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Tea Party Returns Home, Has Kittens in England - Updated

I'm coming to Farage and his awful tirade against the European President in a minute, but British Tory MEP Dan Hannan had this to say on February 10 about the Tea Party Movement:

"Some of my US readers believe that anti-tax rebellions are an American speciality, but we’ve had plenty of them in this country, from the Poll Tax Riots of 1381 (the Peasants’ Revolt) to the Poll Tax Riots of 1990. The doctrines that inspired the Boston mutineers – above all, the idea that taxes should not be levied without parliamentary process – were borrowed from English political theory. 
Indeed, as Hugh Brogan drily observed in his History of the United States, the taxpayers’ revolt which sparked the American Revolution began on this side of the Atlantic: the Seven Years War had pushed taxes up to 25 shillings a year for the average Englishman as against sixpence for the average colonist, and MPs were determined to export part of that cost to North America.
Of course, there was an extra dimension to the Boston Tea Party: “No Taxation without Representation!” Taxes in the UK may be excessive but they have, so far, been set by our own government. This, though, is changing. If there was one theme that came out of the hearings for the new European Commissioners, it was their determination to create a direct revenue stream for the EU. Herman Van Rompuy, a declared enthusiast for the global managament of our planet, maintains that “recent developments in the euro area highlight the urgent need to strengthen our economic governance,” (hat-tip, Stephen Castle).
“Whether it is called coordination of policies or economic government, only the European Council is capable of delivering and sustaining a common European strategy for more growth and more jobs.”
I'm no admirer of the postmodern ad hominem style, but this is why I applaud UK Independence Party MEP Nigal Farage and his rude but right 'tirade' against President Rumpy Pumpy (bl**dy Hegelian statists! - "damp rag charisma" and a "low-grade bankclerk" indeed - in fact, he was lauded for being just that, so that Messrs Brown, Merkel and Sarkozy may shine all the more in comparison! "President Humpy Pumpy" is just great! Too bad it wouldn't trend on Twitter. I'll have to think up a good nickname for Baroness Kremlina Stalinova next!
Britain, in other words, has all the conditions necessary for a popular anti-tax movement. Not only are levies high and rising; they are being imposed by rulers over whom we have no control. We need our own Tea Party Movement. Who will help me run one? >>>
I don't know who stept up to the plate, but he's done it - Hannan ...
nourishing obscurity: "Tea Party this Saturday"
Join DANIEL HANNAN MEP at the Brighton Tea Party at 5.30 p.m. this Saturday 27 February at the Best Western Hotel, 143-145 King’s Road, Brighton BN1 2PQ.
The event will take place on the Conservative Party Spring Forum fringe, but is outside the secure zone, so all members of the public are very welcome to attend. Admission is free. Tea and other refreshments will be available at a small charge. Cash bar. (...) >>>
 Facebook Event
I'm trying to limit myself to The Right Tweets right now (see also this post), linking up UK, USA, and Netherlands based sympathizers of the Tea Parties; but I sincerely hope this catches on and infects the entire continent next!


The reaction from Tea Party Patriots is in! The Brits Are Revolting!

No, I don't mean that people from England are repulsive. I mean they are revolting against out-of-control government just like millions of Americans are. On Saturday, as Tea Party Patriots in America gather to celebrate the One Year Anniversary of the Nationwide Tea Party Movement, EU Parliament Member Daniel Hannan will host a British Tea Party.
Since Tea Party Patriots is the organization that supports the local coordinators and grassroots members, TPP members have stepped up to the plate to help organize the British Tea Party as well. Today, at 4:00 pm eastern, Tea Party Patriots' Hot Tea Radio Show will host Daniel Hannan to find out what is happening in the EU and why he is leading this effort in Britain. Listen Today at 4 PM.
You can listen live by going here.You can chat and call in by going to the Hot Tea Radio Blog Talk Radio page. Be sure to listen today at 4:00 pm eastern time. (...) >>>

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James Higham said...

Taxes in the UK may be excessive but they have, so far, been set by our own government.

They already have a revenue stream from us to the tune of #118 bn a year. They just don't call it tax but it goes on our tax bill.

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