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Ideology of the year 2007: Neo Communism

Francis Fukuyama must have dined out quite a few nights on the basis of the happy assumption that we were done with the vicious ideology of the Evil Empire, and that liberal democracy had won the day. Tony Blair, in a famous speech delivered in 1999 in Chicago said that "the familiar battles between Left and Right" were over, "with liberal democracy having emerged triumphant." What a mistake to make ... thinking that the Left had conceded defeat and virulent anti Americanism had died with the fall of the Berlin Wall! Instead it dropped into a state of catatonic hibernation during the Clinton years, to be re-wakened only by the thundering bang of the collapsing twin towers in New York!

Herbert Marcuse, one of the main gurus of the Soviet's Advanced Polit Bureau in the West, the Frankfurt School, had promised it after the collapse of the 1968 student revolution: "We'll be back through the universities", upon which command the fellow travelers started their long march through the institutions, from which they emerged only in the third millennium when least expected - all along carefully nurturing and cultivating the bane of today's world: nihilism through malignant relativism.

With the birth of the first Bush administration - and more particularly after 9/11 - some verbal memes triggered the drones from their brainwashed stupefaction of collective hive slumber. I'm not sure at this point what these might have been, but 'neocon' might have done the trick, as well as 'the spread of democracy'; personally I'm still dithering between 'liberating Iraq' and 'regime change in Afghanistan', or all of the above.

Anyway, 2007 was the year that Communism definitely re-asserted itself, although nobody knows it by that name. Whereas in March somebody was still expressing shock and awe at the very idea, and had visions of the CP handing out freshly printed membership cards, today I'm almost reluctant to bring the subject up yet again. Everybody knows by now that neo Communism is alive and kicking, and this time round in collusion with assertive Islamism ... or do they?

Still, I have no hesitation proclaiming Neo Communism the ideology of the year 2007, considering the promising strides toward the final establishment of the egalitarian, collective empire they have been able to make in such a short space of time, thanks largely to the subversion of every aspect of Western life, mass exposure and the inculcation of relativist thought, and the dropping of the pretence of objectivity by the mainstream media.

Since however some water has gone under the bridge since we last were overtly confronted with the vicious ideology, let's go through a few of the finer points, to remind ourselves what opportunity to paradise might have gone lost had Osama not sounded the alarm bell. Let's start with the very core fallacy, as brilliantly revealed and defined by the founder of Objectivism, the philosopher Ayn Rand.

When the early Counter-Enlighteners were fed up with rational thought, and some wanted to rid themselves of the omniscience and omnipresence of God as well, what they did was basically substituting Him with ... whatever their particular narrative prescribed: Nationalists put the State in His stead, Romanticists did the same with Aesthetics, Nietzsche resurrected Lucifer, Marx the Class Society and the Proletariat, and the National Socialists the Germanic tribes.

These ideological surrogate gods hence possessed a group soul or a collective spirit; reason why Hitler could nurse delusions of the Jews' unjustified subsistance on Germanic lands at the expense of the empoverished Germanic peoples. The Communist branch had a similar views on dissidents, whom they also saw as 'parasites of the collective', an offence punishable by internal exile to the Siberian neverlands (or gulags). So much for the serenity of mystical thinking. (No infidel is ever allowed anywhere near the Islamic shrines of Mekka and M'dina for similar reasons.)

One could say that their mistake was, to have changed the characters, and the stage and its attributes, but to have left the essence - the plot - in tact, namely Primacy of Consciousness philosophy, as opposed to the Primacy of Existence. The former is only rational if you believe the human soul to be 'of God', and in a state of quasi conscious existence before birth, as well as after death. The rest of humanity only gain consciousness well within toddler age. Atheist ideologies and thought, based on the Primacy of Consciousness I will hereafter term 'subjectivism'.

But for atheists to have left this essence in tact is rather thoughtless of them, to say the least. Aforementioned philosophy of Objectivism based on the Primacy of Existance, is the only rational philosophical basis for atheists. No wonder Leftist oafs active in the field of reality - for example the one they call The Scourge of Religion, evolutionary biologist Professor Richard Dawkins - live in perennial cognitive dissonance among the political and intellectual Left. Not surprisingly he's taken leave of his senses: in the latest turn of events he's confessed to split personality: it would appear he's partly an irrational, atheist scientist as well as a rational, cultural Christian. Whatever next? Rational Muslims?

James Lewis not so long ago wrote a excellent item on the re-surge of the Ideology of Evil, a lengthy article titled "The Evidence of Neo Communism", published on the website of American Thinker. As it is rather comprehensive, I'd like to adopt it here as a guide line, covering a number of aspects the discerning citizen might want to keep abreast of. There's some comment - and if available - additional information on the most important points.

First of all I agree with Lewis that not all voters have caught on to the total radicalization of the Left; hence my pregnant, rhetorical question above "... or do they?" Whereas Europeans can rest assured that every overtly Leftist party is plainly suspect and that a sizable chunk of Christian Democrats are not above suspicion, Americans face the intricacies of the former radical Henry Wallace wing (see chapter on 'Methods'), and Democrats having the choice between the "totalitarian impulse and being small d-democrats". The former seem to be on the ascent, providing us with keen anticipation of a fresh round of McCarthyism.

Yet, the usurpation of Liberalism, perverting it into a form of Communism Light, is one of the great accomplishments in the history of the demoralization of the West. Lewis mentions the Communist archives as sources of information, as well as Boomer age apostates like David Horowitz. As it happens our video collection has some interesting footage to share. Here's Horowitz' testimony on the Frankfurt School's malignant contributions to subversion, and here is the Bezmenev tape "Just doing His Job" as shocking evidence of the sleeper status of the irrevocably KGB demoralised fellow travelers.

- Caption: Chart of the perversion of Liberalism: before and after - Hat tip: Dr Sanity -

Lewis' comments on the liberal knaves and suckers - what Stalin used to term 'the useful idiots'- and the 'acting out' are a reminder of the rhetorical parlour tricks that Pomos (Postmoderns, or Cultural Marxists) play on individuals and society at large on a daily basis. It is what today the mainstream media, all levels of education and other well known Pomo strongholds set loose on maturing young adults and other susceptible people.

