord Hospital, NH, Wed. Oct. 7th, 2010

Last Night John Irish & Stephanie Janvrin had their new born baby girl taken away by government officials because of their involvement with Oath Keepers, a non violent constitutional organization. According to Irish, The Director of Security and the Head Nurse of the Hospital said "we want the pediatrician to check the baby in the nursery so that you can go home." The baby was wheeled out in the bassinet under the protest of Irish. Irish followed them out and took note of 3-4 men wearing suits with detective badges as well as 3 police officers.

The Division of Family Child Services proceeded to pat down John and inform the parents they would be taking the daughter. "They Stole our Child" says John Irish. An Affidavit was produced that claimed an affiliation with a militia called Oath Keepers. Irish claims Oath Keepers is a non violent organization. (...) >>>

Stewart has just now as of 7:45PM PST, spoken to the father and he is faxing documents to Stewart. We are establishing a legal defense fund. Once it is confirmed through documentation that the father's association with Oath Keepers was listed as a reason, even if among several reasons listed, for taking the child, we will actively pursue aggressive legal remedy and redress. (...) >>>

There has been some confusion about this case, leading some commentators to believe that the reference to John Irish’s “association” with Oath Keepers was in some other document, rather than in the affidavit relied on by the Court’s Order. (...)

To clear that up, below you will find an embedded PDF which contains the full (though redacted) versions of the following documents: the two Petitions (one pertaining to each parent), the Court’s Ex Parte Order, the Affidavit of Dana Bickford which was attached, the Motion for Change of Venue, and lastly, the Notice to Accused Parent, explaining the legal process. We have highlighted in yellow all text where the Petitions or the Court Order refers to the Affidavit which contains reference to Oath Keepers. (...)

RALLY FOR THE FIRST AMENDMENT! This Thursday, October 14, Dover, NH

We will be holding a rally in support of the First Amendment protected right of freedom of association, to be held this Thursday, October 14, at the Rochester Family Division Court, 259 County Farm Rd, Dover, NH 03820-6016. I will be there, and I am calling on all Oath Keepers, all who “associate” with us, and on all other organizations that stand for the Constitution and for liberty to be there for a peaceful gathering in support of both the due process rights of the parents (who have a hearing there, on that day), but also to stand in support of the rights of free speech and association, free from persecution, for ALL Americans. I will post more details later today. Please join us! (...) >>>

Update Oct. 14, 2010

Oathkeepers Blog: "High Noon for New Hampshire DCYF: Oath Keepers Sheriffs and Police Issue Demand Letter"

This morning, at approximately 10am, October 14, 2010, the Sheriffs and police leaders within Oath Keepers delivered their demand letter to New Hampshire DCYF on behalf of all sheriffs and police within our organization, as well as on behalf of the military and emergency personnel in our organization. The letter calls for removing our organization’s name from the affidavit that was relied upon by the court and adopted as the court’s finding of facts in it’s order.

We certainly hope that further, meaningful scrutiny of the New Hampshire DCYF will be undertaken by the state’s attorney general and legislature. The use of political association in a child protective proceeding is good cause to question the training and the motives of those involved in this case. (...) >>>

Update Oct. 15, 2010

Oathkeepers: "Update on the New Hampshire Case After the Hearing and Our Rally: It Was A GOOD Day!"

As most of you know, on Thursday there was a hearing held at the Rochester Family Division Court in Dover, NH regarding the New Hampshire DCYF action of taking a newborn child from her parents, John Irish and Stephanie Taylor. Oath Keepers held a rally outside the courthouse during the hearing in support of the right of freedom of association and freedom of speech, as well as in support of the due process rights of the parents. (...)

The closed court session was not attended by any of the rally participants, and the participants in the hearing are prohibited from discussing what went on, but it was clear from the smiles on the faces of the parents as they came out that they were very happy with the outcome. You can get a very good sense of the outcome from the below linked mainstream media articles and videos (...) >>>


Oathkeepers Home Page

John Irish and Stephanie Janvrin Facebook Page (will be updated as soon as confirmed)

Oathkeepers on Twitter

Oathkeepers full Declaration of orders they will not obey

- "Ruled by the Mob"

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Delusion, Denial and Cover Up in a Dutch-Indonesian Diplomatic Row

Indonesian President Yudhoyono, head of state of the most populous Muslim country in the world, this week called off an official state visit to the former colonial power, the Netherlands.

A diplomatic spat is growing as the embassador to the Netherlands, Junus Effendi Habibie, recently called Islam skepticism an 'Angst psychosis'.

To believe that one would of course have to be in denial over the 16,197 terrorist attacks that rocked the world since 9/11.

