Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"Fitna": a Word like Jihad

Present article "Islamisering is allang binnengelopen" (Islamization is already upon us) by interpreter and author Nahed Selim was first published in Dutch newspaper "Trouw" on 5th April 2008. We hereby post a free translation. - Hat tip: Muslims Against Sharia
On 30th March Dutch Islamic Broadcasting (NIO) aired responses from Egypt to (Geert Wilders' video) "Fitna". A Protestant minister weighed in. Besides the usual rants about respect and insults he also appeared to be incensed over the title of the film. He wondered if the director knew what fitna actually means.

Judging from what the director said in the Parool newspaper on 9th February it is clear that Geert Wilders is indeed aware of its significance. "Every Muslim knows the Arabic word fitna," says the Freedom Party (PVV) leader (Wilders).

"It concerns situations in which a Muslim's belief is put to the test: uncovered women, alcohol, infidels, resistance against the authority of Islam. I use the term in the reverse sense: to me the corruption of Islam means fitna." Wilders has been taken by the idea. "I wanted a word from the Koran."

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