Sunday, February 28, 2010

Insanity Rules

In a post "Some home truths for men" James Higham on nourishing obscurity comes out in defense of the traditional relationship. He writes:

“Society’s moved on since then,” is one of the worst constructs trotted out, the idea that not trying at all is somehow modern, in keeping with our onwards and upwards path, that commitment, fidelity, genuinely trying, great tolerance and willingness to be elastic enough because you want it to work – that that is somehow old-fashioned, something your grandparents did and then you convince yourself [or let others convince you] that they weren’t happy, on the grounds that you know of strife they had in their marriages."

- Caption: Hat Tip: Mindart

Yes, that is an appalling construct, but it goes even further than that: the thinking class of humanity has evolved on an ethical level beyond the mere mortal of say, the onset of the Age of Aquarius. The Darwinian notion is pushed on a more physical level in television series as The X-men and Mutant X.

It is somehow suggested that reality itself has evolved. That the laws of ordinary physics somehow no longer apply. This is possible because the postmodern mind rejects objective reality. Rather, they reason from the premise that each human being lives in his own subjectively created reality: to each his own 'narrative', everyone his own Master of the Universe, the New Reality of "the smart set".

Since then we have emotive creaters of pseudo realities. This is all good and proper for companies selling cars and lipsticks, but when politicians are embarking on a conscious quest to manipulate the voters' perception, things tend to get a wee bit problematic in the real world.

Third way politicians like Tony Blair and Bill Clinton tried to manipulate the perception of voters with rhetoric and mild NLP techniques. Since then, things only gotten exponentially worse. We have witnessed the Obama campaign, in which styrofoam Ionian columns and other postmodern kitch superficially created the pseudo reality of the celebrity saint, the Obama, and the young, upcoming statesman, the Obama.

Everything in the artificial Obama reality serves as a prop. Projection is rife in the subjective world of the perceptionists. This is how they unwittingly reveal what they are doing, simply by accusing the other side of same. The omnibus Obamacare Bill wasn't the physical manifestation of the subject matter, but "a prop".

The pliable, fleeting reality of the subjective Obama universe was made audible this week when he uttered the undying words: "I'm an ardent believer in free markets". In the face of blatantly doing and saying everything that is in contrast with that, truly a chutzpah of staggering proportions! But he wasn't lying - it was merely his "truth of the moment".

As we have seen in "The O Team: Mental Babies With Razors" the postmodern, subjectivist mind is quite literally insane, not in any physical or psychological sense, but on a philosophical and mental level.

Dr Sanity illustrates the matter in her post "What a Joke", relating to the Obama budget. She quotes the authority on postmodernism, Stephen Hicks:
"(...) unmasking means interpreting or investigating to a literal meaning or fact of the matter. The process of unmasking is cognitive, guided by objective standards, with the purpose of coming to an awareness of reality. For the postmodernist, by contrast, interpretation and investigation never terminate with reality. Language connects only with more language, never with a non-linguistic reality...." 
Stephen Hicks' book "Explaining Postmodernism" is now entirely online available.

A similarly constructed reality is climate alarmism. We can see the narrative under construction as they change the labels from "global warming", to the blanket cover of "climate change". Subjectivists really believe that changing the labels, will change the reality. As I heard a journalist exclaim the other day concerning an issue that was exposed as a scam, "But they changed the name, didn't they?" In other words, that should have restored its validity.

Do not ever believe that their insane, sentimental and enfantile ravings are innocent blather. As Dr Sanity points out in yesterday's post:
God help us from their ministrations, as the moldering bodies of the millions upon millions they have destroyed with their perfectionistic techniques. 
When objective reality no longer exists, quite literally anything goes!


Politics Daily: "Obama on Health: Stunning Arrogance or the Edmund Burke Theory of Leadership?"


