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The Nature of the Revolution Is Socialist, Stupid!

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I told you so! "The Revolution Has Begun!" While we are all watching the Islamist component of the revolution in Tunesia and Egypt, the root of the uprising remains undeclared and unnoticed: it's International Socialism, stupid! (And yes, Wikileaks and SoroS are in it, too...) (Hat Tip: Libertarier_Def)
- An 'authentic', 'grassroots' pamphlet translated by The Atlantic,
high quality art work, first rate graphics, not exactly work
post-hastily jotted down by a knuckle-dragging Bedoein -
This isn't 'grassroots' or anything spontaneous in any way! It is - as usual - triggered from the top down in a concerted effort. That's not to say the Islamists won't be taking hold of the reigns at a later stage. After all, that's precisely what happened in 1979 in the Iranian Revolution.

Trevor Loudon of New Zeal traces it back to a bloggers outfit called Wasla, which is published by the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information and financially supported by the Open Society Institute, created by none other than George Soros; Brooks Bayne ends up with the same result, through Soros-funded GlobalVoices.

What have we got so far? A Postmodern man-child in the White House, essentially a mental baby with a razor, who is in way over his head! Wikileaks has been creating an atmosphere of unreliability and failure of the world's leaders at large. An economic and monetary crisis which may, or may not have been triggered within the system (see the entry on this dossier on Sept. 19, 2010 entitled "On the September 2008 money vortex").

Iran is plotting to take over swaths of the Middle East through their proxies in Syria, Lebanon (which is now ruled by Hezbollah), Turkey, and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The Islamic uprising against 'imperialism' is egged on by the Qatari Shiite news outlet, Al Jazeera (since ousted from Egypt). On the other hand, when the Islamofascist regime isn't hanging innocent house wives, it might want to do the world a favor by comitting suicide and pilot the Bushehr reactor, causing a massive nuclear explosion.

Violent protests against austerity measures in Greece, a violent election dispute in Albania, violent student protests in the UK and Netherlands, regime change in Tunesia, rioting in Algeria, Albania, Yemen, Israel (Jaffa), Jordan and an ongoing revolt in the heart of Arabia, Egypt which may set off a string of dominos tumbling all over the Middle East.

It is no coincidence that both George Soros and ElBaradei both sit on the Board of Trustees of the International Crisis Group, one of Soros' agitators. While some see ElBaradei as a strawman for the Muslim Brotherhood and a stooge of the regime in Iran, the Marxist Africa Workers Organization has this self-explanatory piece of undiluted, Socialist paranoia to share:

Mohamed El Baradei is an imperialist puppet (...) He was placed under house arrest briefly to boost his profile as being with ‘the masses’. He has been planted by imperialism to betray the revolution from within. Imperialism has struck a deal with the Muslim Brotherhood to promote ElBaradei as the ‘leader’ of the revolution. The price was of course a stake for the Muslim Brotherhood in the new regime. The Muslim Brotherhood is a highly reactionary organization, with militantant-imperialist rhetoric but who are fundamentally pro-capitalist. (...) 
The immediate task of the revolution is the setting up of soviets, that is, committees of struggle with worker delegates principally (but not limited to) from the textile, gas and oil, hydroelectricity and metal and armamentsfactories, from the large capitalist farms, including delegates from rank and file soldiers, delegates from the unemployed, students and ruined sectors of the lower middle class and poorest peasants (in the agricultural areas). (...) >>>

More vintage Marxist lingo on The Socialist Worker: "Egyptian socialist: 'We can make Mubarak run like Ben Ali'".

How could we have missed it?! Because our bl**dy media are either colluding with the Islamist-Marxist nexus, or they don't know their Democrats from their Socialists (probably both, but the ethics are 'all systems are equally valid, but Socialism can't be as bad as they told us!'). The words Socialism and extreme Left have effectively been expunged from the lexicon. It simply doesn't exist anymore!

