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The Brutal History of Rights

It cannot be reiterated and emphasized often enough what precisely is the nature and origin of the basic rights that many of us enjoy to this day! Few today appreciate their value and at what price they've come!

Sadly, over the last decades younger generations have been willfully indoctrinated with over abstracted and perverted versions of the basic concepts of liberty and individual rights. Some Americans hope themselves to be united in these values, but they should know these are emphatically not shared by those on the far Left side of the aisle.

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The purpose of postmodern 'interpretations' - usually a series of subtle shifts in definition until a word begins to mean its opposite - have always been entirely clear: to subordinate individuals once more to the collective and to the tyrants who take it upon themselves to realize their ideals - without fail in the name of a 'higher morality', the greater good, an illusionary common will, or whatever false ideal is brought to bear as a sad excuse on the road to hell.

Europeans have become so used to the reality of "third way" politics and mixed economies, that they firmly believe them to represent a fair balance between cut-throat Capitalism and benign collectivism. But sadly, what is experienced as a compromise is merely a brief stage in the transition process from less freedom to total tyranny.

Progress is not a timeline, but comes in loops, in cycles. Read all about it in a series of posts contributed to this blog some time ago by an author who is currently entrusting to paper his memoirs of the Korean War and must therefore be temporarily missed. Read "Understanding Change" by Dr Sam Holliday of the Armiger Cromwell Center.

Growth is the natural order of things. Survival depends on it. The same is true of corporations and governments. What starts out as an entity to protect the people's liberty - with no authority greater than the sum of rights held by the people they represent - if unchecked, the entity inevitably morphs into an autocratic Leviathan that dictates shopping hours at best and the content of our minds at worst.

One has to admire the wisdom and sense of realism held by America's founders; for instance Thomas Jefferson who proclaimed that "the people cannot be all, and always, well informed", a prerequisite for democracy, which is not an end in itself by the way, but one possible aid in the protection of individual rights. He also asserted that "the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure." (full quote)

Most may not realise it yet, but the gaping chasm between the understanding of those basic principles and the current postmodern interpretation of what constitutes freedom and government, has brought Western civilization to the brink of collapse.

Here's another great essay by Dr Sam Holliday, this time about the ominous parallels between our present time and the German interbellum, better known as the Weimar Republic: "Red Flags".

As the devastating results of the "Community Reinvestment Act" are suppressed, thanks to the spin that the current financial and economic crisis was only to be expected since 'greed' is inherent in the Capitalist system, some are already tentatively suggesting that the same dilemma is true as was pondered between the two world wars: namely that Capitalism has sadly failed us and that the only recourse is a collectivist system.

Back then the false choice was between Communism and Fascism: Left or Right collectivism. Things are not all that outspoken this time around: no right-minded politician or spin doctor would call these ideologies by their proper names.

Instead, while the global Obama honeymoon drags on and the pillars of the economy remain frozen like mesmerized deer in the headlights, a public discourse on such subjects fails to materialize and the financial crisis - too good an opportunity to pass up - is used as a leverage to implement the measures necessary for the establishment of a crypto collective.

The only question is in fact what its degree of malignancy will be?

Here's a reminder of the brutal history of our rights as promised at the head of this post. And here's the entire series. Let's see how we'll get ourselves out of this crap pit. I'd say - for starters - let's shock the silent majority out of their catatonic stupor! As usual the Americans are at the vangard while the rest of us very slowly catches on (but no guarantees there).

Cannot imagine who's copyrights that footage infringed on, but here are a few alternatives:

Boston Tea Party site

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The Conservative Moral Capitalist March

The official website ... make it happen!

Yes, We Can't!

The Spectator: "Can the Internet turn Dan Hannan's skewering of Brown into a story?"

Dan Hannan’s speech yesterday was magnificent, in three and a half minutes he absolutely eviscerated Gordon Brown. Unsurprisingly, the speech received little attention on the broadcast news (...) But the speech has already has more than twenty-five thousand views on YouTube (...) >>>

As if this crisis - which was a loooooong time coming - isn't bad enough, every single country on the face of the planet seems to be lumbered with a Government of incompetent, postmodern, relativist baby boomers. Now, why would that be?


