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Ideology of the year 2007: Neo Communism

Francis Fukuyama must have dined out quite a few nights on the basis of the happy assumption that we were done with the vicious ideology of the Evil Empire, and that liberal democracy had won the day. Tony Blair, in a famous speech delivered in 1999 in Chicago said that "the familiar battles between Left and Right" were over, "with liberal democracy having emerged triumphant." What a mistake to make ... thinking that the Left had conceded defeat and virulent anti Americanism had died with the fall of the Berlin Wall! Instead it dropped into a state of catatonic hibernation during the Clinton years, to be re-wakened only by the thundering bang of the collapsing twin towers in New York!

Herbert Marcuse, one of the main gurus of the Soviet's Advanced Polit Bureau in the West, the Frankfurt School, had promised it after the collapse of the 1968 student revolution: "We'll be back through the universities", upon which command the fellow travelers started their long march through the institutions, from which they emerged only in the third millennium when least expected - all along carefully nurturing and cultivating the bane of today's world: nihilism through malignant relativism.

With the birth of the first Bush administration - and more particularly after 9/11 - some verbal memes triggered the drones from their brainwashed stupefaction of collective hive slumber. I'm not sure at this point what these might have been, but 'neocon' might have done the trick, as well as 'the spread of democracy'; personally I'm still dithering between 'liberating Iraq' and 'regime change in Afghanistan', or all of the above.

Anyway, 2007 was the year that Communism definitely re-asserted itself, although nobody knows it by that name. Whereas in March somebody was still expressing shock and awe at the very idea, and had visions of the CP handing out freshly printed membership cards, today I'm almost reluctant to bring the subject up yet again. Everybody knows by now that neo Communism is alive and kicking, and this time round in collusion with assertive Islamism ... or do they?

Still, I have no hesitation proclaiming Neo Communism the ideology of the year 2007, considering the promising strides toward the final establishment of the egalitarian, collective empire they have been able to make in such a short space of time, thanks largely to the subversion of every aspect of Western life, mass exposure and the inculcation of relativist thought, and the dropping of the pretence of objectivity by the mainstream media.

Since however some water has gone under the bridge since we last were overtly confronted with the vicious ideology, let's go through a few of the finer points, to remind ourselves what opportunity to paradise might have gone lost had Osama not sounded the alarm bell. Let's start with the very core fallacy, as brilliantly revealed and defined by the founder of Objectivism, the philosopher Ayn Rand.

When the early Counter-Enlighteners were fed up with rational thought, and some wanted to rid themselves of the omniscience and omnipresence of God as well, what they did was basically substituting Him with ... whatever their particular narrative prescribed: Nationalists put the State in His stead, Romanticists did the same with Aesthetics, Nietzsche resurrected Lucifer, Marx the Class Society and the Proletariat, and the National Socialists the Germanic tribes.

These ideological surrogate gods hence possessed a group soul or a collective spirit; reason why Hitler could nurse delusions of the Jews' unjustified subsistance on Germanic lands at the expense of the empoverished Germanic peoples. The Communist branch had a similar views on dissidents, whom they also saw as 'parasites of the collective', an offence punishable by internal exile to the Siberian neverlands (or gulags). So much for the serenity of mystical thinking. (No infidel is ever allowed anywhere near the Islamic shrines of Mekka and M'dina for similar reasons.)

One could say that their mistake was, to have changed the characters, and the stage and its attributes, but to have left the essence - the plot - in tact, namely Primacy of Consciousness philosophy, as opposed to the Primacy of Existence. The former is only rational if you believe the human soul to be 'of God', and in a state of quasi conscious existence before birth, as well as after death. The rest of humanity only gain consciousness well within toddler age. Atheist ideologies and thought, based on the Primacy of Consciousness I will hereafter term 'subjectivism'.

But for atheists to have left this essence in tact is rather thoughtless of them, to say the least. Aforementioned philosophy of Objectivism based on the Primacy of Existance, is the only rational philosophical basis for atheists. No wonder Leftist oafs active in the field of reality - for example the one they call The Scourge of Religion, evolutionary biologist Professor Richard Dawkins - live in perennial cognitive dissonance among the political and intellectual Left. Not surprisingly he's taken leave of his senses: in the latest turn of events he's confessed to split personality: it would appear he's partly an irrational, atheist scientist as well as a rational, cultural Christian. Whatever next? Rational Muslims?

James Lewis not so long ago wrote a excellent item on the re-surge of the Ideology of Evil, a lengthy article titled "The Evidence of Neo Communism", published on the website of American Thinker. As it is rather comprehensive, I'd like to adopt it here as a guide line, covering a number of aspects the discerning citizen might want to keep abreast of. There's some comment - and if available - additional information on the most important points.

First of all I agree with Lewis that not all voters have caught on to the total radicalization of the Left; hence my pregnant, rhetorical question above "... or do they?" Whereas Europeans can rest assured that every overtly Leftist party is plainly suspect and that a sizable chunk of Christian Democrats are not above suspicion, Americans face the intricacies of the former radical Henry Wallace wing (see chapter on 'Methods'), and Democrats having the choice between the "totalitarian impulse and being small d-democrats". The former seem to be on the ascent, providing us with keen anticipation of a fresh round of McCarthyism.