Some in Europe think we should all support the efforts for the fledgeling 'Jeffersonian democracy' in Egypt. Well, there's hardly a point in substituting a crypto Socialist dictatorship with yet another hard Islamo-Socialist tyranny!

Watch words: democracy, freedom and justice are code words for Socialism (always have been). This has nothing to do with the Jeffersonian version called Liberty. We now all know what the call for 'change' stands for: fundamental transformation i.e. revolution.

Question: Why are some ludicrously comparing this revolt with the Tea Party? It is an absurd effort to confuse people into accepting the collectivist, malignant revolt for the Jeffersonian version, which is based on individual rights, not collectivism like the present one.

Question: Who is the young dissident who attended a US-sponsored Alliance of Youth Movements summit for activists in New York, while working to keep his identity secret from Egyptian state police?  On his return to Cairo in December 2008, the activist told US diplomats that an alliance of opposition groups had drawn up a plan to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak and install a democratic government in 2011. The secret document in full. He has already been arrested by Egyptian security in connection with the demonstrations and his identity is being protected by The Daily Telegraph. Commentary by DebkaFile.

Who's behind the Alliance of Youth Movements summit in New York and which members of Congress did the activist meet? George W. Bush was in office in 2008, so that would be the hated Neocon "freedom agenda".

The same article is stating that "The American government secretly backed leading figures behind the Egyptian uprising who have been planning “regime change” for the past three years".

We should all stop egging on this malignant revolt, because we may come to gravely regret it!

P.S. Was just informed that Hosni Mubarak and former Tunisian president Ben Ali who fled to Saudi, are both card carrying members of the Socialist International. So these are Socialists rising up against Socialist dictatorships. What else is new? Surely they'll get it right this time ... Update Feb. 1 Their parties have just been booted from the club: NDP in Egypt (PDF), RDC of Tunisia.


- The Graph: "The Socialist Roots Of The Egyptian Protests", by Brooks Bayne
- Africa Workers Organizer: "The Egyptian revolution has started" (Scribd doc) (via Uruknet)
- USA Survival: "U.S.-based Marxists Subvert Friendly Regimes and Support Foreign Terrorist Organizations" (PDF)
- New Zeal: "Revolution in Egypt - Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire"
- NoisyRoom: "Of Philanthropists and Monsters - Rockin' the Casbah", by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton (H/T Trevor Loudon"
- Politeia: "The Revolution Has Begun"
- Politeia: "Revolution in Motion"

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Postmodern Foreign Policy is Dead, Bring Back the Neocons!

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The utter hypocrisy on the part of the Postmodern Left is once again in full view!
When George W. Bush was in office, pursuing the Neocon policy of bringing democracy to the Middle East, that was loudly rejected as "liberty by coercion".

In this narrative the people of the Middle East ostensibly [sarc on] like their regimes slightly tyrannical. Who are we to judge?! Our Jeffersonian brand of democracy may not suit all people. There isn't just one true democracy. There are as many forms of democracy as there are people! Democracy may even be overrated, ormaybe it doesn't 'work' anymore [sarc off].

Now that the potentates are falling like pieces on a chess board, it's "America is propping up dictators". Well, actually, the Obama is.

An adept of above 'freedom is slavery' school of thought he's been following the 'thou shalt not meddle' narrative to the letter, reversing the Bush doctrine. Abdicating the proliferation of liberty, Obama has been doing everything in his power to keep communication lines open to the bad guys: Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamofascist regime in Iran and its proxy Syria.

He's even installed the first US ambassador to Syria in five years. On the other hand, Mubarak hasn't visited the White House in five years, because of the hated Bush's "freedom agenda".

Parley with dictators is the central Pomo foreign policy piece! No violence, no violence, is all the "make peace, not war" generation of leaders can muster. As if anyone cared! They've never heard of Ayn Rand's logical wisdom that the Good has nothing to gain from Evil and Evil has everything to gain from the Good! By talking to these evil doers they've turned into co-conspirators. This is how Evil works. Go ask Faust!