Should you ask yourself why it all sounds so much like hogwash, please realise that the philosophical (yet invisible) basis is always the denial of objective reality and - consequently - of morality. Let's put it this way: if rational thought fails to make sense to your argument as reality clearly shows otherwise, just attack reason as pernicious and superficial, and persuade the world that reality doesn't exist: besides, humanity is incapable of knowing anything. That, is the basis of the blsht we're being fed every single day!

Now, if we are to believe Lewis - and I have no reason to doubt him - in academia today the term Marxism, is a respectable word. It would appear that for propaganda reasons the collectivists prefer to keep the C word out of circulation. Reason the more for using the revealing term liberally: apparently the world is still sane enough to recognize that - give or take a few gulags - 80 million dead doesn't do anything for your public persona. So Communism and Communists it is, with or without the prefix Neo.

We cannot get round poster-boy Che Guevara, who - as registered by Lewis - just got an adoring tribute from Reuters. After forty years they still cannot get over it, can they? Don't forget to click through to the FactBox, which will inform you that the beret hero "left for Bolivia in 1966 to start a new guerrilla movement with the idea of creating "two, three, many Vietnams" in Latin America." Worship of Guevara doesn't stop there: in the rapidly decomposing Federation of Belgium adoration extents to his offspring as well. The subject of a personality cult being apparently hereditary, I don't know what that does for the false 'nature versus nurture' dichotomy.

Lewis recognises that the ideological differences between National Socialism and Communism on the one hand, and Islamism on the other, are not that big. In fact, there's little to choose between them, all three being branches of the same subjectivist tree. I have written about it extensively and will restrict myself here to a link to the main article on the subject "Collating the Three Great Isms". For those disposed to graphic presentations, check out Chart I "The Straight Red Line".

Hillary's puppy love for Saul Alinsky is a matter still under close consideration here. Especially the play book 'Rules for Radicals' may contain some important pointers to more tactical posturing, rhetorical parlour tricks, fake emotional outrage, and the other theatricals that are by now a familiar feature in Leftist circles. Check out Lewis' chapter on 'Methods': orchestrated group lying, innocent sounding front-groups (perception, and how to manipulate it, is key), propaganda and disinformation, stooges (more useful idiots), infiltration of key professions, "all straight out of the old, old (Marx) play book".

The religiously justified violence of the Islamic branch is well known, but it is some getting used to the increasingly ideologically justified assaults of the New Storm Troopers. The agitation may be directed against the state (in Athens burning police precincts and vehicles are a fixture), or the target may be ideological opponents, who are invariably termed fascists (or fasc by the RevLeft). To the Left the imperative of fighting fascism is an end that justifies any means; that is, as long as it is not their own fascism, because then it is called combating fascism. All very confusing, and deliberately so.

Interesting and worth stressing is Lewis' take on the goals of all these exercises. Yes, the Evil Empire may reconstitute itself - there is some evidence that it does - but those labouring under the delusion that Leftism is about 'being nice to poor people', need a posthaste wake-up call. The lifting of the proletariat (now called minorities) is just part of the dialectic, a story, a 'narrative' to induce revolt against the status quo. That is why militant Islam is simply too useful to pass up! On the ashes the real Marxist empire, run by the transnational oligarchy, will be built. The brilliance of Marx' road map to absolute power makes stooges out of everyone.

Indeed the EUSSR is well on its way establishing itself. The recently signed Treaty of Lisbon, once ratified by only a part of the member states, will subordinate all members to the EU collective. The sovereign nation state will become a thing of the past in the newly built monument to transnational progressivism. One wouldn't have thought it, but the UK under the Labour government has become a prime mover in that direction.

You could of course tell yourself this is all a conspiracy theory waged by neocons or BusHitlercheney, or alternatively delude yourself with the fallacy that Communism isn't really all that evil at all! Get a taste of what's in store by enjoying this mad piece of poetry dedicated to Karl Marx, the revolutionary heroes and Comrade Lenin who really invented the quark. It perfectly illustrates the aims we just talked about. Feedback and discussion invited.

Excerpt from "Back to the Future", by Wilfrid Downing

"... But stay awake now, if you must
My story’s just beginning.
For out of wars come revolutions
And the masses now were winning ..."

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Of the Welfare State and Bankruptcy

When there is no money anymore, there is still money left!

There is nothing worse for our countries than the idea that any project, any social step can be financed anyhow. People expect always "more State". To the point that their behaviour seems to be the one of a teenager expecting to see his pocket money increase, because he believes it's his privilege.

Our countries' debts seem to frighten nobody. People who pretend to know something on this matter will answer you that USA's debt is much worse than ours, that every country is in debt and that doesn't matter at all.

One of the main reasons of this sense of irresponsibility is the fact that too many people pay no income taxes. Their logic is that a project which is free for them and pays back, can't be wrong and is a privilege, after all they voted for their representatives with that in mind! So people have a real tendency to vote for candidates who promise the most. The Welfare State!

Can this State go bankrupt? Noooo, are you kidding? State is eternal! The reality shows however that in this system, expenses become tremendous, and that our retirement funds are likely to serve as repayment.

But the most courageous and ethical politicians are labeled "anti-social" because they refuse to bail for such a system. And we can see that we are living a truly moral crisis directly linked to this financial crisis.

Now, there really is a risk of some of our countries going into bankruptcy! In this scenario, the bankrupt country would be managed by international organizations, its properties sold and such a country would loose its sovereignty.

Economists know that we are reaching a state of emergency. To get the debt resorted, people need to change their behaviour. We have to get rid of the citizen's selfishness which impoverishes the very people who try to take profit of the system!

The logic of the communicating vessels strongly contributed to the thought that it was always possible to find money to finance everything, usually giving someone an allowance by taking it from someone else's pocket. So What?

If a country spends 20 percent more than it "earns", then it must save this 20 percent. The goal is just the same as the one of a family which spends 20 percent more than its income. But, as it is the case in a family, there is a good debt and a bad debt.

The good one is when you borrow money to buy a house or some really needed good, like a car. You check that the monthly payment is affordable for you and, if it's the case, you can accept the debt.