- Caption: more photos in the National Archive

But we know the drill by now: Islam is never responsible for anything that is done in its name.

The twist is in the details however. The row is covered up by a human rights issue raised in the Netherlands by an unofficial head of state, that of the separatist island nation of the South Moluccas (everything Malukan on the Maluku Start Page).

In the Netherlands, President-in-exile Wattilete of the counter revolutionary government of the Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS) issued legal proceedings to have Yudhoyono arrested upon entering the country and promised to take the case to the European Court of Human Rights if he has to.

- Caption: more photos on Maluku history  - 

The story took another twist this morning when it transpired that the actual reason for cancelling the state visit was the prominent role of Islam critic, Geert Wilders in the current formation of the first center-right Government in the country's history (motto: "Freedom & Responsibility"). Wilders' party isn't part of the Cabinet, but is a formal coalition partner, supporting it.

Criticism in Indonesia is mounting. The Jakarta Post is listing a number of issues that might have been settled in Indonesia's favor:
The President’s decision, allegedly made to “protect the nation’s dignity”, quickly boosted the President’s standing and appeased the nationalist camp at home. In the long run, however, it will jeopardize the country’s relationship with the Netherlands. 
(...)  it prevented the President from obtaining the Netherlands’ written recognition of Indonesia’s sovereignty, which would have automatically cleared a diplomatic hurdle that has existed since the Netherlands handed over the archipelago to the Indonesian government in 1949. 
(...) the President could have used the visit to boost economic cooperation between Indonesia and the Netherlands and tap more investment for Indonesia. According to the Indonesian Embassy’s website, the volume of trade between Indonesia and the Netherlands two years ago was US$3.9 billion and Indonesia enjoyed trade surplus of around $2 billion. The Netherlands was the seventh-largest investor in Indonesia in 2008, and the second-largest EU investor in Indonesia in the same period. 
(...) if the President had continued with his visit, he also would have been able to improve Dutch understanding of Islam. As the leader of the world’s most populous Muslim-majority nation and third-largest democracy, Yudhoyono has the credentials to speak on the subject of Islamic tolerance. (...)
Which has indeed something to answer for as Christian persecution in Indonesia is escalating in street attacks. Christian Today:
Christian persecution in Indonesia has seemingly dropped to new depths this month, as it has been reported that a number of Christians who had previously been forced to worship outside after being evicted from their churches by Islamic militants, have been attacked while worshipping on the streets, report Christian Solidarity Worldwide. (...) >>>
Yes, yes, we know the drill ... Islam is the religion of tolerance and peace, for those who submit to it.

Another curious background detail: racist anti-fascists love to bring up a psychological reason for Wilders' alleged 'Islamophobia' and 'obsessive' peroxyde blond hairdo.

'HairForceOne's maternal grandfather, a colonial working in Indonesia (gleefully said to have been fired dishonorably), married Johanna Meijer, a girl from a local Jewish-Indian family.

That apparently is enough to make Wilders a "pur sang post colonial revengist, obsessed with countering post World War II, geopolitical changes and righting historical wrongs".

Will be continued, no doubt.


In yet another twist President-in-exile of the RMS, Wattilete thinks the recent spate of fires in Maluku churches have been set by Indonesian agents, not by Moroccan yobs, with whom there have also been serious tentions in recent months. "The fact that Yudhoyono has called off the visit is proof he hasn't  a clear conscience", said Wattilete.


- Jihad Watch: "Indonesia: Muslims oppose building of churches"
- Undhimmi: "Dutch PM Elect to Form Government with Geert Wilders’ Support"

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Wilders Trial (IV): Fish Always Stinks From the Head

The Wilders trial has resumed and its aims and purposes have become apparent. There's precedent of course as well as the happy circumstance that Jordan and other Islamic countries are keeping mum for the duration of the trial. But the most important reasons are political and ideological.

The trial has haunted the election campaign, the election itself and finally also coalition talks between the conservative Liberal party VVD, the torn Christian Democrat party CDA and Wilders' own Freedom Party. At least four attempts to avert the historical right of center coalition have failed so far. The trial is the last ditch resort to render Wilders politically untouchable.

The President of the Court of Amsterdam, Jan Moors reminded me of  Sméagol (or Gollem) of The Lord of the Rings, a hobbit who became so obsessed with the ring that enslaved him, that it corrupted him physically as well as mentally.

During yesterday's first regular session it didn't take long before Judge Moors made his first mistake. Defending council Moszkowicz had invoked the defendant's right to silence. Moors asked Wilders if this was the result of what some opponents have called his "tendency to posit tenets, but avoiding the debate". "It would seem you are doing that here AS WELL". The operative words being here 'as well'. Apparently the Judge shares that conviction.