See how many peoples and causes Obama has already thrown "Under the Bus" with his faulty doctrine. US Homeland Security Secretary, Janet "Big Sis" Napolitano and her senior staff have already privately met in Washington, DC, in January of last year with a select group of Muslim, Arab, and Sikh organizations, among which were three organizations directly associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, the roots of Al Qaeda.

Our Leftist journolisters (is there any other kind) are reporting about the Brotherhood in Egypt in terms of the greatest respect and something akin to affection in their tone of voice, as if the Brotherhood was a boys choir! It's infuriating!

The Washington Post has two separate articles today that are highly critical of the Obama's foreign policy. Yeah, out with the Postmodernists and bring back the darned Neocons!
While various forms of statism and totalitarianism are on the rise: Neo Socialism in South America, the Chinese commies are arming to the teeth morphing into a giant fascist state, and Iran's proxies are taking over the Middle East, Lebanon - the place of the Ceder Revolution - has fallen to bl**dy Hezbollah.

Meanwhile the O Team is in the throngs of micro-managing school dinners and in the business of destructing jobs through malignant Uberregulation. It can do so, because 'all systems are equally valid'.

So much for Postmodern foreign policy! Before last week its status was 'a geopolitical disaster waiting to happen'; currently the catastrophe is actually unfolding before our very eyes. A year from now we may not have done away with the Islamofascist state of Iran, we may actually have an Arab version of it as well.

ElBaradei is a Kifaya and a Muslim Brotherhood tool and a stooge for Iran. He's a straw-man who can just as easily be toppled as he's stood up. For the moment each and every nut job in the Middle East will be pouring into the country. Egypt for the moment is eerily following the 1979 scenario.


- American Thinker: "Obama, liberals caught 'intellectually unprepared' for Egypt crisis", by Rick Moran
- American Thinker: "Obama and the Ripple Effect", by Leo Rennert
- Politeia: "Revolution in Motion"
- "Leo Strauss and History: The Philosopher as Conspirator", by Claes G. Ryn (PDF) (H/T Multikulbasher)

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Revolution in Motion

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'The Arab Street' is demanding liberty and democracy, but it needs a civil society first (though this is stemming hopeful). Without it, it will be the second coming of the Gaza Strip, where Hamas was voted into power. The Muslim Brotherhood or AlBaradei holding the reigns in Egypt will make a dangerous neighborhood seem an Islamofascist Gaza on steroids.

This just in! Yeah, remember the darned Neocons? Elliott Abrams: "George W.Bush was right about freedom in the Arab World" -

The Telegraph: "Egypt protests: America's secret backing for rebel leaders behind uprising"

The American government secretly backed leading figures behind the Egyptian uprising who have been planning “regime change” for the past three years, The Daily Telegraph has learned. (...) >>>

Who is the young dissident who attended a US-sponsored Alliance of Youth Movements summit for activists in New York?  On his return to Cairo in December 2008, the activist told US diplomats that an alliance of opposition groups had drawn up a plan to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak and install a democratic government in 2011. The secret document in full. He has already been arrested by Egyptian security in connection with the demonstrations and his identity is being protected by The Daily Telegraph. Commentary by DebkaFile.

While we're still trying to figure out if the fascist collective headed by Mubarak will be replaced by an Islamofascist collective of Shiite or Suni making, or a Marxist one, the activist action plan has surfaced.

The Atlantic at this stage has managed to translate a few pages. Keep watching that space, as it's an ongoing project:

Egyptian activists have been circulating a kind of primer to Friday's planned protest. We were sent the plan by two separate sources and have decided to publish excerpts here, with translations into English. Over Twitter, we connected with a translator, who translated the document with exceptional speed.

