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May Day, Mayday! They're Deleting the Borders!

Anyone with a brain the size of a pea can figure out that multiculturalism, driven on by postmodern identity politics and the 'delete the border' crowd (amongst others made up by the mainstream Common Purpose), will lead to balkanization and fracture, with all the consequences that entails.

They don't care. They may have no principle or morality to speak of (they even deny it exists) but to them, this is a matter of ethics. Borders aren't a natural thing, so this hateful, artificial divide has to go. By definition the nation state discriminates against those who don't belong to it. It is therefore an evil thing that must be torn town. Everything must bow for the great equalizer.

If that sounds fringe and a bit extreme to you, realize then it is that notion that propels forward the transnational progressives in the UN and the EU. The North American Union (NAU) is a less known entity, but it is caught up with the Native American Aztlan myth, the Chicano movement and the racist organization of La Raza (and now, the Tequila party). The axis with radical Islam is now open source material. From Hamas and Hezbollah we know where community organizing eventually may lead.

- Caption: mural in the Aztlan Community Center makes no secret of its affiliations -

Ever since Rousseau declared that the natural state is superior to the man-made, anything 'artificial' is damned by his essentially anti-modern followers. Current postmodernists are merely the latest cohort to enforce nature over culture.

The Soviet Union after its inception started annexing neighboring countries, because unlike Nazi Germany, which was an exclusive collective, Leftism is an inclusive hive: it aims to assimilate the entire globe and bask it in the love and warmth of global Socialism.

Naive witnesses of history like myself, thought the Left had conceded defeat after the fall of the wall. But the print of Francis Fukuyama's "The End of History and the Last Man" wasn't dry when they started plotting a come-back. We should have known. "We shall get there through the institutions" threatened a follower of Gramsci's cultural Marxism (I forgot who). His fellow travellers are as good as their word.

The 'illegal' Bush wars and the ensuing agitation and rage, rage, rage created sufficient momentum for a huge chunk of the moderate electorate to vote in Barack Obama and his agenda of deception.

They looked no more when the charismatic wave of dope and chains overwhelmed them. None had any doubt whatsoever that "this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal (Barack Obama Nomination Victory Speech 3rd June 2008). The rest, as they say, is history.

In the Netherlands, which is bracing for a momentous election, old new Left is slowly coming out of the closet. Apart from Labour saying their goodbyes to the third way in which the Left embraced pro free-market elements, now pejoratively referred to as 'neo liberalism', no one as yet has openly declared the nameless stance. But there is talk of a coalition of no less than four Leftist parties. They've been trying to launch Obama style (thought creates reality) a thoroughly uncharismatic Labour leader, so far to little avail. But then, they don't need to declare themselves anymore.

We can see the havoc that is wrecked on the country by the Obama administration. We know welfare is about creating an underclass that is forever dependent on the state; we know the dumbing down of education is about the debilitation of the mind; we know that climate alarmism is a control mechanism and a shake-down of the developed world perpetrated by watermelons (green outside, red inside) to fund transnational entities.

The Obama, who as a President is supposed to be above the parties, has declared war on Republican, Conservative and Libertarian citizens in the Tea Party, and now even on the entire state of Arizona (well within the scope of Aztlan). Reversed racism and identity politics is used to divide the country against itself. It's an outrage which if left unchecked, will be the end of America as we've known it! (Article by David Limbaugh on Obama's unpresidential demeanor.)

The old, authoritative Left is finally crawling out of the woodwork in the Netherlands too: last week a real Marx Festival was held and today, May Day sees the presentation of a new translation of Karl Marx' signature work, Das Kapital. The media simply report and do not even venture an unbiased opinion, let alone pass moral judgment on an ideology that according to conservative estimates, is responsible for over 110 million dead world-wide (more accurate is probably 149,469,610).

Selective memory and evasion deals with the historical record, causing at times quite a bit of cognitive dissonance leading to staggering bouts of projection. Yeah, some leaders like Pol Pot and Uncle Joe were a bit misguided, but that doesn't taint in any way Marxism's moral superiority, which - according to former adherents - is to this day considered an admittedly outdated, but nevertheless 'scientific' piece of work.

We've only  to look at India to see what havoc capitalism may wreak in its early stages. That country is finally pulling itself up by the bootstraps out of the squallor caused by Socialism, but Leftist narrative can deal with any fact or reality. Of course they can hardly deny that people aren't worse off today, but real postmodernists actually manage that too.

The translator is obviously a true believer and proudly touts the sales figures in Germany for the newly translated 'bible of socialism'. All told, he says, putting it into perspective, some 7,000 copies have been sold. But don't kid yourself just yet. A relatively small group disseminating powerful memes into global society can do a lot of harm over time. Like a radio talk show host singing the praises of East Germany's touching national anthem which he can't get out of his head and is so much better than our own boring tune.

Over time, stuff like that has a real impact on the perception of people's reality. Ideas matter, because one bit of fallacy may have huge implications in another context. The drip of disinformation, going on for at least a decade, continues and may at some point open the floodgates. We're fed a steady stream of deception and the generations born after 1970 have no inkling what's going on and where it leads. We can but brace ourselves and inform the world that once again, freedom is at stake.

The translator of Das Kapital and a former CP member offer a brief insight into the Marxist mind. Following Rousseau, Marxism turns against reason and the fruits of the Enlightenment, technology and the Industrial Revolution. They are in essence, regressive Luddites. It should come as no surprise that a true believer is actually claiming that scientists have known for 200 years that CO2 is causing greenhouse gases: as it happens, that would be around the time of the Industrial Revolution. Marxists are very susceptible to conspiracy theories.

If that seems harmless enough, ignore it at your peril! There a reason the Irish struggle simply collapsed and the Bask ETA has become next to obsolete. The same motive underpins why Israel is now seen as quintessential evil. National identity, self-determination and the autonomous state no longer fit the paradigm. The new template is "delete the borders".

Mark Steyn, on the madness that has this crowd in its grip:

As I write, I have my papers on me — and not just because I'm in Arizona. I'm an immigrant, and it is a condition of my admission to this great land that I carry documentary proof of my residency status with me at all times and be prepared to produce it to law enforcement officials, whether on a business trip to Tucson or taking a 20-minute stroll in the woods back at my pad in New Hampshire. Who would impose such an outrageous Nazi fascist discriminatory law? Er, well, that would be Franklin Roosevelt. (...) >>>


While the Obama and his minions are having feigned apoplexy over the Arizona law and its infringements on 'human rights', Michael Posner - one of Hillary Clinton's underlings with links to the 'delete the border' crowd, is apologizing to the Chinese commies for the law. Over the Mexican border meanwhile ...

Washington Times: "EXCLUSIVE: Hezbollah uses Mexican drug routes into U.S. - Works beside smuggler cartels to fund operations", by Sara A. Carter

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James Higham said...

Multiculturalism, driven on by postmodern identity politics and the 'delete the border' crowd (amongst others made up by the mainstream Common Purpose), will lead to balkanization and fracture, with all the consequences that entails.

Very, very true and I have a piece on Common Purpose coming up [fed by new material from certain commenters].

One small aside - I suspect English is not your first language, Cassandra, with these: "evil thing that must be teared down" and "apart of". That's very European. I like it. :)

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