Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Upcoming Upheaval

I'm getting more Liberal by the day. I'm doing so in equal measure to the Left's descend into fascism. In fact, I've always been a Liberal - but of the Classical variety - after Locke, Adam Smith, Montesquieu and Tocqueville. Not a liberal (small l) obsessed with "my personal development", but of the original "free-markets/limited government/freedom within the bounds of responsibility" persuasion.

Between Europe and America lies an ocean of misunderstanding (and possibly disinformation) where the old philosophy of Liberalism is concerned: Americans - for good reason as we shall see - identify liberalism with the Left; and the fact that real Liberals (renamed Libertarians) for that reason have long repositioned themselves on the Right-hand side of the aisle, is lost on most Europeans.

- Caption: "The Tower of Babel" (1563), by Pieter Bruegel the Elder -

That Leftist opponents, as well as Liberals proper - as a bloc - are still supporting the Democrats, rather inexplicably hasn't alerted anyone in Europe that something is ideologically afoot. They still see the American Right as a coalition of Calvinist parochians and religion-hysterical Evangelists.

As asserted many times in these pages, the Left - being at war with the status quo - will stop at nothing to lay their hands on the reigns of power. At some stage in history they saw it as expedient to that cause to usurp Liberalism, giving it a bad name and a small l in the process (it is touched upon here by David Horowitz).

For decades the corruption of the very notion of Liberty has served the purpose of subverting Western societies. The inexorable advocacy of boundless licentiousness and Narcissistic self obsession has taken its toll. But that phase now seems to have been completed. The tide is turning. Postmodern Marxism has taken over. Here's how that happened.

A better opportunity for a power grab seemed to have presented itself with the arrival of disenfranchised Muslims on the scene, but the Unholy Alliance is already backfiring on all fronts. On the political level it was a appalling miscalculation, as we shall see.

And so we find ourselves currently in the throngs of yet another historical re-alignment. Back to basics everyone! The Left is reverting to the authoritative, antimodern statism that has ever characterised it, and the Right is reclaiming the original form of Liberalism as their own.

Sadly a true form of Liberalism hardly survives in Europe today, but in the Anglo-Saxon world it is alive and kicking. It is refered to as Conservatism. The alignment of Liberals as Conservatives is justified by different adherents in different ways.

David Horowitz refers to the Founding Fathers and their believe in God as the source of inalienable rights (as an agnostic he may find that human nature is just as good and inalienable a source). My own ground for identifying as a Conservative lies in my belief in building on historical legacy, as opposed to progressives who prefer to start their eras with the first sacrificial libations in collectivist revolutions.

In an earlier post on the ongoing realignment I wrote that the Left - in their gluttony to harness the interests of yet another minority to their cause forged an alliance with Islam, a decision that left their traditional, plebeian power base completely in the lurch. It is also the reason why they now have to distance themselves from licentious liberalism. And not only that: the new allies prove to be a trifle too hot to handle!

The European Left are already paying the price for their dastard deed: the traditional base is taking refuge with the upcoming Center-Rightist populist parties, such as Geert Wilders' Freedom Party.

The ideological seachange is also not lost on the world of punditry and satire. Here's what John Stuart and Bill O-Reilly exchanged on the matter (and more). I could be mistaken, but it seems that the pejorative meaning of the very term liberal (small l) is so pervasive in America, that Bill O'Reilly shows just a hint of embarrassment, how to handle the ethical shift from liberal/bad to Liberal/good. What do you think?

As ever the offensive lies with the Leftist deconstructionists, with the Right re-actively defending and pushing back. This apparently is the way of the world. The new alignment will take time to take hold, but under the pressure of the Left getting more fascist, dictatorial and elitist by the day, the time is near that the right people will once again take charge of Liberalism, the philosophy of Liberty.

Neo Conservatives pointed the way towards the political morality of good versus evil, spreading democracy to the Middle East as a remedy against terrorism, and condemning totalitarian regimes as the Axis of Evil. In fact this may have sparked the Leftist descend into amoral relativism and with it, into fascism. There's more evidence that Conservatives are starting to act like Liberals in PJTV's "The Power of Parody".


Metaphysical Peregrine said...

All true, and I do hope the pendulum will swing back to freedom and small 'l' liberalism. I'm hoping, like you.

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