Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yes, We Can't!

The Spectator: "Can the Internet turn Dan Hannan's skewering of Brown into a story?"

Dan Hannan’s speech yesterday was magnificent, in three and a half minutes he absolutely eviscerated Gordon Brown. Unsurprisingly, the speech received little attention on the broadcast news (...) But the speech has already has more than twenty-five thousand views on YouTube (...) >>>

As if this crisis - which was a loooooong time coming - isn't bad enough, every single country on the face of the planet seems to be lumbered with a Government of incompetent, postmodern, relativist baby boomers. Now, why would that be?


Here's Matthew Parris on Times Online quite literally savaging Gordon Brown's speech to shreds.


JD said...

Could it be to do with poor education? I have long thought the left has been deliberately destroying the education system because educated people see through the scam of collectivism. I suppose I believe you have to be stupid to vote for socialism. JD.
ps. incompetant? Incompetent!

Cassandra said...

I agree. Thanks for the spelling advice, JD. Google gave both options, but I thought it looked funny!

Ron Russell said...

Dan Hannan gave a great speech, he appears to be one who sees the truth about socialism---his statements were blisting and to the point. He revealed the face of run-a-way spending the failed idealogy of, what I call "Utopian Socialism". I posted on this today.
Dan has a future in his party and I wait to here more from him.

Wolfie said...

I've got his book in PDF form, its a good read if you're interested... drop me a line via the BH site.

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