- Glenn Beck: "Progressives by another name..."
- Hicks: "Scientific fraud and politics"
- PJM: "Narcissism and Denial in the Obama Administration"
- Caption: doctors (or probably actors) as props - 
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Live Tweets of Dan Hannan Brighton #TeaPartyuk

Tweetphoto 1
Tweetphoto 2

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tea Party Returns Home, Has Kittens in England - Updated

I'm coming to Farage and his awful tirade against the European President in a minute, but British Tory MEP Dan Hannan had this to say on February 10 about the Tea Party Movement:

"Some of my US readers believe that anti-tax rebellions are an American speciality, but we’ve had plenty of them in this country, from the Poll Tax Riots of 1381 (the Peasants’ Revolt) to the Poll Tax Riots of 1990. The doctrines that inspired the Boston mutineers – above all, the idea that taxes should not be levied without parliamentary process – were borrowed from English political theory. 
Indeed, as Hugh Brogan drily observed in his History of the United States, the taxpayers’ revolt which sparked the American Revolution began on this side of the Atlantic: the Seven Years War had pushed taxes up to 25 shillings a year for the average Englishman as against sixpence for the average colonist, and MPs were determined to export part of that cost to North America.
Of course, there was an extra dimension to the Boston Tea Party: “No Taxation without Representation!” Taxes in the UK may be excessive but they have, so far, been set by our own government. This, though, is changing. If there was one theme that came out of the hearings for the new European Commissioners, it was their determination to create a direct revenue stream for the EU. Herman Van Rompuy, a declared enthusiast for the global managament of our planet, maintains that “recent developments in the euro area highlight the urgent need to strengthen our economic governance,” (hat-tip, Stephen Castle).
“Whether it is called coordination of policies or economic government, only the European Council is capable of delivering and sustaining a common European strategy for more growth and more jobs.”
I'm no admirer of the postmodern ad hominem style, but this is why I applaud UK Independence Party MEP Nigal Farage and his rude but right 'tirade' against President Rumpy Pumpy (bl**dy Hegelian statists! - "damp rag charisma" and a "low-grade bankclerk" indeed - in fact, he was lauded for being just that, so that Messrs Brown, Merkel and Sarkozy may shine all the more in comparison! "President Humpy Pumpy" is just great! Too bad it wouldn't trend on Twitter. I'll have to think up a good nickname for Baroness Kremlina Stalinova next!
Britain, in other words, has all the conditions necessary for a popular anti-tax movement. Not only are levies high and rising; they are being imposed by rulers over whom we have no control. We need our own Tea Party Movement. Who will help me run one? >>>
I don't know who stept up to the plate, but he's done it - Hannan ...
nourishing obscurity: "Tea Party this Saturday"
Join DANIEL HANNAN MEP at the Brighton Tea Party at 5.30 p.m. this Saturday 27 February at the Best Western Hotel, 143-145 King’s Road, Brighton BN1 2PQ.
The event will take place on the Conservative Party Spring Forum fringe, but is outside the secure zone, so all members of the public are very welcome to attend. Admission is free. Tea and other refreshments will be available at a small charge. Cash bar. (...) >>>
 Facebook Event
I'm trying to limit myself to The Right Tweets right now (see also this post), linking up UK, USA, and Netherlands based sympathizers of the Tea Parties; but I sincerely hope this catches on and infects the entire continent next!


The reaction from Tea Party Patriots is in! The Brits Are Revolting!

No, I don't mean that people from England are repulsive. I mean they are revolting against out-of-control government just like millions of Americans are. On Saturday, as Tea Party Patriots in America gather to celebrate the One Year Anniversary of the Nationwide Tea Party Movement, EU Parliament Member Daniel Hannan will host a British Tea Party.
Since Tea Party Patriots is the organization that supports the local coordinators and grassroots members, TPP members have stepped up to the plate to help organize the British Tea Party as well. Today, at 4:00 pm eastern, Tea Party Patriots' Hot Tea Radio Show will host Daniel Hannan to find out what is happening in the EU and why he is leading this effort in Britain. Listen Today at 4 PM.
You can listen live by going here.You can chat and call in by going to the Hot Tea Radio Blog Talk Radio page. Be sure to listen today at 4:00 pm eastern time. (...) >>>

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Monday, February 22, 2010

A New Initiative in Defense of Liberty

Liberty - as a philosophy - is in the pressure cooker. It is facing growing onslaughts from both the Left and the Right. Assertive Islam is pushing collectivism and inequality. The nanny state is brazenly out of control.