Then there are bad debts. That's the sort our countries have accumulated these past 25 years or so. That's the "cricket" debt (see La Fontaine's Fable of the Ant and the Cricket), the debt you create when you borrow just for the sake of consuming, to get what you foolishly think you can't do without.

In our countries we used and abused these excuses to run into debt because social needs seemed to be so urgent. And it was so easy pretending to solve these social problems, distributing borrowed money instead of fighting their causes.

We have to understand that we have to begin reabsorbing the State debt RIGHT NOW. We have to understand that otherwise, our children will be the ones to pay for it. At least if they can! If it's not the case, the only solution will be decreasing retirement money.

Is it possible to better manage a country, spending 20 percent money less than now? YES! Countries like Canada or Sweden did it! How? Reforming our countries, beginning with a revaluation and hierarchization of their missions, auditing and arbitrating all the allowances distributed, in one word "restructuring" our countries.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Iranian Correspondence

In case we forgot ... in February 2006 the following was reported (who said, that the East never forgets and the West never remembers?): "Iranian Fatwa Approves Use of Nuclear Weapons"

Iran's hardline spiritual leaders have issued an unprecedented new fatwa, or holy order, sanctioning the use of atomic weapons against its enemies. In yet another sign of Teheran's stiffening resolve on the nuclear issue, influential Muslim clerics have for the first time questioned the theocracy's traditional stance that Sharia law forbade the use of nuclear weapons. >>>

... so there you are ... not so ... good! The Iranian capacity for accusation of bigotry based on false equation is - as always - staggering! No matter, ninety percent of Western nihilists make use of the same rhetorical parlour trick, and the remaining ten percent lap it up with breakfast.

We must however differ with the authors of the article concerning "the country's religious hardliners (to) begin preparing a theological justification for (...) the use - of atomic bombs". This is half-eduction.

Caption: Dutch cartoon - "You should be ashamed of yourselves! Flogging gays on a Friday!".

Note Matthias Küntzel in his article "Ahmadinejad's World": "In December 2001, then Iranian President Hashemi Rafsanjani broached this question. He explained that “the use of even one nuclear bomb inside Israel will destroy everything”. On the other hand, even in the case of a nuclear response on the part of Israel, it “will only harm the Islamic world. It is not irrational to contemplate such an eventuality.” Rafsanjani thus spelled out the terms of a macabre cost-benefit analysis. (...)"

"Rafsanjani’s counting on a hundred thousand deaths might seem on first glance like a worst-case scenario. But it is not. (...) the apocalyptic wing of the Revolutionary Guard, (who) in 1988 wanted to pursue the war against Iraq no matter the costs (...) What atomic weapons could mean in the hands of the “apocalyptic” faction is virtually unimaginable."

"Ahmadinejad, however, is clearly predisposed toward apocalyptic thinking. The linchpin of his politics is the myth of the Hidden Imam. (...) “The most important task of our Revolution is to prepare the way for the return of the Twelfth Imam,” he stressed at a theology conference in November 2005."

By all means, read it all if you want a glimpse of madness! >>>

So, being served with a fatwa by a "disciple of an ultra-conservative Ayatollah" ... what else is new? Let's send a letter back, thought Red Square at The People's Cube! He's left the envelop open so we can all read along ...

The Current Truth (subject to change without notice): "The People's Cube Pwns Iranian Propaganda"

An open letter to the Islamic Republic of Iran

Dear Iranian Mullahs! While our satirical website and your Propaganda Directorate deal in the same trade of making up facts and exaggerating reality, we are different in that we can recognize a spoof - but you apparently can't. On Dec. 27, 2007 you used our spoof image on your propaganda website to illustrate a "true" statement that Jews are welcome in Iran and that Western reports about mass emigration of Iranian Jews are "lies spread by the Zionist hegemony." >>>

"PRICELESS!" ... indeed!

By the way, entering the Cartoon Contest of the 3rd Festival of Radio and Television World Service Productions is still possible until 30th January ... make it a good 'un!

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ryanair and the EU ...

Michael O'Leary, the charismatic boss of Ryanair, is an angry man. Reacting to the multiple legal actions taken against its low cost aerial company, he didn't hesitate to accuse EU's institutions of corruption.

Well, a honeymoon between Ryanair and EU isn't for tomorrow. Proof is that all available actions against Ryanair have been tried, especially the ones for receiving illegal allowances from airports managements, while all actions taken by Ryanair against other companies for the same reasons (Alitalia, Lufthansa, Air France) have not.

Yet Ryanair keeps on growing, despite all endeavours to pull it up short. Ryanair employs 4,800 people and is Europe most profitable carrier. In 2008 the number of passengers is expected to overtake British Airways' worldwide total.

O'Leary's USP is simple: low fares. Ryanair's average ticket costs €41 (£27), compared to €62 (£41) on easyJet, or €268 (£178) on British Airways.

The EU's attitude towards Ryanair is more than questionable. Perfect example is the merger between Ryanair and Aer Lingus. The EU anti trust authorities rejected in June Ryanair's takeover bid for rival Irish carrier Aer Lingus, ruling that a combined operation would create a Ryanair monopoly in Ireland.

Yet the EU in this decade has approved a string of other European mergers involving Air France, Dutch carrier KLM, Lufthansa and the defunct Swissair. Clearly there is a double standard: the European Commission refuses a merger for "local reasons" while weeks before, it approved the merger of four big companies operating all over Europe. Indeed, the same logic wasn't applied when the merger Thomas Cook/ My Travel and TUI/ First Choice was approved, creating a real monopoly over seaside resort tourism within Europe.

With regard to Ryanair and Aer Lingus, O'Leary claims the move is politically motivated and is made to appease politicians in Dublin. The Ryanair boss says he will appeal against the expected decision at the EU's Court of First Instance.

He says "This decision is politically motivated, designed to appease the narrow interests of the Irish government, which was the only party, other than Aer Lingus itself, to object to the merger," O'Leary told media sources.

Ryanair has been subjected to a series of EU investigations into its deals with far-flung, small airports, most recently when investigators began probing whether Ryanair's exceptionally cheap contracts with three airports in Germany and Finland violated competition laws. The EU is also looking into Ryanair's contracts with airports on the Mediterranean islands of Sardinia and Malta.

