Friday, December 21, 2007

The Good News: for Europe and Euro-Skeptics

During the last week or so we have been reporting on the developments in Europe, the signing of the Treaty of Lisbon, the analysis of that pile of rags, and what it means for Europeans: well, your country is in the process of being phased out, and your borders are being deleted as a post democratic empire, run by an oligarchy of neotots is taking shape.

New evidence in support of such claims is emerging.

EURSOC have been posting on a rather peculiar spectacle that took place in the Europarliament on 12th December last, ironically (or typically) on the day the so-called "Charter of Fundamental Rights" was being signed: heckling Euroskeptical MEPs. The very idea ... heckling in parliament! What's next? A debate?

But the power of the pressure of political correctness most never be underestimated. The only 'thinking' magazine left in the country of Holland was even underscoring the futility of the protest ... the embarrassing public hooliganism of petty 'nationalists' ... the rustic outdatedness of believers in the nation state (!), flags (LOL) ... and borders! EURSOC: "British newspapers complained that the (largely British) contingent of MEPs had "shamed" the country with their "football hooligan" style antics."

The video evidence was unceremoniously deleted from YouTube - a measure of the censoring that is going on in spite of the condescending attitude taken towards the feeble protests of a bunch of jingoistic buffoons - so be quick to watch it before it also mysteriously disappears from private collections.

Believe it or not, Europeans now share a border with Russia as the Schengen Agreement was expanded to the newly annexed countries of the former Soviet Union from midnight on Thursday. They'll be comforted to know - now that an old debt of honour has been redeemed - that the EUSSR at least doesn't do market Socialism (yet).

Footage, carefully explained by Robin Oakley is available on CNN. "Citizens can travel by land or sea between twenty four European (former) nations from Portugal to Poland, Iceland to Estonia without facing border checks." Aren't we lucky?!

"The move has also forced the EU to tighten up controls on its new eastern borders to prevent infiltration by criminal gangs, illegal immigrants, and even terrorists." Poland's Border Guards are working double shifts!

Now for the good news! Courtesy of Flanders Fields we've become aware of X09.EU (apparently in the postmodern epoch, an unmemorable licence plate constitutes a catchy name). The bottom of the introduction page informs us that "X09.EU falls under the responsibility of Diana Wallis, ALDE Group, and Jens-Peter Bonde, IND/DEM Group in the European Parliament." Oh ...!

Further investigation reveals that ALDE represent the LibDems, whereas the IND/DEMs are the Independent Euroskeptics. The explanatory page states that "X09.EU aims to collect signatures from across the EU demanding for a referendum on the next EU treaty" and that they are "a development of the Open Letter to Prime Ministers following the Berlin Summit of 25 March 2007, signed by 10 Members of the European Parliament from seven political groups." [sic]

Apparently these are democratically inclined dissidents from various political groups, represented in the E.P. So far the intricacies of Europolitics. Don't ask ...! Posthaste, too little and far too late!

We've seen a number of such initiatives around. They are either doing nothing at all - just maintaining a website, or - they're sending out news-letters, if anything just procrastinating any successful attempts at halting the 'inevitable' EU locomotive.

This initiative seems to be different however, it coming from the heart of the political elite rather than the mere grassroots. Therefore we do urge European readers to sign up. You can put your signature per country, urging a referendum - hopefully this time early enough to avert the next irreversible accomplished fact.

This graphic shows the ongoing progress of the campaign. Whereas some countries (Denmark, Austria) have already gone through the roof having collected over 8.000 signatures (!), others are as yet invisible (come on, Hellenes, where's your fighting spirit?!).

Obviously this campaign needs some energizing and exposure. If you want to support, put a badge on your blog or website. Leave a valid mail address in a comment and we'll send you the code for this one ready-made.

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