Natural and constructed crises serve as a justification to enforce rules and regulations; the Government is everywhere. They 'create' jobs and money, bail out failing industries, and 'save' the economy.

The truth of the matter is, that Government generated jobs, only cost money. The Government can't 'make' money, but must raise it from the tax-payer, or print it - another form of legalized theft in itself. Nor can it 'save' economies with Keynesian tricks: they look good, because politicians are seen as 'doing something', but it's a fallacy that is making matters worse.

Rights (entitlements), grants, privileges and subsidies are provided by the ever expanding State, making the people dependant and subservient.

Expansion seems to be the natural state of everything. So, with Thomas Jefferson we say, "from time to time the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants". Heads no longer roll, but push back is as necessary as ever.

The nasty noughties of the present century in many ways resembled the psychotic seventies of the last: boundless activism for the Leftist cause in which truth no longer mattered and facts - if not in some way expedient for effect - became irrelevant.

The seventies were followed by the common sense years of the eighties: the era of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher - which, not coincidentally, saw the fall of the Berlin Wall and an end to the decades of the Cold War.

As in the US the Democrats will lose their unshakeble majority in the Senate coming November, elections will also also be held in the UK where Labor's stalinist stranglehold on power has lasted since the general election of 1997, which propelled Tony Blair into office. He now seems a rather naieve political tinkerer in the light of the currect bunch of postmodern Marxists.

The Dutch Government performed its final slapstick last week, when Premier Jan Peter Balkenende lost grip of his fourth consecutive failing Government. The Board of his statist Christian Democrat party doubled down, announcing hours after the fortunate event that Balkenende would be on board for a fifth term in office as well.

It's time for a change, but let's be specific this time. As we've seen, change for change's sake can be rather a futile affair. We need to bring individual rights back to where they belong: with the people. Dismantle unequal group rights and privilages, be they based on race, culture or religion. We are all equal in the eyes God and before the Law (talk of which, let's bring back objective justice as well!)

And let's try something really new and revolutionary! Let's go for a bold separation of state and economy. While central banks and judicial Courts have been granted independence and old, derelict state corporations have been privatized, the Left is calling for regulations and renationalizations of grids, utilities and other vital institutions. But let falling banks fail, and economically irrational businesses sort out their own mess.

The State starts respecting negative rights (freedom of ...) and returns to its core business of keeping the people safe, the defense of the realm. The US Federal Government and the European behemoth go back their respective boxes, the latter writing a zillion times, "the people are sovereign".

We live in the time of web 2.0, social networking and Twitter, which recently launched the group tool, in which members can communicate privately. We have taken the initiative of bringing like minded, Liberty loving groups in different countries together on a single platform, suitably called The Right Tweets.

To date we have created groups for the United States, containing factions like #TCOT, #TLOT and #TeaParty, the United Kingdom, consisting mostly of Tory party politicians, candidates and activists, and the Netherlands, which includes the Wilders' Freedom Party. We don't know how long that will last, as Wilders is championing more Leftist causes by the hour. The moment he'll go collectivist on us, he and his followers face removal from the platform.

There's also a Facebook Group you can join. Looking forward to strengthening our base, exchanging ideas and opinions internationally, perhaps even making a conversion or two to the cause of Liberty as we go along.

Let Freedom ring!

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Climategate: Meet the New Hockey Team ...

... instated by the University of East Anglia to probe the decisions and behavior of the old hockey team, led by Professor Phil Jones. Bishop Hill has the broad headings, the scope of the Russell investigation.

What a bummer! Just a few days ago we were happy to post with some optimism that "an independent enquiry into the 'Climategate' leaked email scandal at the University of East Anglia has been announced. Sir Muir Russell had been appointed to investigate allegations that leading academics manipulated data on global warming.

A separate police investigation is ongoing into whether the emails were leaked or hacked
." Well, we already know it was leaked. It must have been an inside job by a whistle blower.

Sir Muir Russell is Chairman of the Judicial Appointments Board for Scotland and former principal and vice-chancellor of the University of Glasgow. The other members of the panel of enquiry are Geoffrey Boulton, General Secretary of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (Professor of Geology), Dr Philip Campbell, Editor-in-Chief for Nature journal, Professor Peter Clarke of the University of Edinburgh (a particle physicist by background; he heads the e-Science Centre at Edinburgh), David Eyton, Head of Research and Technology at BP, Professor Jim Norton, Vice President for the Chartered Institute for IT.

