Saturday, August 29, 2009

US Radio "Mille Collines"

Conservatives and Republicans made the best of it, and refered to it by its funny name coined by Charles Krauthammer: BDS, or Bush Derangement Syndrome

It wasn't the only form of political madness around, not by a long chalk. But it mostly amounted to variations on a single theme. 

Analysis after analysis and diagnosis after diagnosis tried to make sense of the phenomenon, which with hindsight, was nothing more than ordinary 'community organizing', or the art of agitation, provocation, intimidation and subversion. 

Yes, it could be diagnosed as projection and cognitive dissonance, but only on the part of the hapless followers. The campaign against Conservative talk radio hosts is a clear example of that.

But the instigators themselves are led by cold, political calculation. David Horowitz has recently put up a series of posts on the Alinsky strategy (links assembled in "The Postmodern War on Reality").

It should never have been tolerated. Enduring it, condoning it, is in fact trivializing it. Satire and ridicule can be deadly as political tools, but it takes quite a dramatic craftsman to apply it in the precise dosis and in effective proportions.

Some forms of demagogy have such serious consequences that there's only one way to deal with them: to call them by their proper names and expose them to the best disinfectant available: sunlight. That should have been done with the senseless, irresponsible ratcheting up of hatred that was poured out over the world and the two Bush administrations.

It was the American equivalent of Rwandan RTV "Libre des Milles Collines". RTLM completed its dirty work in one single year's time, whereas BDS lasted a full eight years (and counting). Will it remain without consequence, ya think?

Hatred is a terrible thing. If it is within the bounds of reason and is the result of something done to you, the best way to deal with it is to pray hard for the strength to forgive. Hatred and the wish for vengence have a nasty habit of turning against you.

If it is the result of a purposely irrational campaign of agitation - a simplified version of a Sorelian myth - it must be exposed for what it is to render it harmless. As it was, BDS induced hatred nestled in the hearts and souls of millions of people where it festers to this very day.

As Glenn Beck points out in the following footage, tolerating the ratcheting up of hatred has been doing the fight on the terms of the radical demagogues. Please help save civilization (really) and take time out for an hour or so, to sit down at ease and watch ...

... Glenn Beck explaining it, and laying out a plan how to fight it (link to entire Friday episode) - Hat Tip: Patriots Network - (N.B. All five Glenn Beck Specials live now... They will stay on the site until after the 9/12 March. The site will be down sometime this weekend. My hosting service is moving us to a different server.)

Let me explain again how the pomo agitation works. In large part it consists of their particular approach to linguistics, and how they apply it in order to make you comply with their ideology (yes, they're little pocket Hitlers).

For indepth understanding study this file on "Pomo Lingo" (note: it was originally titled "Neo Communism and Cultural Marxism" and is dated 27th December 2007 - well before Obama and his team of radicals ever came on the scene - this has been in the works for a very long time - you can watch the prehistory of political correctness here on a PJTV video).

Pomo name calling is all about intimidation - in fact there's nothing to be afraid of since it is precisely that ... tossing labels around. As Glenn said: "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me". Read in "The O Team: Babies With Razors" how come there's literally no concept behind the hot air and empty rhetoric.


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