Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Shadow Party, the Color of Change and The New Republic

The coup on the free world playing out in the US, is coming straight out of the Saul Alinsky playbook

The Organizer-in-Chief knows well how to implement that sort of thing.

Get this:

Should anyone like to know how we got here and what ideology underlies the entire coup, here's some additional information.

- A still ongoing series of posts written by David Horowitz, brought together on a file called "Horowitz on Alinsky: the Postmodern War on Reality"

- Indepth research into how the Democratic Party was taken over by the totalitarian, Postmodern Leftists - Logistics Monster: "Obama's American Socialism: Decades in the Making"

Don't miss David Horowitz' in "Obama’s Communist Advisor and His Billion-Dollar Army":
I’m in NY where I’ll be headed to the Fox studios in a few hours to tape the “Glenn Beck Show.” The segment I’m doing will be aired Thursday as part of a week-long series called “The New Republic,” which is Glenn’s look at the radical agendas of the Obama Administration. Last night, with Pat Caddell as his guest, Glenn made the connection between the trillion-dollar deficits Obama is deliberately running up and the Cloward-Piven strategy devised by two Columbia radicals to bankrupt the welfare system in New York in order to create a crisis that would generate radical change.

Although the show failed to mention it, this was a strategy first identified in a book I wrote a couple of years ago with Richard Poe called The Shadow Party. That book described the coalition of Communist and anarchist radicals, Democratic Party honchos, and multi-billionaires that the malevolent George Soros put together before the 2004 presidential campaign. The Shadow Party is now the party in power and running the show. (...) read it all >>>
There's more on Van Jones in the dossier on Obama's Radical Connections in the segment "Red, green and the Color of Change". Jones is a self-described Communist, now the 'czar' for “Green Jobs”. He's also a Jeremiah Wright radical, dedicated to “organizing a revolutionary movement.” That's Jones' real job, "(...) to build the mass power base of what [Alinsky] calls the army.” (Rules for Radicals, p. 113)".

More segments of the Glenn Beck series "The New Republic" on the YouTube Channel.

Ready for another shocker? Guess who co-wrote the Stimulus Bill? The Chairman of the Apollo Alliance ... Jeff Jones, a founder member of the Weather Underground (for crying out loud).

I think we've only began to scratch the surface!


Yep, the builders are in ... a thorough national deconstruction effort is underway, and that includes 9/11 (and apparently 'history' as well) ... condolences everyone ... (now what?)


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James Higham said...

Four step plan:

1. issue debt free notes toreplace bonds
2. close CBs and turn them over to the Treasury
3. withdraw from the IMF, WB and BIS
4. raise reserve requirements of all small banks

Out of debt in two years.

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