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Delusion, Denial and Cover Up in a Dutch-Indonesian Diplomatic Row

Indonesian President Yudhoyono, head of state of the most populous Muslim country in the world, this week called off an official state visit to the former colonial power, the Netherlands.

A diplomatic spat is growing as the embassador to the Netherlands, Junus Effendi Habibie, recently called Islam skepticism an 'Angst psychosis'.

To believe that one would of course have to be in denial over the 16,197 terrorist attacks that rocked the world since 9/11.

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But we know the drill by now: Islam is never responsible for anything that is done in its name.

The twist is in the details however. The row is covered up by a human rights issue raised in the Netherlands by an unofficial head of state, that of the separatist island nation of the South Moluccas (everything Malukan on the Maluku Start Page).

In the Netherlands, President-in-exile Wattilete of the counter revolutionary government of the Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS) issued legal proceedings to have Yudhoyono arrested upon entering the country and promised to take the case to the European Court of Human Rights if he has to.

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The story took another twist this morning when it transpired that the actual reason for cancelling the state visit was the prominent role of Islam critic, Geert Wilders in the current formation of the first center-right Government in the country's history (motto: "Freedom & Responsibility"). Wilders' party isn't part of the Cabinet, but is a formal coalition partner, supporting it.

Criticism in Indonesia is mounting. The Jakarta Post is listing a number of issues that might have been settled in Indonesia's favor:
The President’s decision, allegedly made to “protect the nation’s dignity”, quickly boosted the President’s standing and appeased the nationalist camp at home. In the long run, however, it will jeopardize the country’s relationship with the Netherlands. 
(...)  it prevented the President from obtaining the Netherlands’ written recognition of Indonesia’s sovereignty, which would have automatically cleared a diplomatic hurdle that has existed since the Netherlands handed over the archipelago to the Indonesian government in 1949. 
(...) the President could have used the visit to boost economic cooperation between Indonesia and the Netherlands and tap more investment for Indonesia. According to the Indonesian Embassy’s website, the volume of trade between Indonesia and the Netherlands two years ago was US$3.9 billion and Indonesia enjoyed trade surplus of around $2 billion. The Netherlands was the seventh-largest investor in Indonesia in 2008, and the second-largest EU investor in Indonesia in the same period. 
(...) if the President had continued with his visit, he also would have been able to improve Dutch understanding of Islam. As the leader of the world’s most populous Muslim-majority nation and third-largest democracy, Yudhoyono has the credentials to speak on the subject of Islamic tolerance. (...)
Which has indeed something to answer for as Christian persecution in Indonesia is escalating in street attacks. Christian Today:
Christian persecution in Indonesia has seemingly dropped to new depths this month, as it has been reported that a number of Christians who had previously been forced to worship outside after being evicted from their churches by Islamic militants, have been attacked while worshipping on the streets, report Christian Solidarity Worldwide. (...) >>>
Yes, yes, we know the drill ... Islam is the religion of tolerance and peace, for those who submit to it.

Another curious background detail: racist anti-fascists love to bring up a psychological reason for Wilders' alleged 'Islamophobia' and 'obsessive' peroxyde blond hairdo.

'HairForceOne's maternal grandfather, a colonial working in Indonesia (gleefully said to have been fired dishonorably), married Johanna Meijer, a girl from a local Jewish-Indian family.

That apparently is enough to make Wilders a "pur sang post colonial revengist, obsessed with countering post World War II, geopolitical changes and righting historical wrongs".

Will be continued, no doubt.


In yet another twist President-in-exile of the RMS, Wattilete thinks the recent spate of fires in Maluku churches have been set by Indonesian agents, not by Moroccan yobs, with whom there have also been serious tentions in recent months. "The fact that Yudhoyono has called off the visit is proof he hasn't  a clear conscience", said Wattilete.


- Jihad Watch: "Indonesia: Muslims oppose building of churches"
- Undhimmi: "Dutch PM Elect to Form Government with Geert Wilders’ Support"


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Not knowing a lot about internal Dutch politics and history, esp. how they relate to the former DEIC, this was mighty interesting to me.

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