The accusation is often levelled by opponents in the mainstream media, but also by Wilders' political Nemesis in Parliament, 'social liberal' party leader Alexander Pechtold. Moszkowicz started proceedings to have the Judges dismissed for being biased'. The Left haven't a clue how ideologically motivated their positions really are. To them, they are a model of neutrality.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that the tribunal that will hear the allegation is presided over by a Judge who has seen to it that Pim Fortuyn's assassin will be back into society as early as May 6, 2014.

Getting Wilders prosecuted was no mean feat. Evil tongues are whispering that the first plaintiffs, weren't even personally involved. As with the Danish Motoons it took a while before a few trustworthy complaints could be lodged. Only then did the extreme Left's (organogram) hate campaign take off. Read all about it on Pajamas in "Who Is Behind the Persecution of Geert Wilders?" written by Carel Brendel.

Prosecutors Paul Velleman and Birgit van Roessel are both working for the National Anti-Discrimination Center, an organization that is investigating and prosecuting so-called 'expression crimes'. It's an abomination in a free, Western society. It just shows how far we've descended into tyranny already!

Velleman also signed off on the arrest of cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot. The Gestapo would have been proud! He has a very mixed record. Complaints filed (amongst others) Abraham Moszkowicz (now Wilders attorney) against the first EU bank President's 'black widow', Gretta Duisenberg for antisemitism, were dismissed by Velleman. The same happened to charges against the Al Tawheed Mosque, which the intelligence service AIVD is suspecting of complicity in terrorism. Theo van Gogh assassin, Mohammed Bouyeri frequented the Al Tawheed.

Velleman and Van Roessel assisted Fokko Oldenhuis, a Professor at Groningen University to lodge more indictments against Wilders. In an interview last year Oldenhuis said he thinks Wilders' statements are against the Dutch Judeo-Christian tradition. Never mind that toleration of the intolerable is a mortal sin.

BREAKING NEWS - De Telegraaf newspaper disclosed this morning that Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin - who even this weekend was stoking opposition within his own Christian Democrat party against the coalition - was involved  at an early stage in the decision making process whether Wilders was to be prosecuted. In March 2008 the Prosecution Service consulted Leiden University Professor Rick Lawson, a talking head for the MSM.

Lawson concluded that this was 'justified'. The advice was received at the Service with cheers, according to internal emails. "What an excellent piece of work!", they concluded. Who's still having doubts about the political direction of the people involved at the Dept. of Justice can now rest assured: this is no bulwark for the freedom of expression!

Bram Moszkowicz reacted angrily:
"It has been discerned from these emails that the indictment of my client has been discussed at the highest ministerial level. Moreover, this has been a political decision".
The service doesn't think is strange at all. The Minister is politically responsible, so of course he was involved. Obviously these people are bending over backwards to prove there's still an independant judiciary in the Netherlands [/sarc]. They are the same people who maintain Wilders is a clear and present danger to the rule of law!

It's a good job coalition talks are at the final stages. It's time for spring cleaning at the Justice Department. Let's hope they bring lots of desinfectant.


We made a mistake .. well, we'll continue nevertheless!

DutchNews: "Special hearing rejects Wilders' claims of court bias, trial to continue"

A special Amsterdam court tribunal ruled on Tuesday that the trial of MP Geert Wilders on charges of inciting hatred can go ahead on Wednesday, despite claims that the sitting judges have shown bias. On Monday, Wilders’ lawyer Bram Moszkowicz challenged the legitimacy of the court after the presiding judge appeared to criticise Wilders’ decision not to answer any questions. Wilders evoked his right to silence at the start of the trial, saying he would not answer any questions and that his lawyer would answer on his behalf. (...) Judges at the special hearing said Moors' comments, although clumsily formulated, should be seen in this light and did not imply prejudice against Wilders. (...) >>>

Earlier on the Wilders trial:

- "The Wilders Trial (III): Postmodern Ideologues at Court"
- "The Wilders Trial (II): the Subversion of the Law"
- "The Wilders Trial (I): the Expert Witness"


- The International Free Press Society: "The Wilders trial: Torquemada would be proud", by James Cohen
- FrontPageMagazine: "Dutch Courage, Liberal Cowardice", by Jacob Laksin

Here's a comment worth quoting from the last article:
(...) the Left would rather see our entire civilization subsumed to the totalitarian "other"...than to acknowledge for one moment that a mere idea, multiculturalism, may have been a mistake.

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