Sunday, April 6, 2008

"Fitna": of Farce and Fall-out III

- Continued from part II -

As outlined in part II of what turns out to be a series of posts on the fall-out of Geert Wilders' video "Fitna" (now taken to mean simply 'Strife'), Wilders was threatened with a number of lawsuits, least of which not by Mo cartoon contributor Westergaard - the drafter of the 'turbomb' - now generally looked upon as a traitor to the Causes of Liberty.

A new cartoon has been created by 'Pimpernel'. Scarlet Pimpernel is credited in the video as director, as well as Wilders' co-producer. As is well known such mythical figures remain illusive, yet may live amongst us. They seek him here, they seek him there, they seek him everywhere ...

Under the combined pressure of the Dutch government, the Anti-Terror Czar, the surrender brigade and Muslim Rage, more have been breaking ranks. An excerpt from an interview with Theo van Gogh is still included in the new version, but initially the interviewer registered objection against the use of the audio footage. He's being compensated for his trouble by a three hours long interview with Wilders. We'll be looking forward to that!

Also an obscure Dutch-Moroccan rapper is making waves. He purposely had himself portrayed as Theo van Gogh's assassin Bouyeri, upon which he complained that his photo was mistaken for that of Bouyeri. On top of that he bitterly laments to the judge the fact that it took Wilders ten whole days to create a new version of the film, in which time over 10 million people world-wide have mistakenly taken his noble countenance as that of the blood-thirsty zealot for Islam. Adherence to the Law of Causality is not a postmodern virtue.

For what it is worth, until LiveLeak succumbs here the new, rectified version of "Fitna".

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