What follows are side-by-side translations of nine pages from the 26-page pamphlet. They were translated over the last hour and pasted up in Photoshop to give you an idea of what's in the protest plan. While the plan itself contains specifics about what protesters might do, these excerpts show how one might equip oneself for clashes with riot police. (...) >>>

The British Guardian has a brief synopsis:

Egyptians have been urged to come out after Friday prayers tomorrow and demand the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak's government, along with freedom, justice and a democratic regime.
Anonymous leaflets circulating in Cairo also provide practical and tactical advice for mass demonstrations, confronting riot police, and besieging and taking control of government offices.
Signed "long live Egypt", the slickly produced 26-page document calls on demonstrators to begin with peaceful protests, carrying roses but no banners, and march on official buildings while persuading policemen and soldiers to join their ranks.
The leaflet ask recipients to redistribute it by email and photocopy, but not to use social media such as Facebook and Twitter, which are being monitored by the security forces. (...) >>>

The hooligans of Wikileaks fanning the flames (they would, of course):

Egypt has dropped a digital iron curtain over its Internet. So WikiLeaks’ fans are using an analog tool to smuggle the secret-spilling site’s latest scandals into the country: fax machines.

On Friday afternoon, the loose hacker group Anonymous began a campaign to fax thousands of copies of WikiLeaks’ latest missives–a series of State Department cables revealing human rights abuses under Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and tacit U.S. backing for his administration–to Egyptian numbers.

Since Thursday night, Egypt has blocked its four largest Internet service providers, Link Egypt, Vodafone/Raya, Telecom Egypt, and Etisalat Misr. But landlines remain connected–and so, Anonymous believes, do landline-connected fax machines. “We stand up for the little guy as well as fighting the government,” one source within Anonymous writes to me. “We believe the people need to see the truth, which is why we’re faxing locations in Egypt (especially schools) with copies of a relevant WikiLeaks cable; due to the majority of Egyptian Internet being down, the public cannot access this vital information.”

On a crowdsourced document that the group uses for planning, members listed fax numbers of half a dozen Egyptian schools as their first targets. “The idea is to distribute the information to students, who can then share it with others,” says another source within Anonymous. “Right now they need to know that the police cannot be trusted and the wikileaks cables are just more proof of that." (...) >>>

Keep an eye on how the Egyptians are bypassing the Internet black out, reads a caveat emanating from the ever watchful Hillbuzz. I think we can all benefit from that advice. The answer to date seems to be, fax machines!
Our Twitter list for developments in the Middle East. Hashtags: #Egypt #Jan25
! Oh, and while we are watching the Egyptian revolution in motion, let's keep our eye on the ball in Lebanon too. Hezbollah is now running it as an Iranian eparchy and Rami G. Khouri at the Daily Star thinks they should be given a fair chance!
Updating as more information becomes available.

Who Lost Egypt?

- Caroline Glick: "The Pragmatic Fantasy" (On the dangers of Kifaya and Muslim Brotherhood tool and leader in waiting, ElBaradei)

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Serving Obama or How to Achieve Greater Civility

The President's Tucson call for greater civility in political debate is reverberating across the globe and is being regurgitated by the Left and the MSM ad nauseum. Here's our analysis of the jaw-dropping hypocisy and the vicious spiral of hatred. Yet there has been little said on how this self censorship is to be accomplished.

In fact the basic assumptions of the political elite makes this almost impossible. Political discourse which is not adversarial will require a paradigm shift in the philosophy of the political elite. Most lawyers, politicians, professors, and pundits think in terms of the Hegelian dialectic, in which some assertible proposition is necessarily opposed by an equally assertible and mutual contradicting proposition.

Most people are unaware of how postmodern thought, and the adversarial approach, now shape our perceptions, influence our decisions and control our behaviors. Yet they are the outcomes of Hegel's philosophy and his Utopian vision. For years progressives have been nudging us toward endless self-perpetuating conflict and centralization--the "whole" of which Hegel speaks.

If you want to learn about an alternative to the Hegelian dialectic, which can provide the civility most people seek, read Dr Sam Holliday's doctrine of "Stability through Equilibrium (StE)", which results in checks and balances, conflict/cooperation--both interacting as parts of a whole--decentralization of power to the lowest level possible, and freedom for individuals to use their Free Will (which is referred to as the inner compass of the individual).