Here's Matthew Parris on Times Online quite literally savaging Gordon Brown's speech to shreds.

The Odds Against Principles,Truth and Integrity

More here

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Postmodern Origin of the Financial Crisis

This needs further maturing, but it's been quite a revelation! With hindsight it would have been a surprise had some Postmodern lunacy not been at the bottom of the financial crisis!

The Big Picture (hat tip: 12010 AM The Big Talker Radio) just published the full text of a speech recently delivered in Toronto by Paul Volcker, former US Federal Reserve Board chairman, and now a member of the Obama team advisory board on the economy. A digest of the main points is available on Articles and the full text is here.

The bursting of the sub prime mortgage bubble is evidently the direct cause, but there's a not so obvious, even more profound explanation underlying it.

This is attributable to the deviation from Aristotelian principles on the academic level. Anthony Rizzi of the Institute of Advanced Physics in his ground breaking book "Science Before Science" has been explaining why it is so vital for science to return to the level of the real world. In this interview Rizzi explains part of the hiatus physics has in explaining reality:

"Technically, modern physics is focused on physical beings (that is, changeable beings), and then only insofar as they are quantitative. Hence, modern physics by its very methods leaves much of reality behind."

Another part of the problem can be summed up in the Postmodern habit of not properly identifying. On the humanities level it's a world that thrives on false analogy. In science theories remain stuck on the level of ideas; the hypothetical is never reduced to the sensory level. Because of it, any number of silly fallacies and blatant misunderstandings occur.

One such is the belief in amateur cosmology circles that reality consists in twelve parallel universes resting on a membrane, just because theoretical physicists' calculations have said so.

Apparently such enormities are not limited to the nebulous confines of the ivory tower: they have now spilled over into the real world of haute finance and bread and butter economics where they have been wreaking havoc on the global economy.

To list a few other common fallacies:

- The notion that an object only exists if it can be measured;

- The extraordinary error of ascribing matters occurring on the macro level (including philosophy), in terms of the erratic behavior of particles in quantum mechanics;

- That historical events are a natural phenomenon, dependent on the course of human evolution (otherwise known as 'progress');

- The old wives tale that moral relativism is infallible, because Albert Einstein's genius as a physicist is beyond question.

But here's the thing. You cannot use chemistry to do algebra; you cannot use biology to do politics; you cannot use genetics to do cosmology; you cannot use theoretical physics to do philosophy; and you cannot use French to do English!

The law of identity is not negotiable: A=A, always! A is not sometimes B, depending on your vantage point, as relativist Postmodernists are fond to argue.

What are we talking about, relative to the financial crisis? Let's borrow a direct quote from the Volcker speech:

There was so much opaqueness, so many complications and misunderstandings involved in very complex financial engineering by people who, in my opinion, did not know financial markets. They knew mathematics. They thought financial markets obeyed mathematical laws. They have found out differently now.

You know, they all said these events only happen once every hundred years. But we have “once every hundred years” events happening every year or two, which tells me something is the matter with the analysis. So I think we have a problem which is not an ordinary business cycle problem. It is much more difficult to get out of and it has shaken the foundations of our financial institutions. The system is broken (...)
Consider the neologism: financial engineering. I wonder where that stems from? Sounds to me very much like a sociologist had been moonlighting as a mathematician and got himself outsourced to work as a banker (or something) ...

To be continued.

N.B. Margaret Thatcher knew what few people are aware of today: economics is not an exact science!

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History Happened Last Week, and We Missed It!

In an earlier video Glenn explained what is one trillion dollars. Here's a post on The Foundry on that self same subject: Morning Bell: Taxpayers Should Be More Than a Little Scared.

Just one small piece of advice from this point onwards ... ignore the MSM completely. It's One Huge Smoke Screen to deflect attention from what's really going on. History just happened, and we missed it ... thanks to the loyal media!

In fact, whenever there's lots of buzzz and hot air about absolutely nothing - like the Great 0 on Jay Leno - there's a very good chance something major is happening elsewhere. So the next time the press from hell is besides themselves with hysteria, start looking! It's silly season ... perpetually!

