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The Nature of the Revolution Is Socialist, Stupid!

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I told you so! "The Revolution Has Begun!" While we are all watching the Islamist component of the revolution in Tunesia and Egypt, the root of the uprising remains undeclared and unnoticed: it's International Socialism, stupid! (And yes, Wikileaks and SoroS are in it, too...) (Hat Tip: Libertarier_Def)
- An 'authentic', 'grassroots' pamphlet translated by The Atlantic,
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This isn't 'grassroots' or anything spontaneous in any way! It is - as usual - triggered from the top down in a concerted effort. That's not to say the Islamists won't be taking hold of the reigns at a later stage. After all, that's precisely what happened in 1979 in the Iranian Revolution.

Trevor Loudon of New Zeal traces it back to a bloggers outfit called Wasla, which is published by the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information and financially supported by the Open Society Institute, created by none other than George Soros; Brooks Bayne ends up with the same result, through Soros-funded GlobalVoices.

What have we got so far? A Postmodern man-child in the White House, essentially a mental baby with a razor, who is in way over his head! Wikileaks has been creating an atmosphere of unreliability and failure of the world's leaders at large. An economic and monetary crisis which may, or may not have been triggered within the system (see the entry on this dossier on Sept. 19, 2010 entitled "On the September 2008 money vortex").

Iran is plotting to take over swaths of the Middle East through their proxies in Syria, Lebanon (which is now ruled by Hezbollah), Turkey, and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The Islamic uprising against 'imperialism' is egged on by the Qatari Shiite news outlet, Al Jazeera (since ousted from Egypt). On the other hand, when the Islamofascist regime isn't hanging innocent house wives, it might want to do the world a favor by comitting suicide and pilot the Bushehr reactor, causing a massive nuclear explosion.

Violent protests against austerity measures in Greece, a violent election dispute in Albania, violent student protests in the UK and Netherlands, regime change in Tunesia, rioting in Algeria, Albania, Yemen, Israel (Jaffa), Jordan and an ongoing revolt in the heart of Arabia, Egypt which may set off a string of dominos tumbling all over the Middle East.

It is no coincidence that both George Soros and ElBaradei both sit on the Board of Trustees of the International Crisis Group, one of Soros' agitators. While some see ElBaradei as a strawman for the Muslim Brotherhood and a stooge of the regime in Iran, the Marxist Africa Workers Organization has this self-explanatory piece of undiluted, Socialist paranoia to share:

Mohamed El Baradei is an imperialist puppet (...) He was placed under house arrest briefly to boost his profile as being with ‘the masses’. He has been planted by imperialism to betray the revolution from within. Imperialism has struck a deal with the Muslim Brotherhood to promote ElBaradei as the ‘leader’ of the revolution. The price was of course a stake for the Muslim Brotherhood in the new regime. The Muslim Brotherhood is a highly reactionary organization, with militantant-imperialist rhetoric but who are fundamentally pro-capitalist. (...) 
The immediate task of the revolution is the setting up of soviets, that is, committees of struggle with worker delegates principally (but not limited to) from the textile, gas and oil, hydroelectricity and metal and armamentsfactories, from the large capitalist farms, including delegates from rank and file soldiers, delegates from the unemployed, students and ruined sectors of the lower middle class and poorest peasants (in the agricultural areas). (...) >>>

More vintage Marxist lingo on The Socialist Worker: "Egyptian socialist: 'We can make Mubarak run like Ben Ali'".

How could we have missed it?! Because our bl**dy media are either colluding with the Islamist-Marxist nexus, or they don't know their Democrats from their Socialists (probably both, but the ethics are 'all systems are equally valid, but Socialism can't be as bad as they told us!'). The words Socialism and extreme Left have effectively been expunged from the lexicon. It simply doesn't exist anymore!

Some in Europe think we should all support the efforts for the fledgeling 'Jeffersonian democracy' in Egypt. Well, there's hardly a point in substituting a crypto Socialist dictatorship with yet another hard Islamo-Socialist tyranny!

Watch words: democracy, freedom and justice are code words for Socialism (always have been). This has nothing to do with the Jeffersonian version called Liberty. We now all know what the call for 'change' stands for: fundamental transformation i.e. revolution.

Question: Why are some ludicrously comparing this revolt with the Tea Party? It is an absurd effort to confuse people into accepting the collectivist, malignant revolt for the Jeffersonian version, which is based on individual rights, not collectivism like the present one.

Question: Who is the young dissident who attended a US-sponsored Alliance of Youth Movements summit for activists in New York, while working to keep his identity secret from Egyptian state police?  On his return to Cairo in December 2008, the activist told US diplomats that an alliance of opposition groups had drawn up a plan to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak and install a democratic government in 2011. The secret document in full. He has already been arrested by Egyptian security in connection with the demonstrations and his identity is being protected by The Daily Telegraph. Commentary by DebkaFile.

Who's behind the Alliance of Youth Movements summit in New York and which members of Congress did the activist meet? George W. Bush was in office in 2008, so that would be the hated Neocon "freedom agenda".

The same article is stating that "The American government secretly backed leading figures behind the Egyptian uprising who have been planning “regime change” for the past three years".

We should all stop egging on this malignant revolt, because we may come to gravely regret it!

P.S. Was just informed that Hosni Mubarak and former Tunisian president Ben Ali who fled to Saudi, are both card carrying members of the Socialist International. So these are Socialists rising up against Socialist dictatorships. What else is new? Surely they'll get it right this time ... Update Feb. 1 Their parties have just been booted from the club: NDP in Egypt (PDF), RDC of Tunisia.


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"Watch words: democracy, freedom and justice are code words for Socialism (always have been). This has nothing to do with the Jeffersonian version called Liberty. We now all know what the call for 'change' stands for: fundamental transformation i.e. revolution."

Thanks for pointing this out!

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