Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Suriname Adding its Share to the Toxic Brew

The Left's moral compass is rudderlessly drifting in an ocean of ethical relativism. After having first declared common terrorists and pirates the victims of Western imperialism, yesterday a Jamaican drug lord was lauded as a hero of the people by the assembled lamestream media. The Obama ascendancy hasn't been able to stem the "blame America" culture.

But it can always get worse: the Left in Suriname have actually just voted into office a coalition led by a juntist, a convicted drug trafficker, and a mass murderer to boot: the former army sergeant Desi Bouterse, another "hero of the people".

The explanation how this came about differs from pundit to pundit: lack of historical insight in younger voters who make up sixty percent of the electorate (reasonable), a desire to look ahead rather than backwards (likely), moral relativism (decidedly), possibly all of the above (absolutely).

Bouterse's Mega Combination coalition led by his National Democratic Party (NDP) won the most seats. Provisional results give the multi ethnic coalition 23 of the 51 seats in parliament. The governing intellectual elite, gathered in the New Front only managed to win 13 seats.

The country's history is characterized by upheaval. After the Netherlands booted it into independence in 1975, the former colony quickly descended into chaos when the army sergeant returned to his native country in 1980, where he led a Leftist coup.

On 8 december 1982 a number of fifteen opponents of the military regime, mostly Leftists intellectuals, were rounded up and brought to Fort Zeelandia where they were summarily executed. The sad event is known as the December murders. The military tribunal which began in 2007 was adjourned, and resumed in 2009. The exact circumstances are unclear to this day.

Bouterse is trying to sabotage his prosecution by all means possible. Parliamentary immunity beckons, but he might even launch a bid for the presidency, which would derail the trial indefinitely.

In 1999 Bouterse was tried and convicted in absentia in the Netherlands for large scale drug trafficking. He received a jail sentence of eleven years, which he will almost certainly never serve.

The Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Van Mierlo who recently passed away, narrowly halted Bouterse's arrest in Brazil 1997. How that came about is a bit of a mystery. Some sources maintain Van Mierlo discussed the affair with the US Government of the day (that would be Bill Clinton's) and for reasons best known to themselves decided the putchist should walk.

Others say the Netherlands had no exchange treaty with Brazil and that country would probably have refused to arrest Bouterse, leaving the Dutch Government with egg on its face. Yet others state Van Mierlo didn't want to jeopardize the rocky relations with its former colony.

Bouterse, a Latin American demagogue cut from the same cloth as Hugo Chavez, Lula da Silva and Evo Morales, are doing their damnedest to make history together with the likes of dictators Ahmadinejad of Iran and Kim Jong-il of  North Korea. Yet small fry, Bouterse is adding another tad to the already toxic brew concocted by the postmodern Presidency in Washington.

Happy history, all!

Update: Jan. 22, 2011

News broke today from the Wikileaks dump that Bouterse has been involved in drugs trafficking as late as at least 2006. He served as an MP at the time, but also had 'social and operational' ties with Shaheed 'Roger' Khan, whom the US saw as the main drugs lord of neighboring Guyana. Khan was extradited from Suriname to Trinidad where he was arrested. He is currently serving a 30 years prison sentence in the US. Bouterse approached him for the contract killing of the Minister of Justice and of a Judge.

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Grotere kaart weergeven

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blowback in the Human Rights Racket

Seldom in history has a subject been more abused than the human rights issue. A recent interview with a self-proclaimed human rights lawyer lays bare the extent of this racket. Needless to say that the subject of this post is not human rights, but their abuse by postmodern activist lawyers.

Wherever the terminally self-righteous find a cause to champion, first stop in the modus operandi is the establishment of a foundation. These institutes are funded by a global conglomerate of NGOs, which are in turn funded by Western tax payers. The established foundation hires self as a lawyer to take on the case in question.

The plaintiffs may or may not be aware of the proceedings going on their behalf. That they might have chosen to forget the trauma as soon as possible, is no consideration for the human rights zealots, who're smelling long-term secure remuneration, an ethically fool-proof repution and an outstanding international career. The victims are reduced to pawns and abused as tools.

The arsenal of the postmodern dialectic provides the most important weapons in this battle: the victims are always an unequal minority group in the role of the oppressed; the perpetrators invariably European or American white males representing the 'power structure', the oppressors, the aggressors.