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Politics Without a Moral Compass

Dutch MP Geert Wilders filed a formal complaint against the Labour Govt of Gordon Brown yesterday with the Asylum and Migration Tribunal. Wilders was barred from entering the UK last month, fearing his presence might interfere in some way with the island nation's communal harmony. Wilders will be appraised of the first hearing date within 28 days.

How do the followers of multiculturalism - the notion that every culture is equally valid - deal with African atrocities that are the result of primitive superstition? One thinks of the truly horrific treatment of and by witches and the slaughter of albinos, killed for the magical attributes of their body parts? How does the Prime Directive hold up in the face of so much primitive anti-humanism?

The infalsifiable and irrational belief in multiculturalism (read here why it is Fascist and evil) deals with such cases by classifying them as "part of the intractable contradictions that are inherent in life". Case closed. No, says Pope. I am my brother's keeper!

Yahoo!News: "Pope condemns sorcery, urges Angolans to reach out"

Speaking of the Pope, viewers of Dutch television are once again subjected to the dishonest public debate about the Church leader and his stance on condoms. In orthodox Postmodernism the 'logic' is running basically as follows: AIDS kills - condoms kill AIDS - the Pope forbids condoms - the Pope is a murderer.

The difference between the two positions lays in what constitutes sex. To the Pope this is a matter of free will, to be exercised between two people of the opposite sex within the sanctity of marriage with a view to procreation. In theory this position is foolproof as far as the prevention of AIDS is concerned.

To Postmodernists sex is more or less the opposite. It is a mere pastime and everyone's basic human right, to be exercised at any time, in unspecified circumstances, between more or less consenting cretins. But more importantly, in consideration that "the natural urge is stronger than ourselves" it is located outside the province of free will.

This brings the discussion back to the very basic question: does man have free will? To Postmodernism it is absolutely vital that this question is answered negatively, or the entire, carefully crafted edifice of fallacies hangs by a thread! It is the prime underpinning of Darwinism, Kantian ethics, Leftist sociology and psychology, multiculturalism, and every other ism that upholds the absence of objective morality.

The Left (and Postmodern Right), when vowing to bring rubber profylactics to Africa by the jumbo load, dismiss the fact the condoms also constitute a license for promiscuous behavior, which in turn - together with its 13% unreliability rating even in Western circumstances (!) - entails a considerable risk as far as AIDS prevention is concerned.

The question arises, who is subordinating human life to dogma here? Whose position is in conformity to reason, and whose isn't?

There was a time not that long ago when Westerners knew precisely which political system is in accordance with human nature, and which suppress it. Just after World War II elementary schools taught students that the problem was situated in ideals about the total state. Prime examples of evil systems were Communism, National Socialism (Nazism) and Fascism. This was, so was explained, because total states use individuals as mere pawns to serve the whole.

When Ronald Reagan in the 80s of the last century coined the term The Evil Empire, everyone understood accurately that he was referring to the evil suppression of dissenting individuals in the Soviet Union. When fanatical students during the Iranian Islamo-Marxist Revolution kept the American Embassy and its 52 diplomats hostage over the course of 444 days, no one in the West had any doubt that this was a prime display of wickedness.

All this did not apply to the fringes the Postmodern Left. Granted, Nazism and Fascism were seen as the epitomy of evil but any Leftist equivalent - from Marxism-Lenism to the Asian agrarianism of Mao and Pol Pot - have been defended by some to this very day: the theory of collectivism is good, but it's the operatives who perhaps have made a few mistakes in implementing an otherwise morally superior theory.

Ignoring the corpses piling up, amongst those unrepentant apologists is the clique of former 'domestic' terrorist and member of the Weather Underground, Professor Bill Ayers.

Enough has been said and written during the run up of the US Presidential elections about Barack H. Obama, his prior connections to those far Left radicals and their (neo) totalitarian, authoritarian tendencies. So there is no surprise if overtures to evil regimes, such as Iran and its proxy Syria, do not register on the compass of the Obama administration on the no-no side of ethics. On the contrary!

