Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Pomo Narrative As Revealed by #Van Jones (Updated)

Today, as #Van Jones became a trending topic on Twitter, our notes on the arch demagogue reached sheer unscalable heights. Conservative blogs and broadcasters can't keep up with fresh revelations emerging on Obama's "green jobs czar", but Breitbart's B-Cast are reporting the MsM quite consistently manage to ignore the entire issue.

As a great number of political opponents are demanding Van Jones' resignation, the Obama administration has made it known it is standing by its hand-picked man. Footage has surfaced showing the Obama family "consigliere", Valerie Jarrett proudly admitting watching and capturing the self avowed communist for the White House. (Trevor Loudon of New Zeal gives the background here.)

But the very iconic and vocal Jones, as well as the O-Team's attitude towards him, is giving the entire game away! While Obama is still doing his best to obfuscate the nefarious plans for America and the world, Jones is as straight-forward about it as he can possibly be. When they're done the world shall have Changed beyond all recognition. As Jones announced: "we'll change the whole system!"

For readers who are as yet unaware who Van Jones is, here's a concise laundry list of his radical achievements.

The Truther petition - of which Jones was signatory #46 - holds extraordinary claims: that 9/11 was an inside job and that the Bush government knowingly and willingly allowed the mass killing of 3,000 of its own citizens.

As some commentators have remarked, should Jones really believe these accusations to be true, by rights he should have been marching on to Washington, guns ablazing.  Evidently he's done nothing of the sort. Such insinuations serve quite different purposes.

But the Truther conspiracy theory is probably one of Jones' more rational claims, never mind the poisoning of black communities, the torturing of minorities and all the other outrageous claims posited by Jones and his Postmodern fruit cakes.

Gateway Pundit has more on the Jones Truther involvement; Accurancy in Media have the entire story (so far).

The Jones rants are a singular example of Postmodern rhetoric: it perfectly comprises all of the tricks, equivocations and narrative on the program. To call them Marxist is actually too much of a compliment! These people do not even have a integrated ideology. Contradiction means nothing to them. It's just a narrative - a simplified version of a Sorelian myth to assist them in their power grab.

But master demagogue Van Jones went so far as to turn such a rant into a sermon on "eco spirituality". Here's is one very dangerous "organizer" indeed. ("You were born for a reason - it's not an accident you were born right now ...".)

It's a sob story that has been lapped up over the decades by hordes of deluded sentimentalists, backward subjectivists and uneducated slum dwellers from all over the planet. In fact, the story of their supposed victimhood, suffering under the white, heterosexual male oppresssors is so worn out with abuse that even the most knuckle headed useful idiot by now should be able to recognize it for what it is; but sadly, no.

Sometimes it seems that with every underinformed generation we need to do the entire exercise all over again - a hazardous undertaking that comes with true danger of mass bloodshed and real human suffering. Over 110 million dead will not suffice to convince the adherents that its road leads one way to perdition.

Jones, the Postmodern Machiavelli, recognized environmentalism as the perfect medium in which to cast another version of the Marxist dialectic. The latter is a story, a world view, that is completely unrelated to reality, but which serves nevertheless as a vehicle for agitation.

The idea is to break down the power structure and insert the Utopia Of The Day in its place. To that end the ones in power must be made - by force or voluntarily - to shift rights and power, handing it over to the "have nots". Read here how "the developed world by developing has used up all its rights to further develop! This is the 'voluntary shift' mechanism: "Economy: industrialized world running out of production rights".

Watch the speech by Van Jones  under the suitable auspicies of "Power Shift" (the long version for those who have the heart, but very instructive indeed).

Here's the short version.

And this is a Table of the Postmodern narrative:


- New Zeal: "Van Jones and Julia Butterfly Hill Connect to the "Original Two-Leggeds""
- Michelle Malkin: "Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama & do-it-yourself vetting"
- RBO: "The Van Jones Reader" (chronological log of events and statements)
- Power Line: "Lights Out For Van Jones" (chronicles Van moonlighting as radical record producer)


It's official: subjectivists have no concept of fact and truth. Nothing they say or do should ever be taken literally: it's all empty rhetoric for a purpose of expediency. Victimhood and indignation seem to be the appropriate narratives for this particular occasion.

Fox News: "Obama 'Green Jobs' Adviser Van Jones Resigns Amid Controversy"

President Barack Obama's adviser Van Jones has resigned amid controversy over past inflammatory statements, the White House said early Sunday. (...) The resignation comes as Obama is working to regain his footing in the contentious health care debate. (...) The matter surfaced after (...)  Jones' name appearing on a petition connected to the events surrounding the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks. (...)

"On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me," Jones said in his resignation statement. "They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide." Jones said he has been "inundated with calls from across the political spectrum urging me to stay and fight." But he said he cannot in good conscience ask his colleagues to spend time and energy defending or explaining his past. Jones flatly said in an earlier statement that he did not agree with the petition's stand on the 9/11 attacks and that "it certainly does not reflect my views, now or ever." [ed. bla bla]

What the MsM say once that decide to break silence? A video signed for by AP brings Jones' mob Color of Change's assault on Glenn Beck into it. The messenger blames a rival messenger! Nice! It is a typical case of fact confused with opinion. Obama is a racist and Beck amply explained why. Thank you, Glenn Beck!

David Horowitz, who just made an appearence on the Glenn Beck's show, says 'nough is 'nough ("…While the Gettin’s Good: Van Jones Resigns"):

" (...) like Jones, Obama was a command-economy conspiracy theorist. Obama obsessively demeaned his own country (half as frequently as his wife), articulately laid out his belief in transforming the nation through the redistribution of wealth, and campaigned on moving America toward the socialized medicine dystopia Jones’ resignation is intended to help effect. Jones is not a distraction but a clarification of Obama’s deepest-held beliefs about this country and where it should be heading." (...) "can we trust a president so cavalier in his association with such radical and repugnant individuals? You can trust him to continue pursuing Van Jones’ goals."

Howard Dean figures Jones' resignation is a loss to the nation.

Update: Sept. 9

For the record, the most radical rantings by Jones recorded yet.


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