Monday, September 8, 2008

The Perception Campaign: Update

Yesterday, in an update to "The Twin Blessings of Denial and Projection" we commented to Phyllis Chesler's posting "The Coming Civil War in America". We need to come back on the subject because so few people seem to realize and understand the mechanism. Chesler:

"Each of the Presidential candidates and those who support them are fighting for the soul of America. Each has a radically different world view; each inhabits a radically different culture. (...) The Democratic National Convention had music by the great Stevie Wonder; Jennifer Hudson(...) Melissa Etheridge; Sheryl Crow; (...) John Legend (...), a member of the funk/hip-hop group, The Black Eyed Peas. Robert Moore, a Rosebud Sioux tribal Council member, sang a traditionally non-traditional version of the national anthem.

The entire convention, especially the last night when Obama spoke, was the equivalent of a rock concert. To many people, especially younger people, this is what moves them, what is real. Only celebrity, “spectacle,” performance, and popular music have authority, are familiar, and command their respect. The Republican National Convention had very little music. "

This is what decades of liberal doctrine in education has done for us. You can read it all for yourself and comment if you wish >>>.

What few objective thinking people are aware of, is that the Leftist campaign isn't about truth and fact, but aims at manipulating perception in order to influence subconscious preferences. This is fine if your aim is to sell shaving foam, cars or booze. It gets a lot trickier when our opinion making process is manipulated in such a way, that free choice is being by-passed (a.k.a. moral lobotomy).

The ingredients of the DNC political rock-concert were no coincidence. Make no mistake about it: the faux Greco-Roman setting was calculated to convey Presidential regalia, even if done so ostentatiously that they fooled no one outside of the DNC circuit (indeed, like the 'presidential seal' it was done so disengeniously that it bordered farce).

Objective philosophies are based on the fact that knowledge builds from subconscious sensations which, from early childhood on, are automatically integrated into perceptions. In a mature thought process these perceptions must be consciously converted into concepts - or so they should, any way. This is the seat of human free will.

Conversion takes effort, time and the wish to integrate concepts in a rational system of thought on which opinions are based. Not integrated opinion combines for example individual rights with the redistribution of wealth on the basis that both are "what nice people are all about".

Integrated opinion pairs individual rights to free-market capitalism, because these are corollaries of free will. On the other hand, redistribution of wealth follows if the collective is the operative unit. Collectivism precludes free will and with it - the field of ethics, which is all about free choice.

So: sensations - subconscious -> percepts - conscious -> concepts

The subjectivist cohorts aim to catch the human mind unawares, before conscious thought sets in. They seek to insinuate preconceptions on the subconscious sensations-percepts level (this is why they are called pre-conceptions).

Adolf Hitler and all demagogues like him did the exact same thing. These massive hives of semi-tranced humans have the subconscious backdoor of the mind wide open to all kinds of vibes, benign, or malign as the case may be. In any case, no responsible, independent person wants his thought processes meddled with by mind-games.

From the same family of sloppy thought stems the Palin smear campaign ('psycho-analyzed' by Dr Sanity in this week's "Carnival of Insanities"). The rumor machine shares with the demagogues the wish to insinuate adverse emotions at an early stage, before a conscious, rational opinion of the person can be formed.

In the frenzy of hatred (projection) they do not realize there's a downside to the gutter approach: it might easily backfire. Evidence is they're already far over the top with the campaign of character obliteration. Here's a site which keeps tally; he's working overtime: the number stands at 71 (!!!) to date!

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Update: in yesterday's post we discussed the psychological defense mechanism of denial. Denial is the opposite end of the subjectivist fallacy that thought creates reality (if you die overnight will the sun be rising tomorrow? no, say subjectivists). If thought creates reality, then 'not thinking' (denying) it, makes the unpleasant reality go away, or so the infered logic goes.

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