European politicians have long been relativized, as a matter of fact, ever since the Utopian collectivist one-human-race end-games were sketched by German philosophers Kant and Hegel some two centuries ago. Firmly on the positive side of the ethics compass registers wheeling and dealing, the striving for transnational union with the rapists of human rights, those fanatics who perpetrate all manner of violations, ranging from the violent oppression of women, to the murder of homosexuals to the repression of religious and ethnic minorities.

Rather predictably the Obama overtures are already being dismissed by Iran, and rewarded with blackmail in the case of Syria. That's what you get when dealing with thugs! Ask Neville Chamberlain. Who's to say what's next? A Kim Jong-il generated test, as Joe Biden famously suggested there might be?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stop Blaming Capitalism!

- Yaron Brook's Call to Action - March 2009 (Part 1 of 2)

- Yaron Brook's Call to Action - March 2009 (Part 2 of 2)

- Yaron Brook on Sacrifice

- Yaron Brook on Glenn Beck

More video material of the Ayn Rand Institute.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Open Letter on the Conferences of Shame

On March 6 last we posted on the file in Articles entitled "Transnational Bankruptcy" the news that - after the US, Israel and Canada - Italy has announced it too is pulling out of the racist hate-fest commonly referred to as Durban II.

At this moment the UK, France and the Netherlands are sitting on the fence, hoping against hope that antisemitism and Anti-Zionism will be struck from the final declaration.

From the shameful spectacle of the first Durban instalment, we know this is just not going to happen. The UN is increasingly a soapbox for entities actively combating universal values.

One group of Irish have had it. Tom Carew, Chairman of the Ireland-Israel Friendship League, has just submitted an open letter to the Irish Government.

We suggest that sympathetic readers whose governments belong to the fence dwelling nations, draft and send similar pamphlets to their leaders:

Canada, Israel, Italy, and USA [under President Obama] have already refused to
attend the UN "Durban II" Conference on Racism in Geneva in April, which is a follow-up to "Durban I" in 2001, which, on Arab and Muslim insistence, condemned only Israel, and, on African insistence, demanded huge Western reparations for slavery. As a result, USA and Israel walked out of "Durban I".

The current text of the Draft Outcome Document, for signature by all attending states, is "not salvageable", said the US State Dept. It:

[a] introduces the dubious, newly-invented notion of "defamation of religion", on Muslim insistence, which assaults freedom of speech, but does not endorse freedom to leave, practice or propagate any religion of your choice;

[b] again singles out only one State - Israel, for condemnation, as happened in 2001 at "Durban I";

[c] demands huge Western reparation for slavery;

[d] has a planning body chaired by Libya, that also includes Iran, Pakistan and Cuba on it; and

[e] includes attempts to counter Western efforts to combat terrorism.

The Canadian Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney, in a recent speech in UK, declared that the conference platform "runs counter to Canada's tradition as an international champion of tolerance". Canada, last year, was the first State to declare it would boycott "Durban II".

It seems worthwhile for all of us to urgently ensure that no EU state, nor the EU as such, takes any part in this hypocritical and sinister charade. Specifically, we urge the European Presidency to act according to its own guidelines and therefore boycott Durban II, and encourage European nations to follow suit. The chief planners for Durban II are a 20-strong panel, chaired by Libya and comprise a diverse group that includes countries ranked among the worst offenders of human rights, among them Iran, Pakistan and Cuba.

As such, one example of what may be expected at the upcoming Durban II conference can be seen through the results of a recent committee tasked with drafting for Durban II, whereby Iran and Syria asked that provisions against Holocaust-denial be deleted. Syria also requested that mention of the Holocaust should be minimized as the Syrians claimed that there is "no agreement on the consensus on the percentage of those who perished in the Holocaust."

The fact that Holocaust denial is gaining a prominent place at a United Nations-sponsored conference ostensibly devoted to combating racism is troubling and beyond hypocritical. It is nothing short of a Kafka-esque scenario when some of the world’s worst human rights abusers are not only let off the hook, but chair an international conference on the issue.