The narrative is sanitized of any actions the victims might have taken to bring the alleged atrocity upon themselves; the actions of the alleged perpetrators on the other hand are stretched to the limit. This fundamental dishonesty is legitimized by the mechanism of the dialectic, the social justice - indeed, the moral duty - to compensate unequal 'groups' in equal proportion to their perceived inequality (please don't ask).

The violence tolerance level is reduced to zero, notwithstanding the ethical argument of the Responsibility to Protect. Any act of violence is condemned. Acts in self-defense or in the defense of others, retaliation or preemptive measures are no validations. UN peace keepers were sent into Bosnia with one white painted tank between them, so as "not to provoke the enemy".

The irrational madness of the mindset of the rights racketeers is underscored with present lawyer complaining about acts of war not being covered by insurance companies, part of their war on reality.

The next goal in the postmodern rights intifada is the production of jurisprudence on animal rights, targeted at the evil 'bio industry', and asylum seekers' rights, aimed at ending the immoral borders and national sovereignty.

- Caption: Fireworks in Nuremberg on June 4, 1650 Celebrating the Settlement of the Implementation of the Treaty of Westphalia in the Year 1648 (1650) -

Also on the program are war crimes committed by standing armies and UN blue helmets at the International Criminal Court. And don't think for a moment that they care a hoot that through their actions the cost of UN peace keeping operations, in terms of men and money, will rise to prohibitive levels, and may even come to a halt.

As far as that utter hypocrisy is concerned we may be in for a bit of lucky blow-back: it's peace keeping operations that are at the root of the UN's growing amorality and abandonment of the Westphalian principle of national sovereignty.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Armed Forces Day: Thank You!

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Ugly Face of the New Global Paradigm


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Climate Scam

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More on 'big fish' Maurice Strong, operating on the interfaces of transnational progressivism, climate alarmism, and the economic and financial collapse, on the Greenism file.

More tips warmly welcomed.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fighting Multiculturalism With Culturism

Last night a coalition of Sikhs, Hindus, Jews, and Christians had a rally in New York City's Times Square protesting a Muslim's attempt to punish the program South Park for showing Mohammed.

 This is the video. Make it viral ...

Looking Ahead

  • BBC: "Cameron and Clegg news conference in full" (video)

    The Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg have given their first news conference together in the garden of Number 10 Downing Street.

    Mr Cameron said the UK's first coalition in decades marked a "historic and seismic shift" in British politics and said it would be united by the wish for strong and stable leadership.

    Mr Clegg said there were "big risks" but that it would be a "bold, reforming government" making Britain fairer. (...) >>>

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just an After Thought

I always somehow instinctively knew baby boomers would be the ruin of the civilized world.

Remember what they looked like as adolescents?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Dutch Tea Party

Cross posted from Dutch Tea Party Blog

We are fed up with waiting for politicians to see sense. Nothing will change unless we stand up and act.

The Hague is spending taxpayers’ money like there’s no tomorrow. As a result, our national debt is fast running our of control, increasing at €550 a second. Our national debt today stands at €365,179,000,000. That’s €23,000 for every man, woman, and child.

Instead of cutting taxes and letting the market do its job, the Left is now talking about raising taxes to as much as 60% on higher incomes. There are plans for new taxes on cars, on flights, even a tax on meat. Hardworking people will be paying through the nose for socialist pet projects.

Why a Tea Party now?

On June 9 the Dutch are electing a new government. Inexplicably the Dutch Labor Party is still marginally ahead in the polls. We can’t let them win. Every Dutch citizen has got to wake up and realize what will happen if we let the Tax & Spenders take control of the public purse strings.

Come and join us on the 29th of May, as we meet up in front of the Parliament building in The Hague. It’s time to tell the politicians we’re Taxed Enough Already.

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Naema's Treasure Trove

The Pakistani-British-Dutch author Naema Tahir is a gem!

Dutch being her second or even third language, like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, she chooses her words carefully. Some of her truths are truly gems, which she couples to a few noteworthy contradictions

Naema has had a Catholic education. It's clear she has insight into Aristotlean (non-contradictory) philosophy, possibly through the scholasticism of  St. Thomas van Aquinas on which that is based.

She has read the Bible from cover to cover and clearly appreciates its teachings. She has also read the Koran in Arabic, a language she has no command of. It is therefore unclear in how far she's been influenced by Islamic thought.