Sky News: "Probe Into Leaked Email Scandal"
Climate change sceptics claim some emails suggest scientists were colluding in an attempt to bolster the theory that global warming is caused by humans. (...) "There aren't league tables about how good scientists are. We're expecting them to police themselves," he said.  "So if there's any evidence that they're conspiring against their critics, conspiring to shut down debate about what they're doing, conspiring not to comply with Freedom of Information requests - I think that's pretty bad news." 
The review by Sir Russell, who has no previous links with the climate science community or with the University of East Anglia, will examine whether there has been any manipulation or suppression of data "at odds with acceptable scientific practice". He will also look at the way the unit deals with all aspects of its research processes and the policy for Freedom of Information requests.
Many climate experts fear the scandal risks undermining decades of sound research on global warming. "It's a great shame that people have concentrated on the Climategate element of this, which is where the odd thing has gone wrong," professor David Collins told Sky News. "That is detracting from the underlying truth of the matter, which is that the physics behind climate change are pretty robust." The inquiry is due to finish by the Spring. >>>
But just hours after the announcement it turned out, the first member of the 'independent' panel was forced to resign. He might have a preconception or two as Editor-in-Chief of Nature, one of the IPCC's 'scientific' sources.

At Bishop Hill they've discovered another panel member with various problems involving bias. Read about Geoffrey Boulton here en here.

Reason Magazine in addition has raised objections to BP's Head of Research and Technology, David Eyton. BP has been 'sustainable' and 'socially responsible' for years - an early member of the climate-corporate complex. Also BP has been funding climate research at major universities - not because they're agnostic towards the man-made glowball warming hypothesis, one would think.

Nigel Lawson's GWPF has issued this statement on the news of the Russell enquiry. No public hearings, no transcripts and closed doors. This enquiry has all the makings of a cover up. And doesn't the choice of appointees betray a shocking lack of understanding of what is in fact the nature of objectivity?

To be continued, methinks.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This Shabby Asshat is Al Gore's 'Hero of the Planet'

Who thinks this is grilling, doesn't know Andrew Neil! Here he is, pussy footing around the issue, treating Watson with velvet gloves. "Oh, please don't bully the b*strd!"

Turns out Al Gore's hero's a bit entrenched in his dogmatic settled science looking more like Baghdad Bob by the day.

What's more, 'climate change' is a tautology! It's called climate for a good reason: it changes. You might not think it amongst postmoderns, but words actually do have a meaning!

more about "This Shabby Asshat is Gore's "Hero of...", posted with vodpod

The Guardian is proposing to save the narrative of climate change by launching a new narrative! That Jones, Mann and the CRU have a bunker and a siege mentality, because they were viciously attacked by evil deniers, who are waging a war against them paid for by ruthless, dirty energy corporations.

This illustrates the mindset of the Left to a t: my goal it so ethical (saving the planet), that it justifies any unethical means. Yes, peer reviews should have been done and yes, information under the Freedom of Information Act should have been supplied (reframed as "a PR disaster"), but hey, their job's so critical that it's no wonder such niceties were dispensed with for the moment!

Help out The Guardian saving climate change! It's important, 'cause a lot of money and ideology is caught up in this scam ... Granted, Climategate should never have happened! But not to worry, you too can now become a peer (granted you would wish to do so), helping The Guardian reviewing the leaked CRU documents. That at least creates the perception of belated orthodoxy.

