Monday, April 7, 2008

"Fitna": of Farce and Fall-out IV

- Continued from Part III -

Geert Wilders has today been acquitted of charges brought by the Dutch Islamic Federation (NIF) of disseminating hatred and calls for violence against Muslims. Wilders is delighted with the verdict. The judge has found Wilders "provocative from time to time" but ruled that a Member of Parliament must be able to express his point of view. In a response Wilders said he never had the feeling he crossed the line in the debate over Islam in any way.

- Caption: the new cartoon by "Scarlet Pimpernel" -

NIF's original objective was to restrict the screening of the film "Fitna", but Wilders published the film on the eve of the lawsuit on the Internet. A new lawsuit brought by NIF wanted Wilders muzzled altogether, but the Court deemed Wilders' opinions not unlawful. NIF charged Wilders' collating of the Koran with Fascism, and calling Mohammed a barbarian, as unlawful. According to the verdict Wilders does not need to rectify, as that would amount to an apology. Such would go against the freedom of expression.

Wilders yesterday published a rectified version of "Fitna" (see part III). In a few days we will post in these pages an English translation of an in-depth article about the meaning of the term fitna, which to Muslims is just as significant as Jihad.

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Update: The importance of this verdict cannot be overestimated! It shatters Leftist Pavlovian propaganda that attacks every and any opponent as Fascist, whether appropriate or not! Take this commentary as an example:

Prague Daily Monitor: "Racist, xenophobic, legal"

The far-right National Party has published a controversial anti-Muslim film by a Dutch MP on its website in a bid to attract attention that could help it gain seats in parliament some day. The Workers' Party, siding with neo-Nazis, never hesitates to throw offences at minorities. "[These parties] have a chance to succeed in regions with a high crime rate and ethnic problems," says political analyst Miroslav Mareš. >>>

N.very B. I don't care to know about the Czech (Rightist Socialist) Workers' Party, but again for the hard of hearing! WILDERS IS A LIBERTARIAN, his operative unit is the individual, not the collective, and he is pro CAPITALISM!!!! Fascism and National Socialism are part of the Socialist family too: both collective, both anti-capitalism. Ever heard of Mussolini's creation, the Socialist Republic of Italy? Read political philosophy! The "extreme Right" strategy ("fasc!") has collapsed with this verdict!

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