Praiseworthy in relativist times is her logical orthodoxy. She builds her sentences very carefully and uses hierarchy in argumentation. Get this:
The problem of multiculturalism is the equivalence of cultures. 
There aren't that many people who have are on to that. The loose definition of multiculturalism propagated by its proponents, is that of a society made up by multiple cultures. This has the added advantage that it can be presented as accomplished fact (it's already upon us, get used to it!). But if that were the case, the result would be 'melting pot', which regrettably it is not.

The result of multiculturalism is balkanization and sectarianism. Advocates and propagandists fondly call it 'archipelago'. The composing cultures are clustered in imaginary islets in an ocean of moral neutrality that made up by the state.

That defines the relationship between the citizen and the Government: the citizen loses his sovereignty and becomes something in the order of a ward of state. It's a form of collectivism that is contrary to democratic values. And amorality is a fiction in the minds of relativist thinkers: only a sociopath can be said to be morally neutral.

Naema is right: the essence of multiculturalism is the moral equivalence of all cultures: from the finest Jeffersonian republican to the vilest cannibal. This is an illusion held by Leftist, wishful thinkers. The war on reality is based on the makeability of Utopia, whereas it ignores reality as it is. We'll see in a minute why this more than a little misguided.

Naema is a universalist. It is also in that respect that she clashes with the multicultis. They have chopped up humanity in inequal group identities, that must be compensated in rights and privileges for their perceived inequality. But direct action is still discrimination, in reverse.

Universalism on the other hand is based on individual equality. Here we see that Leftist thought, far from propagating equality, is actually rooted in unequal collectivism.

And again the Left is furnishing the state with a quality it does not have: the doling out and redistribution of rights. But those rights are already inherent in man, endowed either by God or by nature. This is why they are inalienable. But what the State giveth, the State can taketh away.

Even better, these are in essence negative rights, governmental 'no go areas'. If granted by the State, these are by definition no longer human rights.

Naema concludes from universalism that Islam is subordinate, since it teaches gender inequality. I sincerely hope she'll get round some time to reading the Koran in a familiar language, but so much is clear, she's on a collision course.

These pearls of wisdom are accompanied by the Koh-i-noor for postmodern, mentally confused human beings.

As a girl she liked sports, but her parents prohibited this. Apparently physical exertion can be detrimental to ones chastity. The Catholic school respected the parents' wishes and gave Naema dispensation from swimming and gymnastics.

But now she wishes the school would have supported her. This just goes to show that giving in to regressive practices in Islam, is actually supporting the forces of darkness. A child can understand this. Give your support to moderate Muslims and true progressives, not to the beard men and their backward notions.

Of course banning the burqa may result in some men keeping their wives indoors. So be it. Some values are simply absolute. In this type of ethics 'a little pregnant' doesn't exist. Just like you can't negotiate with Hitler or Pol Pot how many victims would be acceptable and what would be over the top. Free human beings do not keep slaves, period!

We are in Naema's debt for reminding us of our values; with the onslaught of relativism we tend to forget what in essence makes us who we are. Human equality and individual freedom are not negotiable, ever. Everything else stems from it.


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Thursday, May 6, 2010

#GE2010: the Returns

Demotix: "Londoners cast their votes in General Elections" (images)

The Left and Their Unique Selling Point

The new Dutch Labour leader, Job Cohen (Nohen) who just sustained a disastrous mock Obama (Nobama) launch, showed us yesterday how desperately out of touch the Left really is.

Enjoying a public holiday every five years on May 5, the commemoration of liberation in World War II, Cohen just proposed to turn it into an annual affair. Just what we need, another public holiday! With the economy tanking, talk of raising the state pension age to 67, the European Union on the brink, and a Euro that just plummeted to a staggering 1,04% against the dollar, the lowest mark in over a year, the Left is calling for an extra day off the job!

- Caption: protesting Greece's austerity measures in a country with little welfare fat on the bones - 

The desperate situation in Greece is entirely on the plate of the unions and their limitless appetites, and the weak back Governments that were unwilling or unable to perform 'a Maggy'. Today it's make or break, and even now they do not seem to get it. But apparently, neither do we.

Needless to say, the unions and other socialistic parties were soon aboard Cohen's proposal. So this sad piece of ill concealed bribery is how Labour proposes to win the general elections next month! Desperate indeed ... and completely out of touch with reality. This just proves they're too irresponsible to govern and too out of touch to drag the country out of the economic quagmire.

