Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Shock-waves of Reality

The revolution devours its own children. Such has often been the conclusion. It can be witnessed after the latter part of the French Revolution, called the Reign of Terror, when Lockean Libertarian theory made place for Rousseauian radicalism; it is also described in this post in Marginalia.

Just as shocking as the revelation by Soviet defector Bezmenev (video link), that upon realization of the revolution its instigators would be the first to be 'lined up against the wall' for being too idealistic to be ever expected to put up with the excesses of Socialism once established, just as Shocked ... Shocked are the multicultis upon the realization - what realists have known for a long time: that Islam isn't a happy-go-lucky, relaxed, laid-back kind of open-ended religion for the seeker of postmodern 'spirituality':

Elsevier: "School outing: Mosque calls infidels 'dogs'"

A trip by group 7 of an Amsterdam public primary school to a mosque has ended dramatically. During the tour the President of the mosque embarked on a tirade about infidels, whom he described as "dogs". Within 'the framework of spiritual movements' the multicultural school organizes trips to all kinds of religious institutions; the Executive Board finds it important that students understand the background and contexts of various beliefs.

In a letter to parents the school has let it be known to regret the incident: "We are shocked by the remarks of the mosque President! It is unacceptabel because we try to instill in our children respect for the freedom of choice, where religion is concerned.

No one at the school today is available for comment. "The Executive Board is expected to be in session the entire day," a spokesman told >>>

These are the people who are usually quick off the mark to address the defenders of freedom - like Wilders - as extreme Rightists, Fascists and neo Nazis. After yesterday's Court verdict about "Fitna" in which Wilders is absolved of 'hate crimes', this Soviet strategy has now collapsed.

The question may be justified on which planet these multicultis have lived for the past ten to twenty years or so? When reality finally breaks through the carefully nurtured layers of delusion, the effect can be traumatic indeed. Do not be surpised if, given time these people turn into the most fierce opponents of Islamism yet (not to mention the school children).

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