Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Left and Their Unique Selling Point

The new Dutch Labour leader, Job Cohen (Nohen) who just sustained a disastrous mock Obama (Nobama) launch, showed us yesterday how desperately out of touch the Left really is.

Enjoying a public holiday every five years on May 5, the commemoration of liberation in World War II, Cohen just proposed to turn it into an annual affair. Just what we need, another public holiday! With the economy tanking, talk of raising the state pension age to 67, the European Union on the brink, and a Euro that just plummeted to a staggering 1,04% against the dollar, the lowest mark in over a year, the Left is calling for an extra day off the job!

- Caption: protesting Greece's austerity measures in a country with little welfare fat on the bones - 

The desperate situation in Greece is entirely on the plate of the unions and their limitless appetites, and the weak back Governments that were unwilling or unable to perform 'a Maggy'. Today it's make or break, and even now they do not seem to get it. But apparently, neither do we.

Needless to say, the unions and other socialistic parties were soon aboard Cohen's proposal. So this sad piece of ill concealed bribery is how Labour proposes to win the general elections next month! Desperate indeed ... and completely out of touch with reality. This just proves they're too irresponsible to govern and too out of touch to drag the country out of the economic quagmire.

Even more infuriating is, that Cohen is said to launch this idea out of 'respect' for liberty and the freedom of expression. As the former mayor of Amsterdam, Cohen enjoyed quite a few afternoons having 'tea summits' with Moroccan hooligans and other n'ver-do-wells, wont to terrorize entire neighbourhoods out of its indigenous populations.

This is how Cohen, the multiculturalist, proposes to 'keep the country together". As for the freedom of expression, don't provoke him! - before you know it he's triggered his own version of Brown's 'bigotgate'.

The man has no concept of the word Liberty! To the Left, liberty means freedom not to live under the collectivist Right's jackboot (as opposed to the collectivist Left's jackboot). To them, negative rights, the essence of true liberty, mean "neglection by the state". After all, it's now apparently the duty of politicians to offer the population "hope and consolation". Government has now in actual fact usurped the role of the God head: statism is no longer an abstraction, but a real state of mind.

Even more desperate is the British Labour Party, starting with Gordon Brown. The entire Left has abandoned them and jumped on to Nick Clegg's LibDem bandwaggon. The Labour Party doesn't stand a chance. Of course the state-run media would never, ever paint the Conservatives as a genuine alternative.

Current cohort of media workers do not even know anymore what Conservatism stands for. It's quite some time since I've heard a practicing journalist explain the details of the political philosophy, let alone provide a level playing field. The sole meme emanating from the lamestreamers is, "this is public enemy number one".

Labour has been in power in Britain for the last thirteen years; how it is then, that "the rich have gotten richer and the poor have gotten poorer"? Chatter has it, that the gap has become ever wider so that it's quite necessary to vote in ... more Labour.

As an explanation it is implied that somehow this feature is inherent in British class society. But the truth is, this is happening in every country, city and borough that is ruled by Leftists.

When are people going to catch on to this racket?

The Left is it's own unique selling point. Obama conveyed the notion correctly ... we are the people we've been waiting for ... vote Labour so as to mitigate our own policies!

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