Sunday, January 30, 2011

Postmodern Foreign Policy is Dead, Bring Back the Neocons!

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The utter hypocrisy on the part of the Postmodern Left is once again in full view!
When George W. Bush was in office, pursuing the Neocon policy of bringing democracy to the Middle East, that was loudly rejected as "liberty by coercion".

In this narrative the people of the Middle East ostensibly [sarc on] like their regimes slightly tyrannical. Who are we to judge?! Our Jeffersonian brand of democracy may not suit all people. There isn't just one true democracy. There are as many forms of democracy as there are people! Democracy may even be overrated, ormaybe it doesn't 'work' anymore [sarc off].

Now that the potentates are falling like pieces on a chess board, it's "America is propping up dictators". Well, actually, the Obama is.

An adept of above 'freedom is slavery' school of thought he's been following the 'thou shalt not meddle' narrative to the letter, reversing the Bush doctrine. Abdicating the proliferation of liberty, Obama has been doing everything in his power to keep communication lines open to the bad guys: Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamofascist regime in Iran and its proxy Syria.

He's even installed the first US ambassador to Syria in five years. On the other hand, Mubarak hasn't visited the White House in five years, because of the hated Bush's "freedom agenda".

Parley with dictators is the central Pomo foreign policy piece! No violence, no violence, is all the "make peace, not war" generation of leaders can muster. As if anyone cared! They've never heard of Ayn Rand's logical wisdom that the Good has nothing to gain from Evil and Evil has everything to gain from the Good! By talking to these evil doers they've turned into co-conspirators. This is how Evil works. Go ask Faust!

See how many peoples and causes Obama has already thrown "Under the Bus" with his faulty doctrine. US Homeland Security Secretary, Janet "Big Sis" Napolitano and her senior staff have already privately met in Washington, DC, in January of last year with a select group of Muslim, Arab, and Sikh organizations, among which were three organizations directly associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, the roots of Al Qaeda.

Our Leftist journolisters (is there any other kind) are reporting about the Brotherhood in Egypt in terms of the greatest respect and something akin to affection in their tone of voice, as if the Brotherhood was a boys choir! It's infuriating!

The Washington Post has two separate articles today that are highly critical of the Obama's foreign policy. Yeah, out with the Postmodernists and bring back the darned Neocons!
While various forms of statism and totalitarianism are on the rise: Neo Socialism in South America, the Chinese commies are arming to the teeth morphing into a giant fascist state, and Iran's proxies are taking over the Middle East, Lebanon - the place of the Ceder Revolution - has fallen to bl**dy Hezbollah.

Meanwhile the O Team is in the throngs of micro-managing school dinners and in the business of destructing jobs through malignant Uberregulation. It can do so, because 'all systems are equally valid'.

So much for Postmodern foreign policy! Before last week its status was 'a geopolitical disaster waiting to happen'; currently the catastrophe is actually unfolding before our very eyes. A year from now we may not have done away with the Islamofascist state of Iran, we may actually have an Arab version of it as well.

ElBaradei is a Kifaya and a Muslim Brotherhood tool and a stooge for Iran. He's a straw-man who can just as easily be toppled as he's stood up. For the moment each and every nut job in the Middle East will be pouring into the country. Egypt for the moment is eerily following the 1979 scenario.


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