Sunday, March 1, 2009

NEW! Wealth Spread! Now for the Entire Global Family

It started with the wrong revolution, the French one - which ultimately didn't rest on the Lockean principle of freedom as a result of all men being created equal, but on the radical collectivist, egalitarian notions as underscored by the essentially anti Modernist Rousseau.

Brotherhood - "Fraternité", the third in the trinity "Liberté, Egalité, et Fraternité" in our time took on the shape of 'solidarity'.

But the trinity is also a philosophical abomination: it is a contradiction in terms.

Humanity still has not really caught on to the fact that in exercising the redistributive principle, the freedom and equality of others is necessarily being violated.

- Caption: Wealth Spread is a brand of "The People's Cube" -

This is probably the reason why we have seen Liberty and Equality being discredited and moved to the background with comparitive lightning speed.

Fantastic as it may seem, after the socialist experiments gone haywire during the last century, the redistributive principle still has not been exposed as the instrument that enslaves one brother to the other.

In fact, we are getting more and more obsessed by it, and currently view it as a panacea for every ill and pestilence it has caused itself in the first place. We are rapidly descending into a vicious, redistributive cycle of which the outcome can only be singularly, ominously plain and simple.

Whereas the problem started with various forms of redistribution between social classes, America is currently discovering the notion of mass corporate wealth spread. But the extortion gets worse. Europe has one up on the land of Liberty.

This morning the Hungarian PM Ferenc Gyurcsany warned of a new economic "Iron Curtain" being drawn across Europe unless the leaders at today's EU summit act to prevent the weakest members from going under.
"He warned, in a paper presented to the EU summit, that failure to offer bigger bailouts "could lead to massive contractions" in their economies and lead to "large-scale defaults" that would affect Europe as a whole."

"Gyurcsany added that failure to support fellow EU countries could trigger political unrest and immigration pressures as jobless rates soar."

"He called for a special EU fund of up to EUR 190 billion ($241 billion) to help restore trust and solvency in eastern EU members' financial markets."
Read it all in this AP report.

Update: The call for an Eastern Europe 'solidarity' bailout fund has been rejected ...

Wilders Tops Polls in The Netherlands

The latest poll in the Netherlands (link in Dutch) shows Geert Wilders' Freedom Party come up trumps. Currently in Parliament with just nine seats, and up in last week's poll to twenty seats, this latest survey shows the party getting up to 27 Parliamentary seats.

Wilders, still in the US, is overjoyed by so such support. He's aware of the tremendous responsibilities a PM-ship would entail, but he's ready for it!

The danger exists that Wilders' PVV party will end up as Pim Fortuyn's LPF did. Not just in the sense that Wilders' life is in serious danger as well, but that the party will mushroom too soon. All these seats need to be filled with a rare sort of human: talented wannabe politicians who are as ambitious as they are capable.

In the ideological department alone the confusion is palpable ... I've got one advice for the Freedom Party: to ruthlessly jilt the collectivists! Test: what is the nature of your politeia? Is it a neutral, empty space; or a common property?


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