The Guardian: "'Climategate' was PR disaster that could bring healthy reform of peer review", by Fred Pierce

Peer-review was meant to be a safeguard against the publication of bad science but the balance is shifting towards open access. In a unique experiment, The Guardian has published online the full manuscript of its major investigation into the climate science emails stolen from the University of East Anglia, which revealed apparent attempts to cover up flawed data; moves to prevent access to climate data; and to keep research from climate sceptics out of the scientific literature.
As well as including new information about the emails, we will allow web users to annotate the manuscript to help us in our aim of creating the definitive account of the controversy. This is an attempt at a collaborative route to getting at the truth. (...) The annotations - and the real name of the commenter - will be added to the manuscript, initially in private. The most insightful comments will then be added to a public version of the manuscript. We hope the process will be a form of peer review. If you have a contribution to make, please email The anonymous commenting facility under each article will also be switched on so that anyone can contribute to the debate. (...) >>>
In the Netherlands meanwhile the issue is starting to make waves. The right-wing liberal party VVD in opposition is demanding a clarification from the Prime Minister. It turns out the delegation for COP15 (Hopenhagen) consisted of 110 persons: 109 climate loyalists and 1 sceptic. Among the loyalists, members of Greenpeace and other environmental activists. And Shock! Since the arbiter of postmodern politics is consensus, these activists were allowed to contribute to the drafts of the political agreement (yes, we've seen these drafts drifting by at the time, since sanitized from cyberspace (belated New Year's resolution: improve screenshot awareness)).

Just in:
The Indian government has established its own body to monitor the effects of global warming because it “cannot rely” on the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the group headed by its own leading scientist Dr R.K Pachauri. >>>
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Upping the Anti in Iran

At the run up to the February 11 anniversary of the Iranian RevolutionPresident Ahmadinejad unleashed the usual rhetoric. Suitably impressed, the world is wondering what he'll do next after ratcheting up the uranium enrichment. Allow me to paraphrase what Ellian has been posting of late.

The terror engine is at full throttle. Opposition sources say up to 10,000 political prisoners are filling Tehran's jails and dungeons - among them, independent journalists. In order to encourage unity, minorities are being targeted as the enemy within.

The regime is again allowing the foreign media in the country, but they're kept on a short leash. A number of notable journalists have asked their international counterparts in an open letter not to heed the directions of Iranian Security. Houshang Asadi and other prominent journalists in exile have forwarded the letter to their Western colleagues.

The opposition has requested human rights campaigners, scientists, writers and others to go demonstrate on February 11. Opposition leader Mir Hussein Mousavi said in an interview with media site Kalame, the Iranian Revolution in the end did not succeed. The goal was freedom, which to date hasn't been achieved. He emphasized that religious tyranny is the most evil and dangerous form of dictatorship of all.

While the real rallies will be held elsewhere, the Government plans to fill the streets with family members of the Revolutionary Guard, the Basij militia and mercenaries. The idea being that official press and television will be reporting on the staged state demonstrations, instead of the real protests.

The regime is very much afraid of Ceauşescu type developments. The Romanian dictator was hackled live on state television in 1989 (not unlike Venezuelan Castro wannabe, Hugo Chavez): a few days later Ceauşescu and Mrs C. were made history. So, for good measure only family members of loyalist troops will attend A/jad's party.

He's no longer able to deceive the people with cheap, nationalistic speeches. They aren't impressed with claims of upping uranium enrichment to twenty percent.

Ellian has promised daily updates throughout the coming week.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

"We Didn't Know" is No Excuse

Andrew Bostom is publishing a series on Pajamas on the history of infidels in Iran. Bostom is an authority on the fate of non Muslims in Muslim conquered lands, the so-called dhimmis. Part II was just released. Part III is coming up soon. We'll link to it as soon as it becomes available. The historian Bat Yeor coined the term in her book "Islam and Dhimmitude".

Would the Amsterdam anti discrimination Court, where Geert Wilders is currently on trial, be aware of all that? Given that 15 expert witnesses out of the 18 requested by Wilders were rejected by the Court, defending counsel's reaction was that "apparently they already know".

The series is reminiscent of Wilders' proposal for the rag head tax! Regretably it went nowhere. It would have given cause to a lifely debate. A junior journalist who went undercover in Wilders' party, said he even regretted it.

Turns out, the Nazis invented very little themselves. Antisemitism laws appear to have been lifted 1o1 from Muslim tradition. Part II of Bostom's series relates that even the World War II Star of David badge is an old Iranian custom. All that might well have had something to do with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, an uncle of Yasir Arafat, who was a regular on the Nazi scene.