Yet, the usurpation of Liberalism, perverting it into a form of Communism Light, is one of the great accomplishments in the history of the demoralization of the West. Lewis mentions the Communist archives as sources of information, as well as Boomer age apostates like David Horowitz. As it happens our video collection has some interesting footage to share. Here's Horowitz' testimony on the Frankfurt School's malignant contributions to subversion, and here is the Bezmenev tape "Just doing His Job" as shocking evidence of the sleeper status of the irrevocably KGB demoralised fellow travelers.

- Caption: Chart of the perversion of Liberalism: before and after - Hat tip: Dr Sanity -

Lewis' comments on the liberal knaves and suckers - what Stalin used to term 'the useful idiots'- and the 'acting out' are a reminder of the rhetorical parlour tricks that Pomos (Postmoderns, or Cultural Marxists) play on individuals and society at large on a daily basis. It is what today the mainstream media, all levels of education and other well known Pomo strongholds set loose on maturing young adults and other susceptible people.

Should you ask yourself why it all sounds so much like hogwash, please realise that the philosophical (yet invisible) basis is always the denial of objective reality and - consequently - of morality. Let's put it this way: if rational thought fails to make sense to your argument as reality clearly shows otherwise, just attack reason as pernicious and superficial, and persuade the world that reality doesn't exist: besides, humanity is incapable of knowing anything. That, is the basis of the blsht we're being fed every single day!

Now, if we are to believe Lewis - and I have no reason to doubt him - in academia today the term Marxism, is a respectable word. It would appear that for propaganda reasons the collectivists prefer to keep the C word out of circulation. Reason the more for using the revealing term liberally: apparently the world is still sane enough to recognize that - give or take a few gulags - 80 million dead doesn't do anything for your public persona. So Communism and Communists it is, with or without the prefix Neo.

We cannot get round poster-boy Che Guevara, who - as registered by Lewis - just got an adoring tribute from Reuters. After forty years they still cannot get over it, can they? Don't forget to click through to the FactBox, which will inform you that the beret hero "left for Bolivia in 1966 to start a new guerrilla movement with the idea of creating "two, three, many Vietnams" in Latin America." Worship of Guevara doesn't stop there: in the rapidly decomposing Federation of Belgium adoration extents to his offspring as well. The subject of a personality cult being apparently hereditary, I don't know what that does for the false 'nature versus nurture' dichotomy.

Lewis recognises that the ideological differences between National Socialism and Communism on the one hand, and Islamism on the other, are not that big. In fact, there's little to choose between them, all three being branches of the same subjectivist tree. I have written about it extensively and will restrict myself here to a link to the main article on the subject "Collating the Three Great Isms". For those disposed to graphic presentations, check out Chart I "The Straight Red Line".

Hillary's puppy love for Saul Alinsky is a matter still under close consideration here. Especially the play book 'Rules for Radicals' may contain some important pointers to more tactical posturing, rhetorical parlour tricks, fake emotional outrage, and the other theatricals that are by now a familiar feature in Leftist circles. Check out Lewis' chapter on 'Methods': orchestrated group lying, innocent sounding front-groups (perception, and how to manipulate it, is key), propaganda and disinformation, stooges (more useful idiots), infiltration of key professions, "all straight out of the old, old (Marx) play book".

The religiously justified violence of the Islamic branch is well known, but it is some getting used to the increasingly ideologically justified assaults of the New Storm Troopers. The agitation may be directed against the state (in Athens burning police precincts and vehicles are a fixture), or the target may be ideological opponents, who are invariably termed fascists (or fasc by the RevLeft). To the Left the imperative of fighting fascism is an end that justifies any means; that is, as long as it is not their own fascism, because then it is called combating fascism. All very confusing, and deliberately so.

Interesting and worth stressing is Lewis' take on the goals of all these exercises. Yes, the Evil Empire may reconstitute itself - there is some evidence that it does - but those labouring under the delusion that Leftism is about 'being nice to poor people', need a posthaste wake-up call. The lifting of the proletariat (now called minorities) is just part of the dialectic, a story, a 'narrative' to induce revolt against the status quo. That is why militant Islam is simply too useful to pass up! On the ashes the real Marxist empire, run by the transnational oligarchy, will be built. The brilliance of Marx' road map to absolute power makes stooges out of everyone.

Indeed the EUSSR is well on its way establishing itself. The recently signed Treaty of Lisbon, once ratified by only a part of the member states, will subordinate all members to the EU collective. The sovereign nation state will become a thing of the past in the newly built monument to transnational progressivism. One wouldn't have thought it, but the UK under the Labour government has become a prime mover in that direction.

You could of course tell yourself this is all a conspiracy theory waged by neocons or BusHitlercheney, or alternatively delude yourself with the fallacy that Communism isn't really all that evil at all! Get a taste of what's in store by enjoying this mad piece of poetry dedicated to Karl Marx, the revolutionary heroes and Comrade Lenin who really invented the quark. It perfectly illustrates the aims we just talked about. Feedback and discussion invited.

Excerpt from "Back to the Future", by Wilfrid Downing

"... But stay awake now, if you must
My story’s just beginning.
For out of wars come revolutions
And the masses now were winning ..."

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