This difference is not just in words. It is at the core of the current decline of Western Culture as a result of "progressism"--a decline which could be reversed to result in true progress in keeping with the principles and ideals of those who established America and with it, the philosophy of Liberty.

That said, it must be stressed that postmodernists (progressives) want to achieve civility to prevent opposing views from being heard. That is what all of those who favor a collective want to do. In fact, it's a form of political correctness at work. This is not civility, it is servitude.

This call for civility is control of behavior through the Secular Authority of an elite. Free persons (with Free Will based on Sacred Authority) welcome differing views, so they can use judgment to adopt the best behaviors and policies based on their merit. This is civility according to StE.

But this piece of political correctness is even more insidious than meets the eye. It's one step closer to the criminalization of the opposition, something which has already been attempted on several occasions since the presidential campaign of 2008.

More articles and essays by Dr Sam Holliday and his work with the Armiger Cromwell Center is on file here.


Glenn Beck: "The assassination attempt you've never heard of"

With all this heated rhetoric causing right wing Tea Partiers to translate words like 'crosshairs' into 'I must go shoot people' - you'd think an assassination attempt on the Democratic Governor of Missouri would have garnered national attention. Why didn't it? You guessed it - because this would-be assassin was a leftist! Glenn has more on the blatant hypocrisy and blind agenda driven 'news' on radio today. Read and watch a FREE CLIP at


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The Spiral of Hatred

In a post containing the thoughts of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff just before her trial in Austria for 'hate speech' is resuming on January 18, she accurately describes how the 'hatred' narrative works.

The Left - or more accurately, those who like to think of themselves as nice, empathic, inclusive, under-dog loving people, often are very far from it. They feel great hostility towards the opposition, who have no right in their minds to have such vile, egoistic, mean-spirited thoughts about freedom and humanity.

Projection is a psychological coping device, that deals with the ensuing cognitive dissonance by turning the opponent as by magic into a demon: the process that is leading to scapegoating and collective guilt.

Projectionists have become incapable of looking at their opponents with anything remotely smacking of objectivity or empathy. They no longer think, they simply smear and condemn. And here we have one of those infamous Leftist contradictions which are simply ignored as part of the logic (Hegel's dialectic): 'morality does not exist,' yet they morally condemn anyone, who does not agree with their narrative.

In the Western world we have things nicely under control (or so we thought): for any conceivable risk there's an insurance policy and Europeans have been lazily laying back in nanny states that cuddled their citizens from cradle to grave. What could possibly go wrong?

This has created a phantom security in which all evil seems to have evaporated. No war, pestilence or bad fortune could befall the citizen of such a country. Such circumstances have led some to the false conclusion, that evil does not exist. In this way amoralism finds its way to people's mindsets: good and evil have become fluid, subjective constructs that wither away.

To them morality is no longer a matter of objectivily right or wrong, but the median mores of any given culture. We'll have a look up close shortly how that is playing a major role in the climate of hatred.

- Projection in action -
On top of that, traditional Kantian thought has insinuated the fallacy in Western culture that reality is in some way dependent on human consciousness: thought creates reality.

Since in this philosophical ruin, one external, objective truth does not exist, we are thus a single step removed from blaming people for their opinions. Personal taste has taken the place of objective truth, but with a difference. You can't blame truth for being true, but you can blame people for having a terribly bad taste.

It is no coincidence that Leftists on both sides of the Atlantic are scolding their opponents in terms of 'bad taste', 'indecency' or 'the wrong tone'. In his recent memorial speech in Tucson after the Loughner massacre, Barack "bring a gun" Obama called for 'civility'. Persistant Conservative has listed a number of martial analogies from the President himself.

In this way those like Ayaan Hirsi Ali,  Elisabeth Sabaditsch and Geert Wilders, who warn against the insidious influence of Islam and Sharia law, have become people of bad taste. Or in the view of Leftist Islam apologists, narrow-minded xenophobes who 'hate' Muslims.

