Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Not So Merry Christmas!

More news about Christmas in progressive (read: decadent) society. A news item that fills one with dismay!

Yesterday evening near the town of Liège, Belgium, Père Noël (Santa Claus, Babbo Natale, etc., you name him) has been attacked by three fifteen year old teenagers. Apparently, just for the fun of it. And we are left with a shocked and wounded Père Noël and a sense of sadness, despair even.

That's what you get when relativism is the leading line. When morals disappear. The result is an uneducated young generation who proudly say that "we are a society that doesn't care about anything anymore, that doesn't believe in anything anymore" (read French Leftist newspaper Libération, November 28, 2007).

This nihilism is an open door for all kinds of extremism, violence, intolerance, for moral bankruptcy, unemployment, loss of tradition, culture ... It's the end of the Western world: in a few words, it's what the Socialists have always sought.

We have to change this sort of society, and fast. The answer must be swift and severe. We have to reestablish education, discipline, authority. We have to kick some asses rather than play the card of comprehension, appeasement, reward when confronted with a misguided youth. (Last time some teenagers stoned a public service bus, they were interviewed, understood and awarded free tickets for soccer games!)

If in your country the situation is less critical, please block the progressive morons' way! I'm thinking of our American friends who'll face an important election soon.

And as far as Europe is concerned, we have been guilty of a lack of concern, lack of vision, lack of cleverness and so we have been digging our own graves.

Let's react - in a hurry - because we have little time left. Let's spread Politeia!

Thank you for reading us, but it's not enough my friends, we need to ...

... ACT NOW!


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