For over a year, European leaders have made important statements that they will not tolerate the virulent Anti-Semitism that was on display at the first Durban conference in 2001. The Durban II committees have had ample time to prevent a repeat of the debacle from the first Durban conference.

However, with only a few weeks left before the UN conference convenes, and no wholesale improvements on the draft language expected, Europeans are waiting for their elected officials to show their leadership on human rights and Anti-Semitism by announcing that they will not take part in Durban II.

Tom Carew
Ireland-Israel Friendship League

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Amsterdam Escapes Major Terrorist Attack (update)

Amsterdam has been in the thralls all day of an aborted terrorist attack. Very early this morning police received an anonymous call from Brussels, perhaps from remorseful cell members, that "three men" were planning a major assault with the purpose of "causing maximum damages".

The target may have been the Amsterdam Arena football stadium, Pathé movie theater, Heineken Music Hall, an adjacent shopping mall or an Ikea outlet. The police, by closing down the premises, or preventing them from opening in the first place, effectively preempted the operation. A suicide attack may have been intended. The authorities at this point do not fully disclose information.

Intensive police and intelligence investigations are under way in four different locations in Amsterdam. Under arrest are seven Moroccans with criminal records, all Netherlands passport holders. Their ages range from 19 to 64, six males and one female. The police doesn't rule out further arrests. The explosives have not been found and the alleged bombers may be still at large.

The date is highly symbolic. Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of the Madrid train bombings, commemorated yesterday in absence of any royals or Government representatives. One of those arrested in Amsterdam today is a family member of one of the Madrid bombers. Intelligence experts mention the existence of an Madrid-Barcelona-Netherlands axis.

Terror alert levels are almost permanently substantial in the Netherlands, but for the country as a whole the level has not been elevated because of the aborted attack.

Those who commonly downplay the terror threat for multicultural purposes have been proved wrong once again. The Government Minister who just resigned a few weeks ago amidst a fire storm of problems with her own Labor party, tonight once again expressed the nature of her deluded policies of inverted morality: if there are serious problems with the Moroccan community in a small provincial town, the police's under-staffing is blamed for it.

The Association of Moroccans in the Netherlands have expressed shock that their community will once again be subjected to a negative publicity, with which Geert Wilders of course will only make hay. His poll numbers have just reached new record levels.


At this stage the case seems to have collapsed. The seven suspects in custody have been released, no explosives have been found. The only one who might be able to shed light is the person who placed the anonymous call from Brussels: on the loose allegedly are still three men in a bus, ready to render assistance in a supposed terrorist attack.

This is bad. The authorities may not have had another choice in the matter, but false alarms have the tendency to devalue the seriousness of such threats!

Up in arms: the suspects' lawyers, the multicultural media in full force, and the Moroccan 'community'. The complaint: lumping! And rage, rage that the community has once again become 'the victim' of negative perception. . Will be continued, no doubt ...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Geert Wilders: Today's Update

In a debate in Parliament today the Dutch Foreign Minister stood firm by his refusal to discuss in the broader EU political arena, Wilders MP being barred from entering the UK by the Brown Labor Government.

The opposition Liberal Party (VVD) leader led the attack against the Christian Democrat/Labor coalition's refusal to act on a previous motion voted in by House. The Labor Party abandoned its earlier support for the initiative on the grounds that "time had lapsed". Apparently the highest democratic principles have a pretty short expiry date.

The Speaker of the House rebelled against her party, as sole Labor member holding firm in support of the motion.

While individual EU countries have the discretion to bar a persona non grata from their country, refusing entrance to another country's Member of Parliament is almost unheard of!

Wilders' meanwhile has reiterated his opinion that Gordon Brown "is the greatest coward in all of Europe", adding that the Dutch PM and Foreign Minister have the honor of sharing second place. Regretably Wilders is copying the Postmodern debating style, which couples false analogy and gross exaggeration to ad hominem attacks.

Also today in ground breaking news the Dutch Supreme Council has ruled that defamation of a religion is insufficient ground for an indictment. Not even if the faithful "feel" subjectively insulted.

