Sunday, February 28, 2010

Insanity Rules

In a post "Some home truths for men" James Higham on nourishing obscurity comes out in defense of the traditional relationship. He writes:

“Society’s moved on since then,” is one of the worst constructs trotted out, the idea that not trying at all is somehow modern, in keeping with our onwards and upwards path, that commitment, fidelity, genuinely trying, great tolerance and willingness to be elastic enough because you want it to work – that that is somehow old-fashioned, something your grandparents did and then you convince yourself [or let others convince you] that they weren’t happy, on the grounds that you know of strife they had in their marriages."

- Caption: Hat Tip: Mindart

Yes, that is an appalling construct, but it goes even further than that: the thinking class of humanity has evolved on an ethical level beyond the mere mortal of say, the onset of the Age of Aquarius. The Darwinian notion is pushed on a more physical level in television series as The X-men and Mutant X.

It is somehow suggested that reality itself has evolved. That the laws of ordinary physics somehow no longer apply. This is possible because the postmodern mind rejects objective reality. Rather, they reason from the premise that each human being lives in his own subjectively created reality: to each his own 'narrative', everyone his own Master of the Universe, the New Reality of "the smart set".

Since then we have emotive creaters of pseudo realities. This is all good and proper for companies selling cars and lipsticks, but when politicians are embarking on a conscious quest to manipulate the voters' perception, things tend to get a wee bit problematic in the real world.

Third way politicians like Tony Blair and Bill Clinton tried to manipulate the perception of voters with rhetoric and mild NLP techniques. Since then, things only gotten exponentially worse. We have witnessed the Obama campaign, in which styrofoam Ionian columns and other postmodern kitch superficially created the pseudo reality of the celebrity saint, the Obama, and the young, upcoming statesman, the Obama.

Everything in the artificial Obama reality serves as a prop. Projection is rife in the subjective world of the perceptionists. This is how they unwittingly reveal what they are doing, simply by accusing the other side of same. The omnibus Obamacare Bill wasn't the physical manifestation of the subject matter, but "a prop".

The pliable, fleeting reality of the subjective Obama universe was made audible this week when he uttered the undying words: "I'm an ardent believer in free markets". In the face of blatantly doing and saying everything that is in contrast with that, truly a chutzpah of staggering proportions! But he wasn't lying - it was merely his "truth of the moment".

As we have seen in "The O Team: Mental Babies With Razors" the postmodern, subjectivist mind is quite literally insane, not in any physical or psychological sense, but on a philosophical and mental level.

Dr Sanity illustrates the matter in her post "What a Joke", relating to the Obama budget. She quotes the authority on postmodernism, Stephen Hicks:
"(...) unmasking means interpreting or investigating to a literal meaning or fact of the matter. The process of unmasking is cognitive, guided by objective standards, with the purpose of coming to an awareness of reality. For the postmodernist, by contrast, interpretation and investigation never terminate with reality. Language connects only with more language, never with a non-linguistic reality...." 
Stephen Hicks' book "Explaining Postmodernism" is now entirely online available.

A similarly constructed reality is climate alarmism. We can see the narrative under construction as they change the labels from "global warming", to the blanket cover of "climate change". Subjectivists really believe that changing the labels, will change the reality. As I heard a journalist exclaim the other day concerning an issue that was exposed as a scam, "But they changed the name, didn't they?" In other words, that should have restored its validity.

Do not ever believe that their insane, sentimental and enfantile ravings are innocent blather. As Dr Sanity points out in yesterday's post:
God help us from their ministrations, as the moldering bodies of the millions upon millions they have destroyed with their perfectionistic techniques. 
When objective reality no longer exists, quite literally anything goes!


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- Caption: doctors (or probably actors) as props - 
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