Even more infuriating is, that Cohen is said to launch this idea out of 'respect' for liberty and the freedom of expression. As the former mayor of Amsterdam, Cohen enjoyed quite a few afternoons having 'tea summits' with Moroccan hooligans and other n'ver-do-wells, wont to terrorize entire neighbourhoods out of its indigenous populations.

This is how Cohen, the multiculturalist, proposes to 'keep the country together". As for the freedom of expression, don't provoke him! - before you know it he's triggered his own version of Brown's 'bigotgate'.

The man has no concept of the word Liberty! To the Left, liberty means freedom not to live under the collectivist Right's jackboot (as opposed to the collectivist Left's jackboot). To them, negative rights, the essence of true liberty, mean "neglection by the state". After all, it's now apparently the duty of politicians to offer the population "hope and consolation". Government has now in actual fact usurped the role of the God head: statism is no longer an abstraction, but a real state of mind.

Even more desperate is the British Labour Party, starting with Gordon Brown. The entire Left has abandoned them and jumped on to Nick Clegg's LibDem bandwaggon. The Labour Party doesn't stand a chance. Of course the state-run media would never, ever paint the Conservatives as a genuine alternative.

Current cohort of media workers do not even know anymore what Conservatism stands for. It's quite some time since I've heard a practicing journalist explain the details of the political philosophy, let alone provide a level playing field. The sole meme emanating from the lamestreamers is, "this is public enemy number one".

Labour has been in power in Britain for the last thirteen years; how it is then, that "the rich have gotten richer and the poor have gotten poorer"? Chatter has it, that the gap has become ever wider so that it's quite necessary to vote in ... more Labour.

As an explanation it is implied that somehow this feature is inherent in British class society. But the truth is, this is happening in every country, city and borough that is ruled by Leftists.

When are people going to catch on to this racket?

The Left is it's own unique selling point. Obama conveyed the notion correctly ... we are the people we've been waiting for ... vote Labour so as to mitigate our own policies!

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day, Mayday! They're Deleting the Borders!

Anyone with a brain the size of a pea can figure out that multiculturalism, driven on by postmodern identity politics and the 'delete the border' crowd (amongst others made up by the mainstream Common Purpose), will lead to balkanization and fracture, with all the consequences that entails.

They don't care. They may have no principle or morality to speak of (they even deny it exists) but to them, this is a matter of ethics. Borders aren't a natural thing, so this hateful, artificial divide has to go. By definition the nation state discriminates against those who don't belong to it. It is therefore an evil thing that must be torn town. Everything must bow for the great equalizer.

If that sounds fringe and a bit extreme to you, realize then it is that notion that propels forward the transnational progressives in the UN and the EU. The North American Union (NAU) is a less known entity, but it is caught up with the Native American Aztlan myth, the Chicano movement and the racist organization of La Raza (and now, the Tequila party). The axis with radical Islam is now open source material. From Hamas and Hezbollah we know where community organizing eventually may lead.

- Caption: mural in the Aztlan Community Center makes no secret of its affiliations -

Ever since Rousseau declared that the natural state is superior to the man-made, anything 'artificial' is damned by his essentially anti-modern followers. Current postmodernists are merely the latest cohort to enforce nature over culture.

The Soviet Union after its inception started annexing neighboring countries, because unlike Nazi Germany, which was an exclusive collective, Leftism is an inclusive hive: it aims to assimilate the entire globe and bask it in the love and warmth of global Socialism.

Naive witnesses of history like myself, thought the Left had conceded defeat after the fall of the wall. But the print of Francis Fukuyama's "The End of History and the Last Man" wasn't dry when they started plotting a come-back. We should have known. "We shall get there through the institutions" threatened a follower of Gramsci's cultural Marxism (I forgot who). His fellow travellers are as good as their word.

The 'illegal' Bush wars and the ensuing agitation and rage, rage, rage created sufficient momentum for a huge chunk of the moderate electorate to vote in Barack Obama and his agenda of deception.

They looked no more when the charismatic wave of dope and chains overwhelmed them. None had any doubt whatsoever that "this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal (Barack Obama Nomination Victory Speech 3rd June 2008). The rest, as they say, is history.

In the Netherlands, which is bracing for a momentous election, old new Left is slowly coming out of the closet. Apart from Labour saying their goodbyes to the third way in which the Left embraced pro free-market elements, now pejoratively referred to as 'neo liberalism', no one as yet has openly declared the nameless stance. But there is talk of a coalition of no less than four Leftist parties. They've been trying to launch Obama style (thought creates reality) a thoroughly uncharismatic Labour leader, so far to little avail. But then, they don't need to declare themselves anymore.

