Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Upping the Anti in Iran

At the run up to the February 11 anniversary of the Iranian RevolutionPresident Ahmadinejad unleashed the usual rhetoric. Suitably impressed, the world is wondering what he'll do next after ratcheting up the uranium enrichment. Allow me to paraphrase what Ellian has been posting of late.

The terror engine is at full throttle. Opposition sources say up to 10,000 political prisoners are filling Tehran's jails and dungeons - among them, independent journalists. In order to encourage unity, minorities are being targeted as the enemy within.

The regime is again allowing the foreign media in the country, but they're kept on a short leash. A number of notable journalists have asked their international counterparts in an open letter not to heed the directions of Iranian Security. Houshang Asadi and other prominent journalists in exile have forwarded the letter to their Western colleagues.

The opposition has requested human rights campaigners, scientists, writers and others to go demonstrate on February 11. Opposition leader Mir Hussein Mousavi said in an interview with media site Kalame, the Iranian Revolution in the end did not succeed. The goal was freedom, which to date hasn't been achieved. He emphasized that religious tyranny is the most evil and dangerous form of dictatorship of all.

While the real rallies will be held elsewhere, the Government plans to fill the streets with family members of the Revolutionary Guard, the Basij militia and mercenaries. The idea being that official press and television will be reporting on the staged state demonstrations, instead of the real protests.

The regime is very much afraid of Ceauşescu type developments. The Romanian dictator was hackled live on state television in 1989 (not unlike Venezuelan Castro wannabe, Hugo Chavez): a few days later Ceauşescu and Mrs C. were made history. So, for good measure only family members of loyalist troops will attend A/jad's party.

He's no longer able to deceive the people with cheap, nationalistic speeches. They aren't impressed with claims of upping uranium enrichment to twenty percent.

Ellian has promised daily updates throughout the coming week.

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