Saturday, January 31, 2009

Politics=War in Action

"Democracy in Action" is how the Left typify it!

When the politics=war crowd gets into Government they could silence the opposition, either by morally condemning them on trumped up charges as we have seen played out over the last few days (see "From Political Correctness to One Party Rule"), or -

they could unleash one of their political action attack dogs, as is the case today:

Move On: "Not One"

"Not a single Republican voted for President Obama's economic recovery plan in the House. If that happens in the Senate, Obama's plan won't pass. We've got a new TV ad to win over swing-vote Republican senators. Can you chip in?"

Why not ask George SoroS for a hand-out? Or is this supposed to pass for 'grassroots in action'? Swarming, nudging ... where the Left has a presence some form of coercion is usually not very far of.

Stimulus - recovery plan? The video has the gall to call for supporting "the Obama recovery plan for 3 million jobs, not the failed policies of the past ..." yada yada yada - ~~~~~~~ (these represent sound-waves, the definition of postmodern 'communications').

No, let's recover as slow as possible and credit the politicians by revamping the failed policies of the far, far past! [sarc off]

Only in countries without private ownership (i.e. in totalitarian states) can the Government 'create' jobs, rather like Corporal Hitler's and the Communists' hundred percent employment rate! (In the 1934 National Socialist economy of Germany 52,000 men were required to work on civil engineering projects alone, while some 100,000 were employed in supplying their building material.)

In liberal democracies it's a demonstrable fallacy that is re-enacted every time some Government has wrecked the economy by 'regulating' it. In this particular case banks were compelled by law to peddle subprime mortgages.

The Keynesian game is a parlor trick played by politicians on the people they claim to represent! The truth is, there is nothing the state can do to counter the fix except letting the market's self-regulating mechanism do its job; and the more they interfere with that process, the longer recovery takes.

But admitting that would prove that capitalism isn't the villain of the piece, but the hero. And it would unmask the Leftist game for what it is: a war on reality! So Keynesianism allows them to shine, a show-case for the policies that saved the country - despite, rather than because of it.

Back to party politics, the other war. The loyal opposition has finally decided a counter-offensive is in order. Conservatives are slowly catching on to the Left's Alinsky tactics.

Although full comprehension of the Postmodern anti rulebook is hard to accomplish, simply because it is so antithetical to anything we know, the TCOT Action Projects' "Launch Operation MOVE OVER" makes an excellent start.

Beginning Monday we will call 5 Rep Senators targeted by and confirm their opposition to the Pork Laden Spoils Spending Bill

We will also call a few wavering Democrats

Blog action also detailed

Radio Show Call In action detailed

Saturday January 31, 2009 8 PM CST


(219) 509-8333

Access code 134848 #
We encourage American freemarket supporters to sign up with TCOT Action Projects, RootsHQ and DontGo. These grassroots projects aim at remedying some of the hiatus Conservatism had in IT based activism. They make a flying start with countering the worst end-justifies-the-means assaults by the statists.

We'd like to call on Europeans to sign up with "Roots! We the Peoples of Europe", either on Facebook or on Ning. Roots! are planning to develop similar action programs to claim back Europe from the Hegelian statists for its peoples, as it should have been!


Just released film material by Free Wagon Films shows that the much admired "New Deal" FDR Administration was over its eye-balls infiltrated by communist subvertors, which may be the reason President Obama is (subconsciously) attracted to its policies. The series "The Subversion Factor" deals with the entire range of moles throughout the last century. Part 2 explains the matter in general, while part 3 specifically deals with the FDR years.

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Wolfie said...

While I agree with much of what you say I'm not convinced by your argument for "self regulating" capitalism, as someone who works in investment banking I can assure you that safeguards and regulations are a necessity. What they need to be is intelligent and fairly enforced with a gentle touch.

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