Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blowback in the Human Rights Racket

Seldom in history has a subject been more abused than the human rights issue. A recent interview with a self-proclaimed human rights lawyer lays bare the extent of this racket. Needless to say that the subject of this post is not human rights, but their abuse by postmodern activist lawyers.

Wherever the terminally self-righteous find a cause to champion, first stop in the modus operandi is the establishment of a foundation. These institutes are funded by a global conglomerate of NGOs, which are in turn funded by Western tax payers. The established foundation hires self as a lawyer to take on the case in question.

The plaintiffs may or may not be aware of the proceedings going on their behalf. That they might have chosen to forget the trauma as soon as possible, is no consideration for the human rights zealots, who're smelling long-term secure remuneration, an ethically fool-proof repution and an outstanding international career. The victims are reduced to pawns and abused as tools.

The arsenal of the postmodern dialectic provides the most important weapons in this battle: the victims are always an unequal minority group in the role of the oppressed; the perpetrators invariably European or American white males representing the 'power structure', the oppressors, the aggressors.

The narrative is sanitized of any actions the victims might have taken to bring the alleged atrocity upon themselves; the actions of the alleged perpetrators on the other hand are stretched to the limit. This fundamental dishonesty is legitimized by the mechanism of the dialectic, the social justice - indeed, the moral duty - to compensate unequal 'groups' in equal proportion to their perceived inequality (please don't ask).

The violence tolerance level is reduced to zero, notwithstanding the ethical argument of the Responsibility to Protect. Any act of violence is condemned. Acts in self-defense or in the defense of others, retaliation or preemptive measures are no validations. UN peace keepers were sent into Bosnia with one white painted tank between them, so as "not to provoke the enemy".

The irrational madness of the mindset of the rights racketeers is underscored with present lawyer complaining about acts of war not being covered by insurance companies, part of their war on reality.

The next goal in the postmodern rights intifada is the production of jurisprudence on animal rights, targeted at the evil 'bio industry', and asylum seekers' rights, aimed at ending the immoral borders and national sovereignty.

- Caption: Fireworks in Nuremberg on June 4, 1650 Celebrating the Settlement of the Implementation of the Treaty of Westphalia in the Year 1648 (1650) -

Also on the program are war crimes committed by standing armies and UN blue helmets at the International Criminal Court. And don't think for a moment that they care a hoot that through their actions the cost of UN peace keeping operations, in terms of men and money, will rise to prohibitive levels, and may even come to a halt.

As far as that utter hypocrisy is concerned we may be in for a bit of lucky blow-back: it's peace keeping operations that are at the root of the UN's growing amorality and abandonment of the Westphalian principle of national sovereignty.

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