Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Is Anti Cap 'n Trade Funded by European Big Oil?

Whereas the capital poring into Democrat based front groups by George Soros and other Leftist maecenases don't seem to matter, Obama and the Dems have no problem scandalizing and demonizing Republican donors.

Western Journalism writes: "The Clinton White House, with Vice President Al Gore as the point person, sought illegal campaign contributions from individuals with ties to the communist Chinese and other Asian countries. Those investigations led to criminal charges and several Democrat fundraisers spending time behind bars for their illegal activities."

Leftists never fail to talk about such 'discoveries' in terms of cloak and dagger stories, as if they've uncovered a sinister plot, a conspiracy worthy of The Black Hand!

Such a conspiracy theorist told a Dutch radio program last night that he's 'discovered' that an evil cabal made up of European Big Oil, Big Chemistry and Big Energy has pored Big Money into US Senatorial races with the view of stalling environmental legislation. A major sin!

According to Mr De Wit, manager at a heavily taxpayer subsidized environmentalist organization called Natuur en Milieu (Nature and Environment), notwithstanding claims of 'sustainability' and 'corporate responsibility', European companies, to wit BP, E.ON, Electrabel, BASF, Solvay and Arcelor Mittel have been stuffing some 240,000 dollar into US Senate races.

The plot is all the more demonic, because the cabal is not just lining the pockets of Extreme Republicans and Extremist Tea Partiers, but also of 'a few Democratic moderates'. It's positively diabolical!

The logic behind the funding is, that if Cap 'n Trade can be delayed in the US, European environmental legislation  may be stalled, because Big America isn't on board.

Just so that you know!


WaPo: "Obama Underappreciation Syndrome", by Charles Krauthammer


James Higham said...

Just look at those Gorean bull eyes.

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