We have our own theory here, that the genocide of the Jewish tribe of Medina, the Banu Qurayza, later stood model for both the Armenian, Greek and Assyrian genocide, as well as the Holocaust of World War II. At least it must have justified it, because it gave the mass murders a religious base.

Read all about it in "The Medina Precedent for Holocaust and Genocide" and "The Turkish Genocides, the Endless Story".

Also by Andrew Bostom: "The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims" and "The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism".

Pajamas: "Jihad and Genocidal Islamic Anti-Semitism in Shi’ite Iran": Part I - Part II - Part III

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Wilders Trial (III): postmodern ideologues at Court

Continued from Part II.

Today, the second day of preliminary hearings, Geert Wilders launched two dedicated trial websites (in English - Dutch).

This Court, specifically instated to hear cases of discrimination, today decided it does have a legal base to handle the case. Wilders's defence counsel, Abraham Moszkowicz had argued the Court has no standing to hear suits involving Members of Parliament. You wish!, said the pomo Court.

It's clear the Court wants to prevent this case from becoming a trial on Islam, as Leon de Winter still hoped for in this article on WSJ. The Court rejected the request by the Prosecutor that Wilders be interrogated by an investigative Judge.

Of the 18 witnesses requested by Wilders, only 3 were accepted. Theo van Gogh's butcher, rejected - Ahmadinejad's personal cleric, rejected - 5 legal experts, rejected - Afshin Ellian, rejected - Robert Spencer, rejected.

The Judges deem themselves sufficiently sage to deal with the technical intricacies without the assistence of legal expert witnesses. They've got also ample insight into Islamic exegesis, thank you very much. Moszkowicz typified it thus: "This Court basically says: we already know." Really?

Accepted as expert witnesses on Islam are psychiatrist Wafa Sultan, and arabists Hans Jansen and his student Simon Admiraal. They will be heard behind closed doors. Apparently, the news that Islam isn't the religion of peace after all, must not be disclosed to the world.

Simon Admiraal is credited with this piece of esoteric knowledge:
In traditional Islam, Abraham (Ibraham) is considered a Muslim, as is Moses (Mousa) and Jesus (Isa). Islam cleverly incorporated Judaism and Christianity and made it part of its own dogma, but stripped it of its essences. The purpose is to prove that Islam is the only true religion and has been since the times of Abraham, "the builder of the Kaaba in Mecca". That Jews and Christians beg to differ is irrelevant. Because Islam is the last of the three Abrahamic religions, they can push this revisionism without scruples.
The Court also deemed that the subjectivist indictment of "group slander" is a legitimate charge. Actually, it's an abomination! This country apparently consists of unequal collectives now, instead of equal individuals. Negative rights can only be violated by the state, but instead even private bars and tennis clubs can be dragged to court on charges of discrimination.

What's more, who's to determine what constitutes an insult anyway, let alone an "unnecessary" one?

In objective (blind) law, the choice would have been made for absolute speech rights, not for subjective 'insults' as is currently the case.

This plays right into the game of Muslim 'lawfare'. As was to be expected, Postmodernism has breeded a legal monster in which freedom can no longer be defended.

The trial proper will start at some date between 1st June and 31st October. We'll be looking forward then to an exasperating summer.

Wilders, for his part, has commented that a fair trial is now no longer possible. "This Court isn't interested in the truth." Moszkowicz phrased it best: "A Court that is overreaching itself is frightening." Indeed, postmodern ideologues abound. Or, as Aaron Eitan Meyer has it in "Stacking the Deck Against Geert Wilders", the rejection of so many experts "feeds the impression that that this is a results-driven exercise rather than a serious impartial attempt to wrestle with the profound issues presented".

An auxilary plan is already in the works: the reading out loud of 18 files full of expert testimony, for hear they will, whether they like it or not.


! One day later a verdict by a The Hague Court proves the evil that Dutch anti discrimination law produces. Apparently, Urenco producing A.Q. Kahn wasn't sufficient warning!

NRC: "Ban of Iranians at nuclear sites overturned"

A judge on Wednesday tossed out a 2008 boycott barring Iranians from Dutch nuclear sites.

The Brits are planning a show of support on March 5.

