Saturday, May 9, 2009

Banned From Britain

The policies of Britain's Labour Government Home Secretary Jacqui 'Jackboot' Smith, decreeing who's welcome into the country and who's banned from it, are getting more erratic and haphazard by the day. In an attempt to glean some kind of pattern from issued barring communiques, the Philadelphia-born author Carol Gould - blogging on Pajamas - is making an effort to chart the hate-mongers and demagogues who are already infesting the once great island nation:

(...) there are scores of extremists spouting loathsome views in every corner of the country. Aside from the fact that England was the location for the very first European blood libel and expulsion of Jews after the York Massacre, the stomping ground of the neo-Nazi Dowager Lady Birdwood and Oswald Mosley, not to mention the birthplace of Holocaust denier David Irving, Britain has in recent years nurtured all manner of extremist.

Dr. Azzam al-Tamimi, whom I witnessed rousing an audience of young Muslims to chants of “Jihad!” at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London and who has expressed a desire to be a martyr, was used as a “series advisor” by the BBC on The Power of Nightmares, a BAFTA award-winning series by Adam Curtis about the foolishness of the war on terror. By the same token, and as Michael Savage has said as this story unfolds, Britain is also the home of the Magna Carta. Lest one forget Winston Churchill, who stood alone against the Third Reich in the Wilderness Years. (...) >>>

But the posting sets off with a juicy bit about the Labour Secretary drawing attention to her and her husband's inability to distinguish the personal from the business of ruling on immigration policies:

“Jacqui Smith has been embroiled in a scandal involving the purchase by her husband of pornographic films; the media have grabbed onto this story with glee because it is an engaging distraction from the horrendous credit crisis and other world calamities. Because the films were acquired on an expense account, she promised to repay the government. 

Back in March she had been accused of double-charging said government for her accommodation; this story, which also related to other politicians, dominated the news cycle for several weeks. Unfortunately Jacqui Smith seems unable to avoid being news because her very own men and women of Scotland Yard (the British Home Office has governance over the police force) have come under unprecedented fire over beatings and even one fatality at the April G20 protests (...)” >>>

Dutch Islam critic Geert Wilders MP - and therefore judged a rabble rousing racist by the politically correct cohorts - just recently found himself barred from entering Britain and showing his short film “Fitna” on the invitation of the House of Lords. Yesterday he's announced he is planning to travel to London for the Court hearing of his appeal on July 9. 

Word has it, the Labour regime is increasingly embarrassed by their decision to block an EU member state parliamentarian from entering another. And so they should. But witness this week's published
index of “less than welcome individuals” they may be embarrassed, but remain unrepentant on principle. While the list does not contain any Europeans (let alone MPs or MEPs), what to make of the Jackboot's decision to put the US radio talk show host Michael Savage on Britain's index of nefarious hate mongers?

The man doesn't suffer fools gladly (which happens to be the reason he's popular), but to single him out as a clear and present danger to non-existent “community harmony” borders the farcical! As one pundit had it, this is clearly a case of postmodernist racist equivalence, i.e. white, Christian 'padding' for the host of banned Islamic rage boys that are making up the remainder of the hate index.

Jill Putnam, in an open letter on the The People's Cube ads to the British buffoonery, sending it straight into the spheres of satire, where the entire episode clearly belongs if it weren't a clarion call for censorship of the opposition, appeasement in the face of terrorists and bullies, and tolerance of the intolerant! Enjoy ...

The People's Cube: “I want To Be Banned From England Like Michael Savage”

(...) I'll never understand why we broke away from Great Britain and am so grateful to Jackboot Jacqui Smith who, along with Dear Leader Obama, will correct the mistake (...) >>>

And here's Savage's furious response, with the threat of dropping a legal bomb shell in Britain.

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