The Court threw out a case in which a man, following the slaughter of Theo van Gogh, had put up a poster reading, "Stop the cancer of Islam". The man was earlier condemned by two lower Courts.

According to the Supreme Court, a distinction must be made between the defamation of a religion or ideology, or of its followers, in which case it's apparently "discrimination". Wilders is indicted by the Amsterdam Court of Appeal on precisely those grounds.

Here's the text again - you be the judge if lumping the Koran with "Main Kampf" is objective truth, a slur to either a religion and/or an ideology, or discrimination of Muslims.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wanted: Irish Coffee and Viennese Buns!

We've blogged about this time and again ... and here we are once more! The breathtaking spectacle of Americans exercising the ownership of their politeia. They stand as a permanent beacon of inspiration to the rest of the world!

We can only wish, wish Europeans had a fraction of that ethos! Europeans, united in diversity, primarily bound in the mindset of dolts ... first as tribal drones, then owned by the feudal system, followed by subjugation to various ideological collectives and finally, as subjects of a transnational oligarchy.

It needs to change - fast, if we want to survive. Strange as it may seem, the new media might be a great help in accomplishing just that, to making a start ... take control of our politeia!

Not the message of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and his bloody, collectivist revolution, but of the prime principle - the very key to prosperity or utter doom that was lost on the genius of the European Radical Enlightenment, but not on America's Founding Fathers: inalienable, individual Liberty.

For those who haven't yet understood, Americans are not ethnic Nationalists, proud of their Blut or their soil, their race or language, but of those things that are the direct result of the universal principles on which their nation was found.

Here's what you can do. Watch an American Tea Party in action in the video below (particularly pay attention to what the speaker at the 1:09 mark has to say), sign up with "Roots! We the Peoples of Europe", sign up on Twitter (enlist also with the Roots! Twitter Group), and inform us of your Twitter ID. You'll be getting further instructions what to do next.

It's just a modest start. If we take action now we may still be able to get a few parties going before the next farcical elections coming June for the European Supreme Soviet.

This is what took place in London on March 7. Why isn't it happening each and every week, all over Europe? See the comment section of details ... rather not.

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

'Chinese Torture' for the Amsterdam Court of Appeal

SITA have started an alternative action against the Amsterdam Court of Appeal's indictment of Geert Wilders for critiquing Islam. A number of commentators have detected the sinister hand of the Organization of Islamic Conferences behind the text of the indictment. Who's to say. Given the state of Eurabia this is a distinct possibility.

SITA opine that signing online petitions books no results whatsoever in the real world. They've chosen an alternative route, foreseeing in a "snail mail" campaign consisting of a steady trickle of real live missives, cartoons, letters and pamphlets.

If you want to let the Postmodern judges know what you think of their subversion of liberal democracy, you can find SITA's suggestions and instructions on this page.

They've enlisted the aid of both Tory Sir Winston Churchill and Leftist Socialist Charlie Chaplin; this combination is less remarkable once you consider the original Radical Enlightenment's attachment to free speech. The current Postmodern variety stem from a reactionary strain which - in its collectivism - is in close proximity to fascism. Hence Wilders' condemnation.

SITA just let it be known that their initiative to date has been a great success. They've registered some 3500 visits to the site, resulting in hundreds of letters, as reported by the Dutch newspaper "De Telegraaf", dumped on the steps of the Court in Amsterdam, at the offices of plaintiff's legal counsel Gerard Spong, and at the Ministry of Justice.

These letters have triggered the interest of the Ministry, who paid a visit recently to the site; according to SITA, proof they've rocked the boat. SITA:

A drop of water which falls regularly on the same spot manages to perforate the hardest rock. Our SITA mailings must continue to sow doubt and uncertainty among the dhimmis of Amsterdam. Now it is necessary to break down their morale by maintaining a regular flow of letters, not necessarily in great quantities but on a regular basis because they must not be allowed to believe that mailings will decrease and eventually stop and that people will end up forgetting GW. They will be surprised that the flow continues!

