Thursday, August 27, 2009

Invasion of the Postmodern Watermelons

Phil Kerpen, Director of Policy at Americans for Prosperity, joins Breitbart TV's the B-Cast to discuss the radical network around the White House that has sprung to light in the recent days thanks to alert investigators, like Glenn Beck.

The watermelon analogy was coined by Beck in illustration of the self proclaimed Communists and other red radicals, who are hiding behind a thin layer of greenism.

Can't say with hindsight it's a great surprise: the direction environmentalism pointed in always was towards control and raking in tax money! 

Here's part I:

Part II includes the subject of the growing outrage over the hijacking of the 9/11 commemorations for political purposes and Obama's war of words over the health care reform.

The video is the first segment of last night's episode of Glenn Beck's series "The New Republic". It is running the entire week, culminating the day after tomorrow with full disclosure of what he's found this pomo cabal to be all about.

Earlier episodes and parts 2-6 can be viewed on our Vodpod page.

This blog has been warning that a new round of Communism (or collectivist totalitarianism, or postmodern fascism, or whatever) is coming our way. Well, here it is. 

I must urge all readers - in and out of the United States - to watch these videos carefully, because it is the model for, and the next and ultimate form of collectivism for the post Cold War world. 

If you think this is an exaggeration or worse, read your history books on everywhere where this social experiment has been tried: Russia, Eastern Europe, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Cuba, swathes of Africa and Latin America, and the result has ever been the piling up of sacrificial bodies! Your life, your choice.

Here's a question posed by social network "The Reagan 2.0 Revolution". The Obama energy policies are so inconsistent, it should start flags flying all over the place.  The answer I think is that the aim here isn't the protection of mother earth, but rather some other interest as laid out by the groups that make up the Apollo Project.

It would appear that the Obama Administration is promoting an “all of the above” energy solution overseas. The US Administration is offering to give a loan to a Brazilian oil company to conduct off shore drilling and in the regions bordering Iran and Turkey, the “Caucuses”, as well as in Central Asia, the US is promoting the idea of greater exploration and production of oil and natural gas. See our article on this here

Perhaps some might wonder why the US Administration is NOT pursuing such a policy WITHIN the United States. The emphasis at home is more about certain TYPES of energy, often referred to as “alternative” energy, but the list of alternatives WITHIN the US is rather LIMITED to solar, wind, and so-called “renewable” resources, which are fairly scarce, based on new and unproven technology, and expensive to produce, while the United States has a super-abundance of coal, natural gas and oil.

Perhaps the White House should set up a special email so that we, the People, can FLAG THEM about this inconsistency in policies. Does the President realize that his Administration is pursuing a “Limited Energy Production” policy at home while promoting an “Unlimited Energy Alternatives” policy abroad?

Go to our page and share YOUR thoughts on this question- should the US promote ONE energy policy overseas and ANOTHER at home?

As it happens today we have the unique opportunity offered by Demotix to view the Venezuelan counter revolution in action. Students in Caracas have been protesting for a month now against the closure of 34 radio stations and a new education law. More on Demotix.

Is that honestly where we all want to go? Protesting after the freedom of speech has been taken from us?


James Higham said...

Perhaps the White House should set up a special email so that we, the People, can FLAG THEM about this inconsistency in policies.

And thereby place ourselves on the database of undesirables to be dealt with later.

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