Monday, January 24, 2011

Serving Obama or How to Achieve Greater Civility

The President's Tucson call for greater civility in political debate is reverberating across the globe and is being regurgitated by the Left and the MSM ad nauseum. Here's our analysis of the jaw-dropping hypocisy and the vicious spiral of hatred. Yet there has been little said on how this self censorship is to be accomplished.

In fact the basic assumptions of the political elite makes this almost impossible. Political discourse which is not adversarial will require a paradigm shift in the philosophy of the political elite. Most lawyers, politicians, professors, and pundits think in terms of the Hegelian dialectic, in which some assertible proposition is necessarily opposed by an equally assertible and mutual contradicting proposition.

Most people are unaware of how postmodern thought, and the adversarial approach, now shape our perceptions, influence our decisions and control our behaviors. Yet they are the outcomes of Hegel's philosophy and his Utopian vision. For years progressives have been nudging us toward endless self-perpetuating conflict and centralization--the "whole" of which Hegel speaks.

If you want to learn about an alternative to the Hegelian dialectic, which can provide the civility most people seek, read Dr Sam Holliday's doctrine of "Stability through Equilibrium (StE)", which results in checks and balances, conflict/cooperation--both interacting as parts of a whole--decentralization of power to the lowest level possible, and freedom for individuals to use their Free Will (which is referred to as the inner compass of the individual).

This difference is not just in words. It is at the core of the current decline of Western Culture as a result of "progressism"--a decline which could be reversed to result in true progress in keeping with the principles and ideals of those who established America and with it, the philosophy of Liberty.

That said, it must be stressed that postmodernists (progressives) want to achieve civility to prevent opposing views from being heard. That is what all of those who favor a collective want to do. In fact, it's a form of political correctness at work. This is not civility, it is servitude.

This call for civility is control of behavior through the Secular Authority of an elite. Free persons (with Free Will based on Sacred Authority) welcome differing views, so they can use judgment to adopt the best behaviors and policies based on their merit. This is civility according to StE.

But this piece of political correctness is even more insidious than meets the eye. It's one step closer to the criminalization of the opposition, something which has already been attempted on several occasions since the presidential campaign of 2008.

More articles and essays by Dr Sam Holliday and his work with the Armiger Cromwell Center is on file here.


Glenn Beck: "The assassination attempt you've never heard of"

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James Higham said...

Sheer and utter gall - greater civility! Vicious bastards.

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