Sunday, August 30, 2009

Brushing Up on Commie Myths & Metaphorical Deformation

Change we were promised, and change is what we'll get. Progress too, only that's a bit of a bummer ... regress, is more like it.

Or to be more precise - retrogression - right back to the era before liberal democracy proclaimed the end of history. You can't very well blame Fukuyama. It occurs to few people that time can actually be made to go into reverse, given the right content of the human mind. 

Two ideological systems are able to perform such temporal acrobatics, and they are actually in cahoots: Leftism and Islamism.  Just to ram home the predicament I must ask Americans to drop the term 'liberals'. American liberalism (small l) is as dead as a doornail.

The Democratic Party has been hijacked by real, live Commies of the red blooded, revolutionary, authoritarian persuasion. Only now they're called Postmoderns in honor of the fact that quite a few Fascists have joined their ranks: turns out that - all along - it's one and the same thing! Who could have thought?

Also learn the fascinating language called 'newspeak', an expression of Orwellian 'doublethink'. It's actually quite simple: things are designated by the exact opposite term of what they really are. What you'll hear a lot of in the coming years will be 'democracy', 'progress' and all its derivatives: the democratic forces of progress, and progressive measures for the enforcement of democracy in state corporations, and the like. The idea is, you pretend to like it.

Those well versed in the art of political correctness will experience less trouble getting the hang of it all. I characterize the assaults of Leftism quite often as 'a war on reality', because what's required of those undergoing it, is that they conspire  to pretend to be living in a perfect world, a blessing for those willingly subjecting themselves to the collective, however cruel reality may turn out to be. Remember: thought creates reality.

I must admit - having predicted the rebirth of the ideology ever since I started blogging sometime during 2006, by simply extrapolating events and developments on the philosophical level - even I am reeling with the shock upon realizing the era of Utopia is already upon us.

So it is with some urgency that we must brush up on our overall comprehension of the mental contortions that will be required of us, and the intricate history that preceded it. To that effect and as a service to our readers I have compiled two dossiers for you:

This author, with hands on experience in the Soviet Union and its deliberately inaffible workings, can perhaps best explain how we got here:
"If [KGB manufactured] anti-American lies were anthrax, one might say the USSR had left behind enough stockpiles to exterminate all life on earth many times over. Strategically positioned in all corners of the world and left unattended, some of the accumulated deceptions deteriorated naturally over the years, some were moved in bulk for recycling to countries like Iran and Venezuela, and the rest were looted by ragtag bands of anti-American enthusiasts with varying degrees of professionalism."
And last but not least, here are a few entertaining videos from the Vodpod collection, new as well as a little more dated, but all quite informative:

-  A 1985 Interview with KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov: "Just Doing His Job" (Bezmenov seems to have adopted the name Tomas Schuman and has since disappeared. An American Thinker article "From Russia with No Love" by Andie Brownlow just saw the light of day);

-  "A Tribute to Communism";

- Dem. Congresswoman Diane Watson drops all pretence - "Fidel, one the brighest leaders I have ever met!"

Wrapping up this happy message with an entirely justified rebuke I received via Twitter just a few days ago, in reply to my reactionary tweet in which I prematurely celebrated the saving of Honduras' Constitution. I stand corrected:
pavlovelez@CassandraTroy Do you advocate the peoples' right to transcend hatred and old habits? The right to love? #honduras

- "The Dialectics"


James Higham said...

Do you advocate the peoples' right to transcend hatred and old habits?

Er yes, I do advocate it - the hatred intrinsic to the socialist malcontented, divisive, polarizing extreme philosophy which has caused the divisions in British society today.

Yes, I do advocate the right of individuals to put a stop to this state-driven enslavement of people and its concomitant human misery.

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