But while Ryanair is investigated, Michael O'Leary only gets refusals when requesting other companies to be investigated for the same reasons. So Ryanair is suing the European Commission over its refusal to conduct a probe into German government funding for a Munich airport terminal, whether it amounts to illegal state aid for Lufthansa AG.

For the past two years Ryanair has accused European leaders of demonstrating bias in favor of the continent's national flag carriers, citing a range of government financial support, benefiting Lufthansa, Air France, Alitalia and Olympic Airways of Greece.

O'Leary said Lufthansa and its partner airlines enjoyed "exclusive use" of the terminal, which was built with more than €1 billion (US$1.4 billion) in state aid. He said the terminal had run up losses exceeding €100 million (US$140 million) annually.

"No private investor would have invested in the loss-making facility and then granted exclusive access to just one airline. Lufthansa is therefore receiving substantial state aid at Munich Airport, which distorts competition in the European air transport market," O'Leary said.

"Munich Airport's refusal to allow Ryanair to use this facility has subjected passengers in Bavaria to the stranglehold of Lufthansa's high fares and fuel surcharges," he said. Ryanair mounted a similar lawsuit last week against the European Commission, alleging it has ignored a previous Ryanair complaint against French government policies that allegedly favor Air France. That lawsuit was also filed in the European Court of First Instance.

"The French government's operation of massively discounted domestic airport fees in France — almost all of which supports Air France — amounts to approximately €1 billion (US$1.4 billion) of illegal state aid benefiting Air France, yet the commission has refused to do anything about this for the last eighteen months," O'Leary said.

Ryanair also applied to the regional administrative Court in Lazio, Italy for an immediate injunction to overturn the recent unlawful attempt by ENAC (the Italian civil aviation Authority) to restrict capacity at Rome Ciampino Airport by almost 30% from November 2007.

The Irish airline says that in so doing, the Italian authorities are trying to support the terminally ill Alitalia by blocking low fares and competition in Rome. Ryanair has also submitted a complaint to the European Commission, asking it to immediately intervene on behalf of consumers to prohibit this unlawful reduction of capacity at Rome’s secondary airport.

When asked if he was not considering buying Alitalia, O'Leary answered that he was not interested, even for free! Too much trade union and political influence over this company, he said. And he has a point.

What we see with Ryanair is the evil role played by the EU. While the worst performing companies get protection, the best are taking a beating. The EU prefers spending time and money to keep ill managed carriers afloat, instead of encouraging brilliant businessmen.

And what about European citizens! Their tax money is wasted, while the EU tries to force them into expensive air travel!

The EU: ill advised, incompetent, corrupt, an illegal super state.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thanks to Will Smith: a Fresh Take on Good and Evil

Will Smith has really, really, really put his foot in it this time! I bet that at this very moment in time he's wishing he'd never been born.

Pajamas - Roger's Rules: "Will Smith, Hitler, and the perils of benevolence", by Roger Kimball

The actor Will Smith ignited a little firestorm of indignation when, in the course of an interview with a Scottish newspaper, he offered some observations on the inherent goodness of mankind:

“Even Hitler didn’t wake up going, ‘let me do the most evil thing I can do today’,” said Will. “I think he woke up in the morning and using a twisted, backwards logic, he set out to do what he thought was ‘good’. Stuff like that just needs reprogramming.

(...) Well, no sooner had the indignation machine started up (“What, he is saying nice things about Hitler!”) than Smith issued this comment:

“It is an awful and disgusting lie. It speaks to the dangerous power of an ignorant person with a pen. I am incensed and infuriated to have to respond to such ludicrous misinterpretation. Adolf Hitler was a vile, heinous, vicious killer responsible for one of the greatest acts of evil committed on this planet.”

"Noted. Instapundit provides a quick round up of the ferocious commentary Smith’s remarks elicited, including this intelligent response from The Volokh Conspiracy (...) ... indeed."

The casual visitor of the Hitler Historical Museum might indeed come away with Smith's relativist take on morality. Until one reaches the more obscure crevices; the Political Testament concludes: "Above all, I enjoin the government and the people to uphold the race laws to the limit and to resist mercilessly the poisoner of all nations, international Jewry." ... yeah sure, Corporal Hitler thought he did the right thing for the German Volk. His problem was that he had the wrong philosophy. One that denies objective reality. Price: 6 million Jews.

Volokh Conspiracy understands it too: "Rather, the quoted material simply reports Smith’s quite plausible view that Hitler, like many other people who do evil (...) believe that they are doing good. I’m hardly a Hitler scholar, but my sense is that Hitler did indeed believe that he was doing good, as did Stalin, Bin Laden, and various others." The examples mentioned all suffer from Hitler's problem: a philosophy c.q. a religion that denies objective reality. Add the Asian incarnations of Marx and the price tag skyrockets to 110 million dead. The TROP keeps tally of the proceedings at the Islamic branch.

The relativist view - what passes for ethics on the far Right and center Left side of the intellectual spectrum - invariably goes to intent. It holds good the subjectivist idea that it is somehow okay to kill half of humanity if it is done for the greater good or in their own best interest. Roger's Rules gets it: "Robespierre & Co. thought themselves just the chaps for the job. The fact that they measured the extent of their success by the frequency that the guillotines around Paris operated, highlights the connection between the imperatives of political correctness and tyranny—between what Robespierre candidly described as 'virtue and its emanation, terror.' "

- Caption: Corporal Hitler's doodle number 5 -

Whereas Protestants choose biblical guidance to keep them on the straight and narrow, Catholicism and the Scholastics have explained the human gravitational pull towards the good in terms of divine 'DNA', the piece of us that is 'of God'. The entire ethical system is laid down in Natural Law. Pope Benedict XVI is said to be taking it to the agnostics shortly, in an effort to shore up the general grasp of objective morality. Another brave effort on his part, given that agnostics are fence dwellers by definition.

Given that evil is blind - in that it doesn't perceive when intent, or the means to an end, take leave of the virtuous - humanity could do with a few useful pointers.