So we invite all those who took an active part in this action to reactivate it. Bear in mind that there are always new readers who do not know about SITA actions and maybe even about Geert Wilders’ predicament.

What is to be done now?

I) As soon as you come across an article about GW, choose from this page: the message inviting to the action in the desired language and copy/paste it in the comments section (sometimes this will require registering which requires a bit of effort).

II) For the owners of sites or blogs which have already relayed our action they can act according to their own wishes. Either they can republish their first article, or rewrite a new one, or simply choose from this page: the message inviting to the action in the desired language and copyy/paste it in their web sites.

Remind: The two actions in support to Geert Wilders are at disposal at these pages: or

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Report: "An Evening With Geert Wilders"

For a last instalment of the series on Geert Wilders, returning briefly to his address last Friday at the OMNI SHOREHAM in Washington, DC (CPAC), at the invitation of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, Atlas Shrugs, Jihad Watch, and Dr. Andrew Bostom. Atlas has posted a video (below) showing the main speeches.

Read a complete account of the evening on Atlas. Be sure not to miss the video, containing rather important statements by Andrew Bostom and Robert Spencer.


- Wilders Wraps up US Tour: CPAC and Capitol
- Guess What? Wilders=Al Qaeda!
- Wilders Calls for World Wide First Amendment
- Wilders Hits US Talk Show Circuit
- Geert Goes to Washington DC ... and Stays Put
- Why Multiculturalism is Racist and Evil
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- Live Blogging "Geert Goes to London" and Back ...
- Geert Wilders: Let Them Eat Grits!
- Geert Wilders: Persona Non Grata in Britain

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Global Revolutionaries Unite Under Islam (updated)

Reality Thriller of the Day - John le Carré Eat Your Heart Out!

Carlos the Jackal is petitioning President B. H. Obama! Global Revolutionaries Unite Under the Leadership of Osama bin Laden!

"Carlos' 2003 book, "Revolutionary Islam" called on "all revolutionaries, including those of the left, even atheists," to accept the leadership of Islamists such as Osama bin Laden in order to turn Iraq and Afghanistan into "graveyards of American imperialism."

"Only a coalition of Marxists and Islamists can destroy the United States," the communist revolutionary and convert to Islam wrote in his book.

World Net Daily: "Carlos the Jackal to Obama: Help me find terrorist pal"

Emboldened by President Barack Obama's announcement he will close the Guantanamo facility housing suspected terrorists, one of the most notorious leftist terrorists of the 1970s and 1980s has written the president, asking him for help in finding a "former comrade-in-arms" missing for 14 years (...)

"Our comrade Bruno Breguet, a Swiss citizen, was abducted on 11th November 1995 from a ferry-boat between Italy and Greece, in a special operation with NATO naval support. (...)"

Carlos concluded by reminding the president of his own Muslim grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama, who converted to Islam in the 1950s after having been imprisoned and tortured in Kenya by the British during the Mau Mau rebellion (...) as your Luo grandfather would say: ALLAHU AKBAR! I remain, Mister President, yours in revolution, "Carlos". >>>

Who ever needed proof that the revolutionary strains of yesteryear and today are communicating vessels, this is it. Collectives trump ideology (including religion) in facing the common enemy: free individuals, liberal democracy and market capitalism, in short: Liberty!

A mystery writer could not have made this one up ... In a preliminary reaction our Greece Intelligence correspondent states the letter is full of symbolism. In order to preserve secrecy terrorists tend to communicate via public announcements in a sort of code. Analysts will be some time going over this one as "it is not a simple letter ... it raises lots of questions". He clarifies the Greek connection as follows:

Bruno Breguet was connected with the former Greek terrorist group "ELA" who were active in the 80's. According to all data and news reports up to date due to Greece's geographical location, ELA was acting as a go-between between Carlos the Jackal's group and the Middle East.

So Bruno was traveling to Greece often to check up on his comrades and deliver directives or accept notes. There are many rumors for his disappearance. None has been verified yet.

The members of the ELA group, middle class extreme Leftists, were arrested between 2002-2003. All are now out of jail for a variety of reasons. What is interesting is that they didn't kill anyone, but were mostly targeting foreign, western targets with explosives. Some assume that they were just a "front" for the Jackal's group and not terrorists per se.