Robin of Berkeley, a recovering liberal and a psychotherapist, has written a great piece available on American Thinker about the ethical side of psychological projection; the relationship between amoralism and hatred neatly falls into place. On the process of scapegoating and collective guilt he writes:
"Collective guilt is not just a noxious premise, but it's an evil one. It presumes guilt without a shred of evidence. In this case, conservatives are incriminated for Loughner's bloodshed (even though Loughner is apparently a Karl Marx-admiring atheist.) The delusion of collective guilt shields people from taking a long hard look in the mirror, thereby witnessing their own bad behavior."
But as Ayn Rand has pointed out:
"The clearest symptom by which one can recognize [the amoralist] is his total inability to judge himself, his actions, or his work by any sort of standard."
The descent into evil becomes a vicious spiral: amorality is leading to the inability to judge one's self, which is leading to cognitive dissonance, dealt with by psychological projection (scapegoating and collective guilt), which is evil, but isn't recognized as such because of amorality, and so on, and so on. A vicious spiral is born.

Here's Robin of Berkeley. For 'Americans' read 'Western culture' ...
One of the first books that made me thirst for God was, ironically, about His polar opposite. The book is Andrew Delbanco's 'The Death of Satan: How Americans Have Lost the Sense of Evil". The author describes the disastrous results of Americans rejecting the concept of evil. When Satan was alive and well, citizens practiced the Ten Commandments, atoned for their sins, and worried about eternal damnation. But today, inhabitants eschew the devil as an anachronism of days gone by.
And what has been the result of the Death of Satan? More bloodshed than ever before in the history of humankind. In the 20th century alone, hundreds of millions of people were murdered by genocidal regimes. And yet, why would banishing Satan result in a less civilized society? Because without an understanding about how good and evil work, people are stripped of Divine intelligence. (...) 
The number one rule in warfare is this: Know thy enemy, whether it's Radical Islam or evil. Yet, most Americans, with heads firmly buried in the sand, have no idea how to cope when darkness rears its ugly head.
Their default is to find scapegoats, projecting all badness outwards. Liberals routinely scapegoat conservatives. Yet, by smearing an entire group of people, liberals become part of the evil themselves. 
Scapegoating is the quintessential feature of evil, says M. Scott Peck, in his seminal book, "People of the Lie". (...) So the Left demonizes others, which is a fascinating term in and of itself. Instead of taking a good and hard look at themselves and how the Left has unleashed and enabled the brutality, progressives tar conservatives as the demons.
The progressives do this by devilish actions: first, turning conservatives into subhumans, as the other. (...) The Left denies that evil forces exist because they deny God. Evil cannot exist without its polar opposite, the Creator. (...)
And so Leftists do what they always do: blame conservatives. They disown any responsibility for the dark times that are upon us. They exploit the Tucson tragedy, thereby creating more damage. And through it all, Leftists cling to the notion that they a are the Good Guys. (...) >>>
- Ouroboros -
Which brings us back to square one. The Left - or more accurately, those who like to think of themselves as nice, empathic, inclusive, under-dog loving people, often are very far from it. They feel great hostility towards the opposition ... (start from top).


- Caroline Glick: "The Aim of Blood Libels"
- PNJ: "Schneider: Protect uncivil speech? It's only Common Sense"
- American Power: "The Lies of Bill Maher — And the Epic Struggle Between Good and Evil in the Aftermath of Tucson, 1/8/11"

Take the Survcast survey

Surv it


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The Jaw Dropping Hypocrisy of the Left

Update Jan. 12, 2011

by Michael Ramirez
Sign the petition "Shame on the Media for Accusing the TeaParty for Being Responsible for AZ Massacre" and make it viral!

New meme developing! Palin has placed a video reaction on her Facebook page, referring to this outrage as 'blood libel', a term traditionally reserved for Jews being falsely accused by Christians.

Leftist Alan Dershowitz is defending Palin's use of the term.

