Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Coup of State on the Economy in Perspective

In America the organizations who are helping us getting our human heads around the unprecedented, astronomical figures involving the various economic stimuli, are the Tea Party Movement (sites here and here) and Stop Spending our Future.

The latter has published following information in helping us reducing it all to a more or less human scale: fasten seat belts for this one!

In the Netherlands the movement to watch is Stop het Potverteren/Kind van de Rekening, initiated by Cindy Schneider. Keep an eye on the Manifestatie tab for planned demos in The Hague.

Don't forget to sign the available petitions, for what that is worth.

Suggestions and tips are invited from all over the globe! Do let us know what's happening in your corner!

Our children and grandchildren will be lumbered from birth with unprecendented national debts. What will that make them? The empowered generations to ensure the spread of universalism, individual rights, prosperity and liberty around the globe ... or the opposite?

What do you think?

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