Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Wilders Trial (IV): Fish Always Stinks From the Head

The Wilders trial has resumed and its aims and purposes have become apparent. There's precedent of course as well as the happy circumstance that Jordan and other Islamic countries are keeping mum for the duration of the trial. But the most important reasons are political and ideological.

The trial has haunted the election campaign, the election itself and finally also coalition talks between the conservative Liberal party VVD, the torn Christian Democrat party CDA and Wilders' own Freedom Party. At least four attempts to avert the historical right of center coalition have failed so far. The trial is the last ditch resort to render Wilders politically untouchable.

The President of the Court of Amsterdam, Jan Moors reminded me of  Sméagol (or Gollem) of The Lord of the Rings, a hobbit who became so obsessed with the ring that enslaved him, that it corrupted him physically as well as mentally.

During yesterday's first regular session it didn't take long before Judge Moors made his first mistake. Defending council Moszkowicz had invoked the defendant's right to silence. Moors asked Wilders if this was the result of what some opponents have called his "tendency to posit tenets, but avoiding the debate". "It would seem you are doing that here AS WELL". The operative words being here 'as well'. Apparently the Judge shares that conviction.

The accusation is often levelled by opponents in the mainstream media, but also by Wilders' political Nemesis in Parliament, 'social liberal' party leader Alexander Pechtold. Moszkowicz started proceedings to have the Judges dismissed for being biased'. The Left haven't a clue how ideologically motivated their positions really are. To them, they are a model of neutrality.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that the tribunal that will hear the allegation is presided over by a Judge who has seen to it that Pim Fortuyn's assassin will be back into society as early as May 6, 2014.

Getting Wilders prosecuted was no mean feat. Evil tongues are whispering that the first plaintiffs, weren't even personally involved. As with the Danish Motoons it took a while before a few trustworthy complaints could be lodged. Only then did the extreme Left's (organogram) hate campaign take off. Read all about it on Pajamas in "Who Is Behind the Persecution of Geert Wilders?" written by Carel Brendel.

Prosecutors Paul Velleman and Birgit van Roessel are both working for the National Anti-Discrimination Center, an organization that is investigating and prosecuting so-called 'expression crimes'. It's an abomination in a free, Western society. It just shows how far we've descended into tyranny already!

Velleman also signed off on the arrest of cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot. The Gestapo would have been proud! He has a very mixed record. Complaints filed (amongst others) Abraham Moszkowicz (now Wilders attorney) against the first EU bank President's 'black widow', Gretta Duisenberg for antisemitism, were dismissed by Velleman. The same happened to charges against the Al Tawheed Mosque, which the intelligence service AIVD is suspecting of complicity in terrorism. Theo van Gogh assassin, Mohammed Bouyeri frequented the Al Tawheed.

Velleman and Van Roessel assisted Fokko Oldenhuis, a Professor at Groningen University to lodge more indictments against Wilders. In an interview last year Oldenhuis said he thinks Wilders' statements are against the Dutch Judeo-Christian tradition. Never mind that toleration of the intolerable is a mortal sin.

BREAKING NEWS - De Telegraaf newspaper disclosed this morning that Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin - who even this weekend was stoking opposition within his own Christian Democrat party against the coalition - was involved  at an early stage in the decision making process whether Wilders was to be prosecuted. In March 2008 the Prosecution Service consulted Leiden University Professor Rick Lawson, a talking head for the MSM.

Lawson concluded that this was 'justified'. The advice was received at the Service with cheers, according to internal emails. "What an excellent piece of work!", they concluded. Who's still having doubts about the political direction of the people involved at the Dept. of Justice can now rest assured: this is no bulwark for the freedom of expression!

Bram Moszkowicz reacted angrily:
"It has been discerned from these emails that the indictment of my client has been discussed at the highest ministerial level. Moreover, this has been a political decision".
The service doesn't think is strange at all. The Minister is politically responsible, so of course he was involved. Obviously these people are bending over backwards to prove there's still an independant judiciary in the Netherlands [/sarc]. They are the same people who maintain Wilders is a clear and present danger to the rule of law!

It's a good job coalition talks are at the final stages. It's time for spring cleaning at the Justice Department. Let's hope they bring lots of desinfectant.


We made a mistake .. well, we'll continue nevertheless!

DutchNews: "Special hearing rejects Wilders' claims of court bias, trial to continue"

A special Amsterdam court tribunal ruled on Tuesday that the trial of MP Geert Wilders on charges of inciting hatred can go ahead on Wednesday, despite claims that the sitting judges have shown bias. On Monday, Wilders’ lawyer Bram Moszkowicz challenged the legitimacy of the court after the presiding judge appeared to criticise Wilders’ decision not to answer any questions. Wilders evoked his right to silence at the start of the trial, saying he would not answer any questions and that his lawyer would answer on his behalf. (...) Judges at the special hearing said Moors' comments, although clumsily formulated, should be seen in this light and did not imply prejudice against Wilders. (...) >>>

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Here's a comment worth quoting from the last article:
(...) the Left would rather see our entire civilization subsumed to the totalitarian "other"...than to acknowledge for one moment that a mere idea, multiculturalism, may have been a mistake.


James Higham said...

The nice thing is that even people not enamoured of Wilders are looking at this and thinking - hey, there's something fundamentally wrong here.

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