Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wanted: Irish Coffee and Viennese Buns!

We've blogged about this time and again ... and here we are once more! The breathtaking spectacle of Americans exercising the ownership of their politeia. They stand as a permanent beacon of inspiration to the rest of the world!

We can only wish, wish Europeans had a fraction of that ethos! Europeans, united in diversity, primarily bound in the mindset of dolts ... first as tribal drones, then owned by the feudal system, followed by subjugation to various ideological collectives and finally, as subjects of a transnational oligarchy.

It needs to change - fast, if we want to survive. Strange as it may seem, the new media might be a great help in accomplishing just that, to making a start ... take control of our politeia!

Not the message of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and his bloody, collectivist revolution, but of the prime principle - the very key to prosperity or utter doom that was lost on the genius of the European Radical Enlightenment, but not on America's Founding Fathers: inalienable, individual Liberty.

For those who haven't yet understood, Americans are not ethnic Nationalists, proud of their Blut or their soil, their race or language, but of those things that are the direct result of the universal principles on which their nation was found.

Here's what you can do. Watch an American Tea Party in action in the video below (particularly pay attention to what the speaker at the 1:09 mark has to say), sign up with "Roots! We the Peoples of Europe", sign up on Twitter (enlist also with the Roots! Twitter Group), and inform us of your Twitter ID. You'll be getting further instructions what to do next.

It's just a modest start. If we take action now we may still be able to get a few parties going before the next farcical elections coming June for the European Supreme Soviet.

This is what took place in London on March 7. Why isn't it happening each and every week, all over Europe? See the comment section of details ... rather not.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding what took place in London on March7 that you wish could happen every week, please see:

"UK: Iranian Anti-Christ Communist Rally a Smashing Success"

Cassandra said...

Thanks Akira. Which just goes to show one cannot take anything on face value anymore! If it looks too good to be true, good chance that it is: an exhibition of the usual horrors!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that. I felt like I was going insane at Jihad Watch, with everybody attacking me for pointing out that these people want a Communist World Government, an end to national sovereignty, unlimited Muslim immigration, etc etc etc

Apparently these Communist God-haters are to be commended, but I'm to be condemned for having the temerity to bluntly point out the truth.

Cassandra said...

Everyone seems to be losing it. So now we have atheists on Jihad Watch defending world communism against any form of religion? That is commonly their choice (they never learn), but they forget the price is individual freedom. The original freethinkers (Spinozists) never meant to sacrifice the individual to a collective. Leftism is the revenge of the old guard, but almost no one is aware of that. Just curious what the bottom of the ideological pit looks like ... on second thought, I don't wanna know ...

Anonymous said...

This is why I am objectively skeptical about Ayaan Hirsi Ali or Geert Wilders' chances of achieving anything substantive.

They share the same rhetoric as the organizers of this Anti-God rally: "Defend the secular humanist Enlightenment values of a post-Christian Europe!“

Hirsi Ali and Namazie are even, unfortunately, old allies.

Hirsi Ali and Wilders are at a disadvantage when "debating" both Namazie's Communists and the Jihadis, because they don't have any blood-thirsty militias to back up their arguments.

All three of these people keep repeating the nonsensical and ahistorical line that, "Europe became great when religion was put in its place by the reformation and the Enlightenment". In fact, everything that was ever great about the West already existed in "the Dark Ages." And the worst all came after the "Enlightenment": Hitler, Holocaust, Marx, Lenin, The French Revolution, etc. All three of these people seem to think those were just "bumps on the road to a glorious secular future", while I see them as inevitable utilitarian products of humanism.

Personally, I’d like everyone to turn to Christ. Failing that, I predict that mass and multiple civil war is inevitable in Europe, which seems increasingly likely.

+ + +

I notice the Iranian Revolution is being replayed in London.

The Communists and Jihadis both wanted to overthrow the traditional order. Then the Communists and Jihadis went at each other and the Jihadi death cult proved more determined in getting blood. Now people like Namazie want to overthrow the traditional order in Britain and yet again she's in competition with the jihadisto see who'll come out on top.

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