Saturday, March 7, 2009

'Chinese Torture' for the Amsterdam Court of Appeal

SITA have started an alternative action against the Amsterdam Court of Appeal's indictment of Geert Wilders for critiquing Islam. A number of commentators have detected the sinister hand of the Organization of Islamic Conferences behind the text of the indictment. Who's to say. Given the state of Eurabia this is a distinct possibility.

SITA opine that signing online petitions books no results whatsoever in the real world. They've chosen an alternative route, foreseeing in a "snail mail" campaign consisting of a steady trickle of real live missives, cartoons, letters and pamphlets.

If you want to let the Postmodern judges know what you think of their subversion of liberal democracy, you can find SITA's suggestions and instructions on this page.

They've enlisted the aid of both Tory Sir Winston Churchill and Leftist Socialist Charlie Chaplin; this combination is less remarkable once you consider the original Radical Enlightenment's attachment to free speech. The current Postmodern variety stem from a reactionary strain which - in its collectivism - is in close proximity to fascism. Hence Wilders' condemnation.

SITA just let it be known that their initiative to date has been a great success. They've registered some 3500 visits to the site, resulting in hundreds of letters, as reported by the Dutch newspaper "De Telegraaf", dumped on the steps of the Court in Amsterdam, at the offices of plaintiff's legal counsel Gerard Spong, and at the Ministry of Justice.

These letters have triggered the interest of the Ministry, who paid a visit recently to the site; according to SITA, proof they've rocked the boat. SITA:

A drop of water which falls regularly on the same spot manages to perforate the hardest rock. Our SITA mailings must continue to sow doubt and uncertainty among the dhimmis of Amsterdam. Now it is necessary to break down their morale by maintaining a regular flow of letters, not necessarily in great quantities but on a regular basis because they must not be allowed to believe that mailings will decrease and eventually stop and that people will end up forgetting GW. They will be surprised that the flow continues!

So we invite all those who took an active part in this action to reactivate it. Bear in mind that there are always new readers who do not know about SITA actions and maybe even about Geert Wilders’ predicament.

What is to be done now?

I) As soon as you come across an article about GW, choose from this page: the message inviting to the action in the desired language and copy/paste it in the comments section (sometimes this will require registering which requires a bit of effort).

II) For the owners of sites or blogs which have already relayed our action they can act according to their own wishes. Either they can republish their first article, or rewrite a new one, or simply choose from this page: the message inviting to the action in the desired language and copyy/paste it in their web sites.

Remind: The two actions in support to Geert Wilders are at disposal at these pages: or

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