It took about a split second for some Leftist cook to hint at Tea Partier involvement in the shooting of Jewish Blue Dog Congresswoman Rep. Danielle Giffords (D-AZ).

This was almost at once picked up by the international spinner tweet chorus (picture). Apparently the smear originated with Giffords' elderly father (NYPost).

This was answered by Pamela Geller on Atlas Shrugs, who took the trouble of going through Loughner's YouTube account. It seems Hitler and Karl Marx are among his favorite authors, but then again, it seems that Orwell's Animal Farm, Brave New World, and Plato's Republic also touch the Loughner book shelves.

Geller has more on the Leftist framing machine that is spinning like a top on steroids, and which has by now has just about everyone involved, from media pundits to politicians and hacks.

- The Left and psychological projection:
Eugene's Sarah Palin reception committee -
And while according to the Left, the Right should not jump to conclusions linking Giffords' Jewishness to Loughner's Mein Kampf, they insist TeaPartier involvement and Sarah Palin's responsibility are a forgone conclusion.

As if eight very long years of Bush Derangement Syndrome never existed, the Left is agreeing that political hate speech is now completely out of control. They should know.

But in all honesty and objectivity, Loughner seems to be just another politically confused paranoid. Yep, concurs Richard Fernandez.

While this is going on and World War III just about seems to have broken out, award winning Keynesian economist, Paul Krugman thinks Sarah Palin's graphics are just a wee bit over the top, targets and all.

But as Verum Serum is pointing out, the Obama's enemies' lists and talk on the Daily Kos of 'behind enemy lines' are all a good day's work for the Left (hat tip: DutchReaganite).

Roger Kimball on Pajamas has more on the hate mongering of 'hack columnist Krugman': "everything he wrote is a lie, including “and” and “the” (...) Isn’t it time that the management of the New York Times “took a stand” against such malevolent imbecility? I mean, the man “searches in vain” for what is right in front of his face — but if it conflicts with his left-wing narrative, he doesn’t see it. My God, the man can’t even use Google!"

In the mind of the Left this is all perfectly explicable. But you need an subjectivist's mind to get your head around that one. We are to understand that the difference is, the Daily Kos (and presumably also the massive New York Times) is 'marginal', while the clout of the Tea Party is carried by 'large swathes of the establishment'.

At a loss? You see, it works like this. The Left is all about the redistribution of power. They do so by lumbering the top dog (the US, Israel, the power structure, the military industrial complex, the Tea Party, what have you) with a number of handicaps. They are allowed only a fraction of what the under dog is permitted to do (terrorism, (r)aid flotillas, martial graphics, hate speech, lumping, racism, the Daily Kos, the NYT, etc.).

This logic leaves the Left in a permanent state of bigotry. This is exacerbated by group thought that is rife among the Left! A a matter of course they judge each inequal 'group' by different standards. Hypocrisy is the postmodern Left's middle name!

Update Jan. 10, 2011

- Pajamas Media entire coverage of the subject: "Shooting in Tucson"
- The Moderate Voice: "Politicizing Murder, An Arizona Story"

Krugman is taking exception to Palin martial charts! The gall! Michelle Malkin has compiled some products of the Leftist hatred machine. So who's responsible for current climate?

V. LEFT-WING MOB HATE — campus, anti-war radicals, ACORN, eco-extremists, & unions
VIII. HATE: CRIMES — the ever-growing Unhinged Mugshot Collection

Rumor has it the shooter of Giffords, Loughner voted for Obama. Seeking confirmation.
Update: no, that would be Independent. He didn't vote in 2010.

Days before the attack on Gifford the Leftist blog, Daily Kos has been ginning up feelings against Blue Dog Dem Giffords for voting against komisar Pelosi! La Geller brings home the bacon by posting a screen shot, taken before sanitation efforts took it down.

Update Jan. 11, 2011

David Limbaugh stresses the Democrats' conscious strategery behind the spin.

