Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Twin Blessings of Denial and Projection: update

Over on Pajamas Patrick Poole posted a rather good analysis of the post Conventions landscape in America.

In "Obama’s Existential Crisis" he suggests what many a Republican has already concluded for himself: the McCain campaign is in far better shape than earlier predictions had it.

The Palin pick is just one measure of McCain's covert brilliance, which stands in stark contrast with the opponent's overall choice of company.

Better still, the McCain-Palin performance has exposed the Obamaland candidate not just as an pretentious empty suit in a faux classical setting. On the contrary, the emperor now appears to be wearing no clothes at all!

Judging by hostile commentary to the Poole article the Democrats are doing what the Left does best: denying reality.

"Dude, what the hell are you talking about?", goes one; "seriously, What the HELL are you talking about?", echos another.

The projection machine is working overtime: "The Republicans are running a tabloid election" is vying with "a widespread Banana Republic mentality" for evidence of delusion. It is in equal proportion to the slander they inflict on the opponents (here's one for the record, and while at it you can click down to The Nation's home page which is currently filled to the brim with articles of similar caliber, all 34 of them - things are really lookin'up).

Obamaland is scrambling to pick up the fragments of their imploded campaign; but if the signs are not mistaken we had better prepare for another four years of fake hysterical rage, rage, rage and scurrilous invective, coupled with biased, wrathful, hateful, divisive, vitriolic, bigoted, intolerant and warmongering, racist and sexist slurs from the Orwellian Press from Hell, The True Race and all the other projection-ridden protagonists of the pathological Left. But it will be worth it.

- Cartoons by Glenn McCoy and Eric Allie.

- Updates:

Chesler Chronicles on PJM: "The Coming Civil War in America"

"Each of the Presidential candidates and those who support them are fighting for the soul of America. Each has a radically different world view; each inhabits a radically different culture. (...) McCain has said that he wants to work with everyone, “Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.” I am not sure that Obama has weighed in on this precise point as yet, but he has said that he would sit down and try to work with America’s enemies. In 2000, when President Bush won (others say “when Bush stole”) the election, the Democrats became enraged, some say “deranged.” That rage has grown. If McCain wins–I predict that the cultural wars will not only intensify but will turn into the beginnings of the next Civil War in America. What do you think will happen after one side wins and the other side loses?"

Read at all and comment yourself >>> >>>

Explorations: "Palin Rumors" - "Cripes, this has gotten ridiculous. Folks, look, let’s just run through a list here. (Updated.)"

He's keeping tally ... >>>

What few objective thinking people get, is that the Leftist onslaught isn't about truth and fact, but aims at manipulating perception in order to trigger passions and opinion based on feelings. Chesler's posting touches on this in commenting on the differences between the DNC and the RNC: the DNC was basically a political rock-festival. It's all about firing passion ... rather irresponsible in today's deranged climate, actually.

Elsewhere ... No Minister: "The Smearing of Sarah Palin"

(...) Over in Australia, Tim Blair notes how the Democrats need to smear Palin. Fairfax Obama supporter and executive Bruce Wolpe wrote of the gameplan: An Obama ally assessed what Palin means: “This is a turnout election and the right will now turn out. I still think this is Obama’s race to lose but he could lose it unless our folks turn up the energy … “Obama needs to help identify her over the weekend as a book burning fundamentalist with a secessionist husband, a wacky minister of her own and an appetite for pork barrelling. They need to marginalise her …” (...) >>>

Update: Denial is the opposite end of the subjectivist fallacy that thought creates reality (if you die overnight will the sun be rising tomorrow? no, say subjectivists). If thought creates reality, then 'not thinking' (denying) it, makes the unpleasant reality go away, or so the infered logic goes.

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