Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sarah Palin's “Servant’s Heart”

Yesss, the muck failing to stick, we have now unavoidably arrived at the stage where Palin's religious views are dissected and ridiculed by the self-proclaimed experts on theology who are infesting the liberal blogs and media.

Some - like Free Thought - aren't aware that their own atheism and faith in evolution in themselves have become virulently dogmatic and fundamentalist, yes - fascist to boot. If anything reminds of a schoolyard witch hunt it's "the Christian zealot named as Republican John McCain’s running-mate", her "tendency to run off at the mouth about GOD and JEEE-SUS! at the drop of a blueberry muffin", and "Sarah Palin's (...) puke-inducing church performance". Prove it!

Our contribution to the rumor machine is the news we've got for Messrs Duke and Finkelstein: far from being 'the Jews' worst nightmare', daddy's probably a Jewish apostate turned Catholic. The anti-semitism card is really tasteless and easily the cheapest shot yet: it says it all about the baseness of our time. Yuk ...

So much for freedom of conscience and free thinking (pocket Hitlers ...)!

For those who are taking the matter seriously, here's what we've got on Palin's church relations and religious persuations from our regular, reliable media authority on matters of the faith:

National Catholic Reporter: "What’s behind candidate Palin’s ‘God talk’", by Tom Roberts

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin claims no denomination when asked what kind of Christian she is, confining her description to “Bible believing.” (...) the scrutiny of Palin that everyone says is inevitable will include a look at her religious biography. And it’s a bit more complex than that simple phrase. (...)

If she is a “post denominationalist” today (see the analysis earlier by NCR senior correspondent John Allen (McCain's VP choice a woman -- and a post-denominationalist) her language at times clearly comes out of her earlier Pentecostal formation. (...) Cecil M. Robeck Jr., a Pentecostal and director of the David du Plessis Center for Christian Spirituality at Fuller Theological Seminary, said the language may not contain as stark an assertion as it appears. (...)

“Pentecostals, he said, “make no attempt to sound ‘humble’ when speaking about the will of God.” (...) He emphasized that discerning God’s will within Pentecostal denominations is not a matter of “hoodoo” or some magically determined direction. Determining the will of God, he said, occurs in a variety of ways, through using Scripture, for instance; or common sense and personal feelings about a situation; or seeking direction in concert with others in the church or family.

Questions such as “Where can I make a difference or where can I do the greatest good?” are also means for discovering the will of God, he said. "Often times, within our circles,” he added, “people will say that they think something is God's will if they have a strong inner sense that something is right.” (Tom Roberts is NCR editor at large. His e-mail address is

Read it all for 'discerning God�s will as public policy' >>>

With Palin we say, "pray (...) that there is a plan, and that plan is God's plan." That would be far more attractive than the "world historical events" cabal who pretend their machinations are Acts of God, while in actual fact they are thought up and steered by their own One World Totalitarian Collectivist agenda.

If it weren't for the clarity of Palin's ideas in public policy, much more worrying would be the association of denominational Christianity with the Postmodernist Emergent Church! Remember, the Christians who manage to combine the message of Christ with agnosticism in relation to truth? John Allen has the details.

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