Contrary to what relativists have us believe, there are clashing ways of life and mutually exclusive principles. In that case a choice is inevitable: a compromise between food and poison is death, said Ayn Rand. A teeny-weeny bit pregnant when dealing with the Adolf Hitlers of this world, is tantamount to destruction.

Contradictions and oxymorons are sure signals of a impending assault on logic. Return to base, fact-check once more and re-integrate the cognitive edifice.

The essence of morality is human free will. Take away choice and the result is amoral dictatorship. (Note the second comment on Roger's Rules: the haters of morals, dogma and authority invariably express themselves in terms of 'case closed, because I say so, shut up!')

Shut up because we say so, says also the EuroParliament. The signing of the document European Parliament Resolution on Combating the Rise of Extremism in Europe as celebrated in "The Good News: for Europe and Euro-Skeptics" - the document that triggered all that indecorous heckling - has been fisked to threads by the lads of Stop the Islamization of Europe (SIOE). It would seem that this piece of Liberal surrogate morality actually lays the foundation of our very enslavement to the wannabe state's official ideology.

The EuroParliament is living proof of Will Smith's conclusion, although Corporal Hitler is possibly one of the most inappropriate illustrations. Evil may be committed through good as well as bad design, but the sinner always remains oblivious of his fall into the trap set by the Old 'Un until it's too late! Such is the human condition ...

Europe has failed to keep its eyes on the moral ball and has strayed into a subjectivist mindset in which a perceived 'noble end' justifies evil means: bullying in the name of peace - censoring to save free speech - fascistic methods to combat perceived fascism - committing evil to avert it!

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Balkans Fall-out: the 2008 Global Watershed

So far the good news in recent postings on two initiatives: the EU Referendum by X09.EU (hopefully in time to avert the next accomplished fact), and the Koran Reformation Project by Muslims Against Sharia.

The bad news is sprung upon us this Christmas (sorry folks, realism is everything!) by our Balkan correspondent Ioannis Michaletos, intelligence blogger and Junior Analyst at Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS). Michaletos has provided us earlier with unique background information on this summer's devastating wild fires in Greece. He is also a contributor to Balkanalysis, directed by Chris Deliso, author of the book "The Coming Balkan Caliphate", as discussed in our exclusive on 12th October, "The Clinton Legacy: the Balkan Caliphate".

Towards the year's end Michaletos published an analysis on the current situation in the Serbian province of Kosovo on his blog at Serbianna, "Great Powers Brinkmanship and Kosovo". Time is pressing, not just for the region itself, but for foreign policy on the part of the E.U. and the United States as well. As we shall see, the future of this tiny piece of rugged Balkan real estate might soon come to rock the status quo of geo politics. This is for a substantial part the result of non policy change of the Bush administration, from what's come to be known here as "Bill's whim" (read "The Clinton Legacy: the Balkan Caliphate".

One of the main characteristics of the ongoing Kosovo status culminations is that the Western-United States led policy has as a direct consequence the empowerment of Moscow’s reach in the heart of the Balkans. (...)

Washington with its persistence in securing secession for the Kosovo province from Serbia is laying the brick for the eventual alliance between Serbia and Russia and the spread of Moscow’s influence in Bosnia, Montenegro and FYROM (Skopje). Adding the delicate relations between the USA and Turkey and the indifference USA is showing to the interests of Greece and Cyprus (link added); then a future historian might call 2007 as the year when America begun loosing the grip of this sensitive region of Eurasia in order to fulfill a (Post-modernist motivated) caprice made in the late 90’s. (...)

For the time being USA is constrained by ideological handicaps and pursues Kosovo independence without taking into account the changing landscape all-around the region. Long-term political architecture can be constructed solely through the use of realism and it seems that Washington is lacking that skill. A future development relating to energy in the Balkans would be the elevation of the European role (France and Germany) that exercise a more realistic policy, despite the fact that they have lost considerable ground over the past few years. Sarkozy and Merkel are different leaders than Europe has witnessed (in the past) and they might as well surprise with their initiatives for the Balkans. (...)

The coming annum of 2008 will reveal finally the tunnel exit for the Kosovo martyrdom. The American presidential elections, the changing of guard in the Kremlin, the possible German elections, the Serbian elections, the Albanian domestic political uproar, FYROM's uneasy status, Bosnia's upcoming division along ethnic lines and d a possible war with Iran, will accelerate the structural changes that already have begun years ago and culminated to an extent this year.

Surprises and upturns are in for everyone it seems and a stressful year lies ahead for public officials that deal with the Balkans one way or another. The certain factor for anyone involved is that Kosovo is not merely a Serbian eparchy but a symbolic emblem between two ideological-ethical stratums that are on collision course."

- Caption: Strange Maps: "First the Cartoon, then the War: Europe in 1870" (Franco-Prussian War) -

Allow me to venture a speculation at this point. The relentless, irrational insistence with which America and the E.U. have been pressing for Kosovo's hazardous independence keeps calling for wider ranging explanations. Postmodern emotion-politics, appeasement of the Islamic world, or 'Bill's whim based on personal amities, however important and excruciating, do not begin to explain the near panic that is reigning in some quarters.

Turkey - in a difficult and protracted negotiating process to join the E.U. - to this date has been resisting pressure to recognize E.U. member Cyprus, or display any willingness to admit Cypriot vessels into Turkish ports. While legal niceties presently are not the E.U.'s biggest asset, it would be incorporating an unprecedented bone of contention if it admitted Turkey nevertheless. The move would jeopardise Europe's status as a self-appointed model for international peaceful coexistence through political and economic interdependence.

On the other hand, the ongoing jockeying for the formation of global power blocs forces Europe's hand: Turkey cannot be left behind! Make no mistake about it: the Cyrillics aren't models of political correctness in Postmodern European eyes, and as such are increasingly unpopular and seen as subordinate to the increasingly reveered Islamic states! They're rapidly going the way of equally dispensable Israel.

Turkey for its part, has always handled the matter through old-fashioned power politics, knowing full well that in the end a tiny island, divided, traditionally Christian, and loyal to its ethnicity, is no party for a strategically located global player like Turkey with a Muslim population of 71 million, of which a large portion with high victimhood-octane is located in European countries. Size and decibels do matter. Cyprus knows it too.