The Economist: "Krugman's toxic rhetoric"

HOW did a deadly shooting spree by a disturbed young man with the typically inscrutable politics of political killers turn into a crazy referendum on the state of American political discourse? Mere minutes after the identity of the alleged Tucson gunman hit the wires, partisans began a reprehensible scramble to out Jared Loughner as ideological kin to their political opponents. Actually, well before that time, some left-leaning opinionators began suggesting that Sarah Palin's now-infamous crosshairs map probably had something to do with the shootings.

At the very least, intemperately fiery right-wing rhetoric probably had something to do with creating a cultural "climate" unusually encouraging to would-be assassins. Before anybody really knew anything, some people seemed to have become convinced that if not for the heavy weather of partisan antagonism summoned by intemperate tea-party types, Gabrielle Giffords would not have got a bullet through the brain. (...) Anyway, let Ross Douthat's intelligently measured column be an example to Mr Krugman of the responsible, reasonable, non-toxic analysis he demands, but utterly failed to deliver. (...) >>>


- "The Political Pathology Asylum"
- "The Dialectics"
- "Socialist Causes Explained"

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Ideological Archeology: Flunking Fichte (V)

Continued from Part IV: Heckling Hegel

"Education should aim at destroying free will so that after pupils are thus schooled they will be incapable throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise than as their school masters would have wished."

Meet the Professor from hell, Johann Gottlieb Fichte (1762-1814), Head of Philosophy and Psychology Dept. of the Prussian University of Berlin, in 1810.

He blamed all but God for the German defeat against Napoleon Bonaparte: corrupt royals, the nobility, the decadent influence of reason, and a succession of weak governments that undermined religion as a moral force. He wanted the German losers to emulate the burghers of the Middle Ages, who made the Holy Roman Empire great because they weren't individuals, but sacrificed to the common good.

The emphasis in Fichte's educational system was on compulsion, like Kant pushing duty for its own sake and the elimination of self-interest; obedience, the crush of free will, prohibition, fear for punishment, religious immersion--pupils must become 'fixed and unchangeable machines' and 'links in the eternal chain of spiritual life in a higher social order.'

Fichte applied Kant to education, as generations of continental school children, until well within the last century, may have been aware of, although perhaps not consciously so.

"Under proper guidance, the student will find at the end that nothing really exists but life, the spiritual life which lives in thought, and that everything else does not really exist, but only appears to exist."
A belated reaction to Fichte's will-crushing - but in full accordance with the extremes of the Hegel dialectic - was provided by Frankfurt School inspired anti-authoritarian education of the seventies of the last century. The Head Master from hell has become the guidance counsellor called Bill.

- Four German Idealists: Johann Gottlieb Fichte, Friedrich Schleiermacher,
Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, and Ernst Moritz Arndt (undated Woodcut) -
As National Socialism differed from Marxism in the national versus the international context, intellectuals of the Counter-Enlightenment movement exerted German, ethnic subjectivism. In Fichte's case, on education:
"Only the Germans, the salvation of Europe from the Napoleontic Enlightenment, are capable of true education."
In Fichte we have a good example of Left and Right Socialism as mirroring ideologies, not as opposing social systems. Like so many of the anti-modernist movement, he was undoubtedly a man of the Right, but pursuing what would today be seen as a Leftist subject: egalitarian public education.

First elected President of the Weimar Republic, the Social Democrat Friedrich Ebert in his inaugural speech in 1919 stressed the relevance of the Rightist Socialist, Fichte:
“In this way we will set to work, our great aim before us: to maintain the right of the German nation, to lay the foundation in Germany for a strong democracy, and to bring it to achievement with the true social spirit and in the Socialistic way. Thus shall we realize that which Fichte has given to the German nation as its task.”
The Head Master from hell may well have inspired Marx to view school as a microcosm of Utopian society.

- This post wraps up this series Ideological Archeology on the founders of the Counter Enlightenment or anti modernism, the precursor to Postmodernism. -
Update: Dr Sanity: "Ayers and his Cohorts are what's Wrong with Education Today"

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