The Canadian Jewish Defence League has held support rallies on January 20 (video I, video II).


- Facebook Group "Today I am Geert Wilders" (avatar in picture)
- Wilders' Freedom Party website

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- "The Wilders Trial (I)"
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- International freedom fighters comment on Int'l Free Press Society (Allen West, Bat Ye'or, Clare M. Lopez, Daniel Pipes, David B. Harris, David Yerushalmi, Diana West, Helle Brix, Mark Steyn, Nidra Poller)
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

History Repeats Itself ...

... First as Tragedy, Second as Farce.
--Karl Marx

Ironically printed by the Chicago Tribune in 1934. FDR had been President for two years at the time of this cartoon.

Hat Tip: Cloud Downey
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Of Demons and Angels, and the Left's Brutal Contradictions

Afshin Ellian has a touching post up on Elsevier. He has the latest from Iran, and it isn't good. He also tells an anecdotal story about the Left and the apparent contradictions besetting their relationship with liberty and power.

I've found it very helpful in such cases to ask myself the question: which course of action would hurt the West most (and I mean West in the sense of "the free world"). Because that - when all justifications have been said and done - is the ultimate target.

Since Ellian's post is as lengthy as it is illustratieve, I'd narrate it rather than make a verbatim translation, allowing a few annotations in the process.

We're on the eve of the ten day period in Iran, that marks the beginning of the Islamofascist revolution. The Shah was deemed a demon, the Ayatollah Khomeini, in exile in Paris at the time, was considered an angel.

The latter flew back to Tehran, accompanied by a planeload of Western journalists. They were there to protect Khomeini, reasoning in their hubris that the Shah's military would think twice before shooting all of them down.

Western and Iranian intellectuals supported Khomeini. Those in Iran paid the price with their lifes, but the Western Left's support was completely gratuitous. Until the mass executions started the French Postmodern philosopher Michel Foucault (1926-1984) used to refer to Islamists as "the regime of truth" (in fact, he wouldn't have recognized truth if he were to fall over it!). Then he changed his mind, but it was too late for many.

Western intellectuals had an enormous influence on the Iranian intelligentsia. Many would not have supported the regime, if it wasn't for their Western counterparts' seal of approval.Yet there are many in Europe and the US who still support political Islam.

Ellian brings up his own case and that of Ayaan Hirsi Ali in the Netherlands. They find only a few intellectuals in their corner. He and Hirsi Ali are "traumatized", "Islam as such does not exist", poverty breeds angry Muslims", "a moderate Islam does exist", are only a few of their justifications. Ellian: "Political Islam isn't the problem, it's us!"

In the same way the existence of Iron Curtain was ignored. To this day the Left is ever prepared to criticize Eastern Europe, because it cheered freedom when it finally came. The democratically elected government in Baghdad will probably be detested forever.

Back on the plane from Paris to Tehran, Khomeini assured the assembled journalists he wanted freedom - indeed even for liberals and communists! And he wanted a French style Republic for the people. But he secretly carried with him the draft for an Islamic Constitution based on Sharia Law.

His heirs are now scared to death, because in the coming days lots of resistance protesters are expected to hit the streets again. They are supported by ordinary Western folk, but not by our intellectuals.

To intimidate the people the Islamofascists have executed a number of prisoners. Mohmad Reza Alizamani en Arash Rahmanipour (19) were hanged for participating in protest rallies.

Ellian concludes: "Islamists lie and cheat. They represent death. This is why death will remove them. The aggressor's fate is tragic. But every game has it's end game."


For some obscure reason (not really), after watching the State of the Union address last night delivered by our President, I feel I must repost some material previously written about the relationship between denial, narcissism, and sociopathy. (...) What happens when psychological denial ceases to be unconscious and becomes a deliberate, willful, and consciously evil behavior-- in spite of all the accumulated evidence of its malignant impact on real people in the real world? At that point we can safely assume that we are no longer dealing with a purely defensive structure in the psyche; we are dealing with aggressive, unadulterated sociopathy. (...) Read it all >>>

- "Ellian Blogs"
- "Socialist Causes Explained"


- The Leftist Propaganda Machine: "Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Iran will deliver telling blow to global powers on Feb. 11"
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