Cyprus Mail: "We’re right to be worried about Kosovo" - "Recognition of the North may soon no longer be the taboo for the international community that it has been until now. The government may at last be waking up to that reality. It is worried, and with reason."
Cyprus (Greece and Spain) might veto the E.U.'s recognition of Kosovo's unilateral declaration of independence. But if momentum builds up in the international community and Kosovo does gain independence, the consequences of such a move could be potentially devastating for Cyprus.

The divided island until now has relied heavily on international law in its political struggle. To see it replaced by a Pomo version of old-style power politics means losing the game. But after Kosovo has set the precedent, what's to keep the transnationals from recognizing the Northern break-away part of Cyprus as well? The forcible division of a nation currently constitutes a violation of the U.N. charter, creating a precedent in international diplomacy with grave implications for other places in the world with ambitions of secession as well.

It has long been my suspicion (read also "Enter the Cabal" for more details) that this is just the sort of watershed in international politics the transnationals have been waiting for to make their mark on history: an opportunity of breaking up the old order, deleting borders and atomizing sovereign nations, giving free reign to ad hoc regions in shifting transnational power blocs!

In the name of what is seen as 'our own greater good', throwing justice and absolutist values to the dogs and call it pragmatism: the global tribalism of transnational progressivism fits the new Communists to a T in their desperately striving for world pacification (world government). It is of course simply living out what Marx predicted.

These pretences are after all the only pieces of surrogate morality that cover up the all-out fascism. And thus, the seeds for the next great wars of independence have already been sown; because far from the desire of world peace lies at the heart of the ideology the perpetual strive of the dialectic. The encouragement of the ongoing diasporas will result in the balkanization of many a nation state, ensuring that these wars will be even more bloody than otherwise might have been the case.

Further reading on the Kosovo question in "The Balkan Caliphate: a Work in Progress" (file), and the latest on Ioannis Michaletos' blog at Serbianna:

- Handling of Kosovo ‘a failure’
- Inside Track: Calamity in Kosovo?
- Panel Discussion on Kosovo
- Serbia’s case for Kosovo

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Not So Merry Christmas!

More news about Christmas in progressive (read: decadent) society. A news item that fills one with dismay!

Yesterday evening near the town of Liège, Belgium, Père Noël (Santa Claus, Babbo Natale, etc., you name him) has been attacked by three fifteen year old teenagers. Apparently, just for the fun of it. And we are left with a shocked and wounded Père Noël and a sense of sadness, despair even.

That's what you get when relativism is the leading line. When morals disappear. The result is an uneducated young generation who proudly say that "we are a society that doesn't care about anything anymore, that doesn't believe in anything anymore" (read French Leftist newspaper Libération, November 28, 2007).

This nihilism is an open door for all kinds of extremism, violence, intolerance, for moral bankruptcy, unemployment, loss of tradition, culture ... It's the end of the Western world: in a few words, it's what the Socialists have always sought.

We have to change this sort of society, and fast. The answer must be swift and severe. We have to reestablish education, discipline, authority. We have to kick some asses rather than play the card of comprehension, appeasement, reward when confronted with a misguided youth. (Last time some teenagers stoned a public service bus, they were interviewed, understood and awarded free tickets for soccer games!)

If in your country the situation is less critical, please block the progressive morons' way! I'm thinking of our American friends who'll face an important election soon.

And as far as Europe is concerned, we have been guilty of a lack of concern, lack of vision, lack of cleverness and so we have been digging our own graves.

Let's react - in a hurry - because we have little time left. Let's spread Politeia!

Thank you for reading us, but it's not enough my friends, we need to ...

... ACT NOW!

The Good News: for Truth, Science and the Environment

Not a week has passed since the posting of "101 Scientists: Stop Fighting Climate Change" or our correspondent Theo Richel at De Klimatosoof (Dutch) is reporting as follows:

"What consensus? 400 scientists declare against climate panic"

It was a lie from the get go, but it was nevertheless a masterful propaganda trick (Ed.: a.k.a. Third Way politics by spin) - the statement that "all scientists are in agreement over the seriousness of climate problems." Masterful, because if all scientists agree, there's no need for lay people to make further enquiries into the scientifically complicated matter of climate change. Thus everyone could partake in the discourse without having to know anything about it, since ... scientists agree!

But the propaganda trick has now been exposed by a US Senate Report which lists more than four hundred prominent scientists from all over the world who - in the course of 2007 - have explicitly cast doubt if the phenomenon of global warming exists, if human activities are to blame, and if the present is the time for action.

The report has come as a terrific blow, especially in the US; Al Gore has also commented. 2007 Was supposed to be the year of "An Inconvenient Truth", but in view of Bali's deficit and the increasing number of skeptics (according to the Washington Post), and with the present report, another course seems indicated.

Senator Inhofe's report is accessible at the site of the Environment & Public Works Senate Committee in two parts: the introduction, and the full Senate Report.

The Report calls the scientists by name, country, university or institute, and offers links to their peer reviewed studies. Several of the four hundred take part in the IPCC, but apparently remain unheard, or are ignored. A great many communicated to be persuaded that many colleagues agree with them, but keep silent for fear of reprisals.

Atmospheric scientist Dr. Nathan Paldor, Professor Dynamic Meteorology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and author of almost seventy peer reviewed studies, indicated that many of his colleagues felt intimidated. (In the scientific world this is something unheard of, but the IPCC being 'intergovernmental, it ís something of a scientific-political hybrid).

A regular commentator in bulletins that have appeared world-wide as a result of the Senate Report, is Dutch scholar Hendrik Tennekes, former Scientific Director of the Royal Meteorological Institute KNMI. In the report he states: "I think the disaster scenario painted by Gore, the rising of sea levels by six meters - fifteen times the IPCC assumption - is without any value. I strongly protest against the idea that the climate reacts as the central heating thermostat at home: turn it up and you get the correct temperature. Of course I agree that the earth is going through cycles of heating up and cooling down, part of the natural history of the earth over billions of years."

"This is caused by periodic changes in solar flare activity", says physicist John W. Brosnahan, who develops remote-sensing equipment for NOAA and NASA. I have seen poor computer models that suggest that CO2 is responsible for the current reheating, but no scientific proof."

