Thursday, January 29, 2009

From Political Correctness to One Party Rule (Updated)

President Obama is in full "render-critique-beyond-the-pale" mode to mute the opposition. In the footage below we see Sean Hannity discussing it with Ann Coulter.

It's actually far more sinister than we usually give it credit for. This is, because to date political correctness has been put to use on woolly issues on the periphery of rough-and-tumble politics. It has been an irritant - a bad one at times - but that was it!

An insistent opponent would still be able to get the word out and hope to break through the callous layers of moral indignation. This however is getting increasingly difficult! Here we have a live opportunity to watch the process in action. The development from P.C. seedling, to full blown poison-acorn goes somewhat as follows.

The operator registers in public the presence of the opposition and displays surprise at its intensity, even if it's entirely justified and certainly mild in comparison with the rage-rage-rage histrionics Conservatives had to endure over long eight Bu$Hitler years. It would read like "Wow, we have an opponent and he's saying tough stuff about us".

This caricature is taken progressively to extremes. The next development stage goes from "petty grievances" to memes of " intolerable", "repugnant", and "it's no longer acceptable that we would have to endure such slanderous insult, followed by a word of caution on the dangers of dissent in times of crises! See this footage - an interview of MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell with Congressman Mike Pence for a great example of moral outrage over legitimate opposition (on the 4:35 mark).

This caveat by that time has generated enough indignation in the loyal media and the liberal grassroots for the opposition to have become reprehensible thugs in the consciousness of the tactically innocent: et voila, political correctness is born!

Of course we can always take this one step further by declaring the opposition morally as well as legally out of the order by adopting Orwellian Fairness Doctrine, or finding loopholes in existing legislation. By now we have well reached seedling level of one-party dictatorship.

During the Presidential campaign we've listed a few pretty corrosive examples, reason for the creation of a new collection point on Articles, entitled for good reason "Ruled by the Mob".

Take this outstanding example from "We Are All Plumbers Now": This is perhaps the most ominous aspect yet of both the radicalized Democratic Party in general, and the Obama campaign in particular: they appear to be after ways how the law can the used to criminalize opponents. Uncle Joe would be proud!

Point in case is a
local Democratic chairman reacting to Philip Berg's valid lawsuit for Barack Obama to present evidence of natural born citizenship. In this footage we can literally see him looking for ways to delegitimise Berg's efforts: either he's on a personal vendetta, or he must be trespassing on somebody's privacy rights (...)

These latter stages of the disease are simply too awful to contemplate just yet. For now enjoy Hannity and Coulter:


The politics=war analogy of the Presidential campaign is effortlessly promulgated into the Obama Administrative era. Some Conservatives actually fall for centrist talk and labels. They need to get this: to postmodernists like Obama words are meaningless! That's no exaggeration or a figure of speech: in postmodern philosophy words are mere soundwaves. Everything is rhetoric and calculated for secundary effect ...

WND: "Alinskyite Obama hopes to hush Rush", by David Limbaugh

(...) In his eight full years as the recipient of endless vile and often-delusional slander, President George W. Bush rarely grumbled, much less counterattacked his tormentors. Yet before he completed his first week in office, President Barack Obama – a dedicated disciple of Saul Alinsky, who is to left-wing radicalism and social agitation what Karl Marx is to communism – declared war on Rush Limbaugh.

This was a calculated move by a man who professes to be open to all ideas but apparently brooks no dissent. He not only does not tolerate dissent well but also really doesn't even like to be questioned, as we saw during the campaign, when he accused the normally fawning press of grilling him for merely asking a follow-up question. We caught another glimpse of this last week, when he showed irritation at the White House press corps for daring to ask him a policy question after he had decreed that the sole purpose of his visit was to press the flesh. (...) >>> Digg it here

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