Monday, October 25, 2010

Latest News in the Culture War: the People versus the Elites

While Europe's old guard is embracing the multicultural blessings of 'diversity' and 'otherness', at it's soft underbelly, the cradle of its civilization, Greece, is fighting a Sisyphus battle against the refuge of the Middle East:

The European Union has answered a call for help by Greece as it struggles to cope with a growing tide of illegal immigrants entering the country from Turkey. A rapid border intervention team is expected to be deployed.
A rapid intervention team from the EU border agency, Frontex, will be deployed for the first time to Greece to help shore up the country's porous border with Turkey, the European Commission has said in a statement. The move comes after Greece put out an emergency call for the border team, which is to act under Greek authority. (...) >>>
From our correspondent in Athens:
FRONTEX operates in the Greek islands since 2009 with limited success. There is a big problem and still the EU in Brussels does not really want to "rock the boat" with the autocratic and theocratic regimes in the Middle East that "export" their young and restless population into Europe. Along with those, you have the spread of radical Islam in the European cities.
So, the Middle Easterns and the Pakistanis achieve three aims at the same time:
- reduce unemployment and their domestic social-political unrest, 
- increase their incomes from remmitances to the home countries,
- and spreading their influence in Europe.
The question is ... what does Europe exactly achieve by allowing this situation? Postmodernism, Leftism, moral and political collapse perhaps as well as dynamic entrance of "Islamic capital" into Europe, seem to be some of the answers. (...)
Is this the raw reality Europe's politicians want to keep from their citizens? That the influx of illegals is a cynical, deliberate and calculated export of surplus populations? Perhaps that is the reason for their vehement denial and evasion of reality, the court cases and trials for "crimes of expression" against Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, and in Austria against Susanne Winter and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff to name but a few?

Oddly enough similar situations are going on the United States, where the southern border is under siege by illegal aliens wreaking havoc in border towns and hamlets. The Democrat Party and the President himself have to their eternal shame gone as far as to denounce the state of Arizona for passing an emergency bill to deal with the situation at the UN, as well as at the heart of the Republic, in Congress where Mexican Present Calderon was allowed to give a lecture on human rights!

The rise of 'populist' freedom parties all over Europe, and in America with the Tea Parties, is no coincidence. Postmodern progressives keep framing them as 'populist', because they aren't willing to let on yet that this is a genuine grassroots uprising against their numerous betrayals. So they pretend 'demagogues' and 'racists' like the Tea Partiers and Geert Wilders are fanning the flames and that illegal immigrants are merely the price of a colonial past and very little else.

They can rest assured, this 'populist' groundswell is not going to go away! Read also this excellent analysis of the ruling class versus the country party in The American Spectator: "America's Ruling Class -- And the Perils of Revolution", by Angelo M. Codevilla. The situation is not different from Europe's.

The trial of Wilders is just a measure of how far they are willing to go. Very Far! The Dutch Justice Dept. has turned out to be entirely corrupt. Let's hope the walls of Greece will hold for the time being. After all, they dealt with these kinds of problems before.

There's a culture war going on that must be won from the postmodernists before these problems get solved. N.B. After Germany's Angela Merkel, we may now have France's Nic Sarkozy on the retreat!

Remember: A ruling class that has lost its legitimate status, becomes an elite.


Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Hammarberg has made it known asylum seekers will not be returned by Greece as “asylum seekers, including persons transferred under the ‘Dublin Regulation’, face extremely harsh conditions in Greece”. "In his first-ever oral intervention as a third party before the European Court of Human Rights, Commissioner Hammarberg provided his observations on major issues concerning refugee protection in Greece, including asylum procedures and human rights safeguards, as well as asylum seekers’ reception and detention conditions."


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