Mrs Kalee Kreider, spokesperson for Al Gore has suggested - without identifying them - that 25-30 of the scientists mentioned in the Report have worked for oil giant Exxon-Mobil. In response a representative of that company asserted that Exxon Mobil is concerned about climate change and does not engage scientists to refute the theory. The recycling of outdated conspiracy theories only deflect from the real challenge which is, how do we ensure the availability of sufficient fuel to continued economic and social development without producing gases that contribute to global warming".

It would appear that Exxon Mobil is still buying into the Hottest Hoax Around! Part of the new "sustainable" corporate marketing communication strategy, driven by "social responsibility"? Get me a baggy!

A commentator in Theo Richel's blog is suggesting that a German former Nazi scientist, H. Flohn was a member of the IPCC. It would appear that Flohn in 1941 already published tracts, indicating humans as a climatic factor. The fact that he was a Nazi doesn't mean he was necessarily a bad scientist, comments another. The Communists produced awesome inventions!

It does however suggest two other things: 1. that a variety of the Stalin test wouldn't be a bad idea: would Hitler have found it useful? And 2. that coincidentally, anti capitalist and anti human positions do not produce cognitive dissonance in any of the mentioned ideologies (i.e. environmentalism, National Socialism and Communism), all being the result of Counter-Enlightenment thought based on Rousseau's Noble Savage nonsense: nature is good, culture is bad.

Further reading:

- The Science and Public Policy Institute: "“Consensus”? What “Consensus”?Among Climate Scientists, The Debate Is Not Over", by Viscount Monckton of Brenchley

Here's a video sample of the type of 'debate' that is going on.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Good News: for Europe and Euro-Skeptics

During the last week or so we have been reporting on the developments in Europe, the signing of the Treaty of Lisbon, the analysis of that pile of rags, and what it means for Europeans: well, your country is in the process of being phased out, and your borders are being deleted as a post democratic empire, run by an oligarchy of neotots is taking shape.

New evidence in support of such claims is emerging.

EURSOC have been posting on a rather peculiar spectacle that took place in the Europarliament on 12th December last, ironically (or typically) on the day the so-called "Charter of Fundamental Rights" was being signed: heckling Euroskeptical MEPs. The very idea ... heckling in parliament! What's next? A debate?

But the power of the pressure of political correctness most never be underestimated. The only 'thinking' magazine left in the country of Holland was even underscoring the futility of the protest ... the embarrassing public hooliganism of petty 'nationalists' ... the rustic outdatedness of believers in the nation state (!), flags (LOL) ... and borders! EURSOC: "British newspapers complained that the (largely British) contingent of MEPs had "shamed" the country with their "football hooligan" style antics."

The video evidence was unceremoniously deleted from YouTube - a measure of the censoring that is going on in spite of the condescending attitude taken towards the feeble protests of a bunch of jingoistic buffoons - so be quick to watch it before it also mysteriously disappears from private collections.

Believe it or not, Europeans now share a border with Russia as the Schengen Agreement was expanded to the newly annexed countries of the former Soviet Union from midnight on Thursday. They'll be comforted to know - now that an old debt of honour has been redeemed - that the EUSSR at least doesn't do market Socialism (yet).

Footage, carefully explained by Robin Oakley is available on CNN. "Citizens can travel by land or sea between twenty four European (former) nations from Portugal to Poland, Iceland to Estonia without facing border checks." Aren't we lucky?!

"The move has also forced the EU to tighten up controls on its new eastern borders to prevent infiltration by criminal gangs, illegal immigrants, and even terrorists." Poland's Border Guards are working double shifts!

Now for the good news! Courtesy of Flanders Fields we've become aware of X09.EU (apparently in the postmodern epoch, an unmemorable licence plate constitutes a catchy name). The bottom of the introduction page informs us that "X09.EU falls under the responsibility of Diana Wallis, ALDE Group, and Jens-Peter Bonde, IND/DEM Group in the European Parliament." Oh ...!

Further investigation reveals that ALDE represent the LibDems, whereas the IND/DEMs are the Independent Euroskeptics. The explanatory page states that "X09.EU aims to collect signatures from across the EU demanding for a referendum on the next EU treaty" and that they are "a development of the Open Letter to Prime Ministers following the Berlin Summit of 25 March 2007, signed by 10 Members of the European Parliament from seven political groups." [sic]

Apparently these are democratically inclined dissidents from various political groups, represented in the E.P. So far the intricacies of Europolitics. Don't ask ...! Posthaste, too little and far too late!

We've seen a number of such initiatives around. They are either doing nothing at all - just maintaining a website, or - they're sending out news-letters, if anything just procrastinating any successful attempts at halting the 'inevitable' EU locomotive.

This initiative seems to be different however, it coming from the heart of the political elite rather than the mere grassroots. Therefore we do urge European readers to sign up. You can put your signature per country, urging a referendum - hopefully this time early enough to avert the next irreversible accomplished fact.

This graphic shows the ongoing progress of the campaign. Whereas some countries (Denmark, Austria) have already gone through the roof having collected over 8.000 signatures (!), others are as yet invisible (come on, Hellenes, where's your fighting spirit?!).

Obviously this campaign needs some energizing and exposure. If you want to support, put a badge on your blog or website. Leave a valid mail address in a comment and we'll send you the code for this one ready-made.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Good News: for Muslims and Humanity

Our courageous correspondents at Muslims Against Sharia have worked real hard in the last months and on the brink of the new year are happy to come up with the following pick-me-up:

Muslims Against Sharia: "Reform Koran"

"With the help of our readers we went through the Koran and removed every verse that we believe did not come from Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate."

"However, it is possible that we missed something, and we could use your help. If you find verses in the reformed version of the Koran that promote violence, divisiveness, religious or gender superiority, bigotry, or discrimination, please let us know the number of the verse and the reason why it should be removed. Please email your suggestions to"

Muslims Against Sharia have also following important request to international readers:

"When we finish the editing process, we would like to publish Reform Koran in as many languages as possible. If you could help with translation or distribution of the Reform Koran, please email us at If you could provide financial support, please visit our support page.