We can see the havoc that is wrecked on the country by the Obama administration. We know welfare is about creating an underclass that is forever dependent on the state; we know the dumbing down of education is about the debilitation of the mind; we know that climate alarmism is a control mechanism and a shake-down of the developed world perpetrated by watermelons (green outside, red inside) to fund transnational entities.

The Obama, who as a President is supposed to be above the parties, has declared war on Republican, Conservative and Libertarian citizens in the Tea Party, and now even on the entire state of Arizona (well within the scope of Aztlan). Reversed racism and identity politics is used to divide the country against itself. It's an outrage which if left unchecked, will be the end of America as we've known it! (Article by David Limbaugh on Obama's unpresidential demeanor.)

The old, authoritative Left is finally crawling out of the woodwork in the Netherlands too: last week a real Marx Festival was held and today, May Day sees the presentation of a new translation of Karl Marx' signature work, Das Kapital. The media simply report and do not even venture an unbiased opinion, let alone pass moral judgment on an ideology that according to conservative estimates, is responsible for over 110 million dead world-wide (more accurate is probably 149,469,610).

Selective memory and evasion deals with the historical record, causing at times quite a bit of cognitive dissonance leading to staggering bouts of projection. Yeah, some leaders like Pol Pot and Uncle Joe were a bit misguided, but that doesn't taint in any way Marxism's moral superiority, which - according to former adherents - is to this day considered an admittedly outdated, but nevertheless 'scientific' piece of work.

We've only  to look at India to see what havoc capitalism may wreak in its early stages. That country is finally pulling itself up by the bootstraps out of the squallor caused by Socialism, but Leftist narrative can deal with any fact or reality. Of course they can hardly deny that people aren't worse off today, but real postmodernists actually manage that too.

The translator is obviously a true believer and proudly touts the sales figures in Germany for the newly translated 'bible of socialism'. All told, he says, putting it into perspective, some 7,000 copies have been sold. But don't kid yourself just yet. A relatively small group disseminating powerful memes into global society can do a lot of harm over time. Like a radio talk show host singing the praises of East Germany's touching national anthem which he can't get out of his head and is so much better than our own boring tune.

Over time, stuff like that has a real impact on the perception of people's reality. Ideas matter, because one bit of fallacy may have huge implications in another context. The drip of disinformation, going on for at least a decade, continues and may at some point open the floodgates. We're fed a steady stream of deception and the generations born after 1970 have no inkling what's going on and where it leads. We can but brace ourselves and inform the world that once again, freedom is at stake.

The translator of Das Kapital and a former CP member offer a brief insight into the Marxist mind. Following Rousseau, Marxism turns against reason and the fruits of the Enlightenment, technology and the Industrial Revolution. They are in essence, regressive Luddites. It should come as no surprise that a true believer is actually claiming that scientists have known for 200 years that CO2 is causing greenhouse gases: as it happens, that would be around the time of the Industrial Revolution. Marxists are very susceptible to conspiracy theories.

If that seems harmless enough, ignore it at your peril! There a reason the Irish struggle simply collapsed and the Bask ETA has become next to obsolete. The same motive underpins why Israel is now seen as quintessential evil. National identity, self-determination and the autonomous state no longer fit the paradigm. The new template is "delete the borders".

Mark Steyn, on the madness that has this crowd in its grip:

As I write, I have my papers on me — and not just because I'm in Arizona. I'm an immigrant, and it is a condition of my admission to this great land that I carry documentary proof of my residency status with me at all times and be prepared to produce it to law enforcement officials, whether on a business trip to Tucson or taking a 20-minute stroll in the woods back at my pad in New Hampshire. Who would impose such an outrageous Nazi fascist discriminatory law? Er, well, that would be Franklin Roosevelt. (...) >>>


While the Obama and his minions are having feigned apoplexy over the Arizona law and its infringements on 'human rights', Michael Posner - one of Hillary Clinton's underlings with links to the 'delete the border' crowd, is apologizing to the Chinese commies for the law. Over the Mexican border meanwhile ...

Washington Times: "EXCLUSIVE: Hezbollah uses Mexican drug routes into U.S. - Works beside smuggler cartels to fund operations", by Sara A. Carter

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