In any case, the resurgence of Leftist terrorists in Greece over the past few weeks and the evidence being gathered that they might related to Islamist groups, most probably correlates with Carlos' "Obama letter".

Something may be brewing between the terrorist networks - a compromise with the Obama Administration may be in the works or a preparation of a renewed fight. New developments are more than certain. Greece being in the Balkans, sandwiched between Western Europe and the Middle East, it was probably the "first testing ground" of what lies ahead.
Read also Ioannis Michaletos' analysis of the December street violence (coordinated urban guerrilla, some would say) and the targeting of police officers recently in Athens, in "Riots in Greece: The undercover news".

Jamie Glazov has just published "United in Hate: The Left's Romance With Tyranny and Terror". Within hours of its release the book was a bestseller.

While it is true that The Unholy Alliance share many ideological markers, dismal failure, denial of atrocities, and hatred of free individuals and capitalism draws them ever closer together. World Net Daily have more details.

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NEW! Wealth Spread! Now for the Entire Global Family

It started with the wrong revolution, the French one - which ultimately didn't rest on the Lockean principle of freedom as a result of all men being created equal, but on the radical collectivist, egalitarian notions as underscored by the essentially anti Modernist Rousseau.

Brotherhood - "Fraternité", the third in the trinity "Liberté, Egalité, et Fraternité" in our time took on the shape of 'solidarity'.

But the trinity is also a philosophical abomination: it is a contradiction in terms.

Humanity still has not really caught on to the fact that in exercising the redistributive principle, the freedom and equality of others is necessarily being violated.

- Caption: Wealth Spread is a brand of "The People's Cube" -

This is probably the reason why we have seen Liberty and Equality being discredited and moved to the background with comparitive lightning speed.

Fantastic as it may seem, after the socialist experiments gone haywire during the last century, the redistributive principle still has not been exposed as the instrument that enslaves one brother to the other.

In fact, we are getting more and more obsessed by it, and currently view it as a panacea for every ill and pestilence it has caused itself in the first place. We are rapidly descending into a vicious, redistributive cycle of which the outcome can only be singularly, ominously plain and simple.

Whereas the problem started with various forms of redistribution between social classes, America is currently discovering the notion of mass corporate wealth spread. But the extortion gets worse. Europe has one up on the land of Liberty.

This morning the Hungarian PM Ferenc Gyurcsany warned of a new economic "Iron Curtain" being drawn across Europe unless the leaders at today's EU summit act to prevent the weakest members from going under.
"He warned, in a paper presented to the EU summit, that failure to offer bigger bailouts "could lead to massive contractions" in their economies and lead to "large-scale defaults" that would affect Europe as a whole."

"Gyurcsany added that failure to support fellow EU countries could trigger political unrest and immigration pressures as jobless rates soar."

"He called for a special EU fund of up to EUR 190 billion ($241 billion) to help restore trust and solvency in eastern EU members' financial markets."
Read it all in this AP report.

Update: The call for an Eastern Europe 'solidarity' bailout fund has been rejected ...

Wilders Tops Polls in The Netherlands

The latest poll in the Netherlands (link in Dutch) shows Geert Wilders' Freedom Party come up trumps. Currently in Parliament with just nine seats, and up in last week's poll to twenty seats, this latest survey shows the party getting up to 27 Parliamentary seats.

Wilders, still in the US, is overjoyed by so such support. He's aware of the tremendous responsibilities a PM-ship would entail, but he's ready for it!

The danger exists that Wilders' PVV party will end up as Pim Fortuyn's LPF did. Not just in the sense that Wilders' life is in serious danger as well, but that the party will mushroom too soon. All these seats need to be filled with a rare sort of human: talented wannabe politicians who are as ambitious as they are capable.

In the ideological department alone the confusion is palpable ... I've got one advice for the Freedom Party: to ruthlessly jilt the collectivists! Test: what is the nature of your politeia? Is it a neutral, empty space; or a common property?

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