In Memoriam of Aqsa Parvez >>>
It's a long and tough struggle, but we have to try. Much depends on it. As someone recently assured me, one person can make a difference!

Quote of the day:

"Evil has everything to win from the Good.
The Good has everything to lose from Evil.
A compromise between food and poison, is death!"
Ayn Rand.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Freedom's Birth Certificate: sold to the gentleman in the back ...

Sotheby's New York today auctioned an original copy of the Magna Carta Libertatum, or The Great Charter of Freedoms. It was sold for well over twenty one million dollars (£10.6 million) to David Rubenstein, the founder of the Carlyle Group. More details here.

In sharp contrast to the recently signed "Treaty of Lisbon" - dubbed here "Leviathan's birth certificate" - the Magna Carta is known as the "birth certificate of freedom"*. From the Introduction:

"(...) It (the copy) comes from an issue, that of 1297, which for the first time accompanied demands that there be no taxation without representation: a momentous challenge to royal authority and the origin of much that it is of significance in later history, not least in the history of the American Revolution."

It is shocking to realise that a matter of basic right thought to have been settled by a political revolution in England in 1215 - the principle of "no taxation, without representation" - is actually An Issue in Europe Anno Domini 2007! Wait, it gets worse ...

"From the constitutional principles embodied in Magna Carta emerged the concept of the liberty of the individual citizen, a proper and permanent challenge to the feudal tyranny of England’s medieval kings, and the very origins of the common law." ... and ...

"(...) like the Declaration of Independence, it was nothing less than a public proclamation of a new political order, in this instance of negotiations conducted between the barons and King John of England* nearly eight hundred years ago."

Speaking of which, in today's England the trend is pointing in the opposite direction. EURSOC in a posting yesterday "Fighting Big Brother" detailed a discourse raging within the Left wing. Mouthpiece Al Guardian's journalist Henry Porter apparently had the misfortune to critique the way in which the current government has chipped away at liberties, and was heavily castigated!

His colleague Polly Toynbee reacted as might be expected from one thoroughly versed in the workings of the glorified victimhood of the Marxist dialectic:

"Worries about a nascent police state are, she wrote, "fashionable because it allows the middle classes to pretend to be victims, too. But it is decadence for mainly privileged people to obsess over imaginary Big Brother attacks on themselves, when others all around them are suffering badly from neglect by the state - or sometimes from real aggression by government. Indignation is
precious, not to be squandered on illusory threats, but saved for real injustices."

Tut tut ...! The erroneously aligned, liberty loving Porter may well react by speaking of "breathtaking dishonesty of her argument (...) to describe anyone who opposes Labour on these grounds as a being a right-winger" - Porter is still Leftist enough to consider such an insult - personally I shudder at the realisation that neototals like Toynbee represent today's intelligentsia, calling the shots in politics and in the corridors of power!

That we may long be neglected by the state, in the absence of which, I'd rather have the Middle Ages as a more enlightened period ... I wouldn't be surprised, if at some point in the near future we'd not all prefer the rule of John, an awful king as explained by Messrs Sellar and Yeatman in "1066 and all that, a memorable history of England" (Methuen & Co., 16th October 1930):

"When John came to the throne he lost his temper and flung himself on the floor, foaming at the mouth and biting the rushes. (...) John was so bad that the Pope decided to put the whole country under an Interdict, i.e. he gave orders that no one was to be born or die or marry (except in Church porches)."

* "There also happened in this reign the memorable Charta known as the Magna Charter (...) and was invented by the Barons on a desert island in the Thames called Ganymede. By congregating there, armed to the teeth, the Barons compelled John to sign the Magna Charter, which said:
- That no one was to be put to death, save for some reason - (except the Common People).

- That everyone should be free - (except the Common People).

- That everyone should be of the same weight and measure throughout the Realm - (except the Common People).

- That the Courts should be stationary, instead of following a very tiresome medieval official known as the King's Person all over the country.

- That 'no person should be fined to his utter ruin' - (except the King's Person).

- That the Barons should not be tried except by a special jury of other Barons who would understand.
Magna Charter was therefore the chief cause of Democracy in England and thus a Good Thing for everyone - (except the Common People).

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

101 Scientists: "Stop Fighting Climate Change!"

We received following communique from our climate correspondent, De Klimatosoof:

"101 Scientists ask Secretary General Ban Ki Moon of the U.N.: Stop Fighting Climate Change!"

Over a hundred scientists (the real, objective kind) from all over the world - many top professionals in their field - have sent an open letter to the U.N. Secretary General requesting him to stop combating global warming, and instead to further that vulnerable countries start protecting themselves against all forms of climate change - induced by human activity or otherwise.

In their view the current policies will have a negative impact on these countries, increasing the levels of poverty, and making them even more vulnerable, and less able to protect themselves.

The letter in English is available on the site of the Science and Public Policy Institute. The list of signatories is at the bottom.

A month ago our climate man reported that the Goracle disaster movie contained not nine mistakes as earlier detected, but as many as 35 factual errors. "The most disturbing film you'll ever see," was as Gore typified his artistic production "An Inconvenient Truth".

Countless children from all over the globe were dragged to the movie theatres to be scared stiff ... over a collection of fallacies! One example: the collapsing glacier which Gore is showing (and is eternally repeated in innumerable television programs) is located in Argentina, and performs this natural spectacle somewhat regularly; the phenomenon is unrelated to global warming (or rather, global cooling). And so it goes on, 35 times, exaggerations and factual errors!

Caption: "Perito Moreno Glacier", by Gilbert Ashoff
To the countless children taken in, we can add many a grown-up leader of government, willing to go on the record with the Goracle, thus adding credibility to the celluloid fraud!

May I once again remind the readership of the wisdom of the English philosopher Roger Bacon who florished from 1214 to 1292. He identified several obstacles to truth, among them 'uninstructed popular opinion' and 'long-standing, but erroneous custom'. We can now add to that truism 'instructed popular opinion', otherwise known as indoctrination.

Freedom and truth, rather than the forces of nature, are under assault by a collection of Postmodern political nihilists, to whom reality is as relative as their ethics!

Updated 23rd Dec. 2007: "The Good News: for Truth, Science and the Environment"

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